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  1. All running nicely now. Fired straight up no spluttering or weirdness. Touch wood continues to behave. Get some miles on it then map. Turbosmart BOV and boost pipe amended next week by Dynodaze.
  2. Cheers mate. Coming together isn't it. This weekends a write off unfortunately, big job on. Got to pay the bills. Covers just the old one. Tarted it up with fresh lick of paint.
  3. Eek. Cars just eat money constantly, fuel lines too short and crosses the throttle body. Parts to make a new one ordered. Boost pipe needs altering too. Decided best to run a BOV with more boost. Turbosmart one ordered. Think you've got it planned out in your head and always extra costs.
  4. Ignore the scruffy valve cover but made some good progress this weekend.
  5. It is yes. There's a little rib of plastic in one of the plugs that prevents it from going into the ECU. But can be trimmed with Stanley blade. It's self explanatory when you try to fit the ECU. You'll see.
  6. I'm not sure, I've looked too. Look the same. Possibly the steering lines won't fit? However I can't find a mg rack either really. There few and far between
  7. P28 is a sound choice. But may want to consider a hondata board in there. Best thing I ever did tbh, so easy make adjustments on the fly. And I don't think many people tune on Crome these days. Altho sure someone will.
  8. Not sure mate. Bit out of touch with it nowadays. Don't think you'll be far off. I had a c4 years ago. P72 head but with the dual springs and c6 cams. Skunk Intake mani etc. Sure that made 195hp. Or thereabouts.
  9. What do you expect power wise from that combo? Should break 200?
  10. Looks great mate. Nice work. Sounds like a bit of a nightmare. Threw you parts away, some people are unbelievable!
  11. Bit long winded sorry lol.
  12. Try strongflex
  13. Hi I believe the mb6 is 26mm and the mc2 is 24mm
  14. I don't specifically, but seems to be various types on eBay for example. Best to measure the diameter you need and have a look
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