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  1. KiNK43

    Aerodeck turbo gauge mouting

    Yes mate ditched ashtray. Shifted everything down enough to get em in
  2. KiNK43

    Aerodeck turbo gauge mouting

    Fair bit of p**sing around. But got em in.
  3. KiNK43

    Advice needed

    Yes all goes across apart from possibly the little brace under the subframe.
  4. KiNK43

    Advice needed

    Good point
  5. KiNK43

    Advice needed

    The swaps dead easy mate. You'll have the engine out of the 1.8 anyway. Mb6 are becoming rare but if you've got a tidy shell I'd be inclined to use that one.
  6. KiNK43

    Plea from a cyclist

    Yes twice on the same road people turning left across me. And third one someone overtook me wide then cut in front and pulled over. Then swung there door out, went straight into it. Caught my foot blood everywhere bout ripped my big toe off lol
  7. KiNK43

    MB6 / MC2

    Just seen this on Facebook...
  8. KiNK43

    Plea from a cyclist

    Bleedin el that's rough mate. Been knocked off 3 times myself actually. Not good fun is it really. Hope your ok
  9. KiNK43

    Vtis project

    Cars behaving great. Started buying bushes and parts to rebuild the suspension as that's next on The list. Gauges are now exposed so more visible. Loved having them covered but just wasn't practical. Found a home for boost controller. Made a bracket for that, on a magnet so can remove it for maintenance etc.. Otherwise just enjoying booting it around
  10. KiNK43

    MB6 / MC2

    That's a shame mate getting old ain't they. Your engine knock tho. If it was bearing failure it would last five minutes. Might be worth checking ignition timing etc. Might have a bit of pinking/det going on under load.