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  1. When you say upgrade what are you planning to use as 98 dc2 are more or less identical. 96 spec dc2 are smaller diameter iirc. So are you thinking of dc5 calipers etc?
  2. That is really great Dave. Best conversion I've seen so far. The effort with the fibreglass etc makes a difference. Love it
  3. Here's This week's little project when I got and hour spare. Need a Phone charger, we all need that nowadays especially since I don't have fag lighter anymore. And also since changing to an s300 ECU. Don't fancy taking it out all the while so fitted a usb port so hook up laptop for mapping and data logging etc etc.
  4. There's was a fk lump for sale the other day! 5.5k tho. I guess as the years go by they will end up in ep3s and into the older chassis aswell. Would be a sweet conversion no doubt. Never had the pleasure but heard nothing but good things about the low down grunt especially
  5. unfortunately took a big financial hit because our ford daily had a gearbox failure which we were told be covered under warranty and then wasnt. so ive been grumpy and havent got the engine ready. i think i may install my spare stock engine temporarily. while i save some pennies again. did get some goodies though . all supertech valvetrain bits flat valves, springs and ti retainers. also got a new cheap runabout. 93 toyota hilux surf. bit rough and ready but awesome tbf always wanted one. ;)
  6. ive just baught an s300 because altho i wouldnt be able to map the car, it will be fantastic to be able to plug my own laptop in and make basemap, do some tweaks or change injectors without needing to trailer car to tuner. and i think can do a better tune with more features on it anyway aswell.
  7. I agree. Really nice. Similar to dc2 wheel. Really suit it
  8. The mb is off the road now. pulling the engine to get block css'd and swap to a different piston. Keep toying with the k swap thing but I recon I'd miss the power. Been doing little bits as well when I get time, for example fitted some damper extensions so can keep a full boot trim and still adjust coilovers. And also modified an omex sequential shift light to fit in cluster which if I do say so myself looks like it was meant to be there.
  9. Don't think he does crome anymore actually mate. So hondata and hondavert.
  10. That looks right. Just put a few washers between the arm and the droplink
  11. Like it. Stereos awesome. Would love to do the same one day
  12. AHH mate yes. I had exactly same problem After I let Kwik fit put some brake pads on my old prelude to get it through the mot. Rattling all over the place but lightly press the brakes went away took me a few days to realise. They'd chucked the shims in the bin. Plonkers.
  13. Looks about right to me however was some time ago I had it out.
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