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  1. Yeah I don't take my car out in the wet tho. If I listen carefully I can hear it rusting eeeek
  2. KiNK43

    image hosting

    Can you not just add in the forum via the "Click to choose files" button? That's what I've been doing lately
  3. KiNK43

    B18c4 and s9b box

    Yeah I would if ya don't need the money. I had two spares and let them both go for small money aswell. Really wish id kept at least one. Just don't know where to keep it.
  4. KiNK43

    Front end rattle

    There's an upper and lower balljoint and obvious track rod end. But with the description you have given, you will likely find its the anti roll bar links that ware worn.
  5. KiNK43

    B18c4 and s9b box

    Not sure dude with the issues. A healthy swap seems to go for a grand or so.
  6. KiNK43

    does anybody know this car

    Good price tho for sure.
  7. KiNK43

    does anybody know this car

    I know the car from Facebook. Seems tidy but definitely gets driven hard engine s**t itself after being tuned. Recently been repaired/replaced. Followed by videos of it being launched and pinged off the limiter.
  8. KiNK43

    Vti-s Turbo project

    Oh yeah I'll endeavour to get to that one sounds great
  9. KiNK43

    Vti-s Turbo project

    Maybe I've ranked up one level because I now own a bench vise. You know you mean business when you don't have to hold things with your actual hands anymore!!! What is retro rides? Where's that then?
  10. KiNK43

    Obscene price difference for parts

    I believe it's the same bearing for all b series cars.
  11. KiNK43

    Obscene price difference for parts

    Or you after genuine Honda?
  12. KiNK43

    Obscene price difference for parts

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/303118196026 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333374399038
  13. KiNK43

    Obscene price difference for parts

    Can get front bearings for 15 each UK And rears for 30 each uk
  14. KiNK43

    Headlight bulb options...

    What about taking an OEM headlight with hid. And cutting it out and mounting it? The headlights on our ford (sorry get a bit of sick in my mouth saying that) they for example are super bright and travel. Thinking there proven rather than trying to make random bits work