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  1. Thanks mate. It really ain't all that tho. I mean its clean for sure but it gets used and what not.
  2. I know normally snap happy. But was a bit of a faf. Pushed for time to get to dynodaze and was blocking the road loading up. Typical no one moves on my dead end street where I live. And as soon as was blocking road with trailer. Engines firing up everywhere people trying to get out the street. Lol
  3. Back at dynodaze now for downpipe mods. V band flange, lambda bungs added and hopefully have the wastegate plumbed back into the exhaust rather than the screamer pipe. Interesting day and a bit of a test run for the track really. Hired a trailer and towed the civic on the back of the Hilux. No dramas really pulls no problem.
  4. Not exactly however I did fit one on a vw tfsi. And it was really good. Albeit very loud as came straight off the downpipe.
  5. I avoided having wideband O2 on this car because on my old eg I was always looking at the gauge and it was very distracting and led to unnecessary worry when wasn't displaying what I thought it should. But as I'm running one now into the s300 ECU. I decided to mount the gauge in the glovebox so that I can monitor it when need to. But close it away when just out using or enjoying the car.
  6. That's interesting. Often think these cars are just made from whatever leftovers were lying around.
  7. Yes that's definitely true. I've had a fair few mb and MC over the years. And Always considered the ugly duckling in the honda scene by others. But nowdays i get so many nice comments about my mb when I take it out. And a fair few "wtf is in that thing?" Comments aswell lol
  8. Oops I've seen it. :) Looks good. Wonder if some cars had different column. Cus someone saying integra wheel didn't fit there's recently. But it always used to be Integra and civic eg wheels that go on. Ep3 wheel normally fits ek civic. Weird. Either way looks great. Nice car.
  9. Great progress already. Looks a nice clean shell tbf. You got a pic of the steering wheel???
  10. Low compression would point to rings or valves not seating properly for one reason or another. But as engines high miler it's bound to have some wear, rings valve guides etc. Not necessarily anything to worry about. Cold starts will leave sooty mark. Not to worry too much about that. blue smoke when let off throttle would indicate bad stem seals as the sudden vacuum could pull oil past the seal. Not sure what's causing your issue. Just throwing things out there.
  11. Don't know mate. Would only be guessing. Does it smoke at any point? As that would be an indicator of stem seals or rings going. Compression test would give you an indicator of engine health aswell. Could it be that it's actually just running rich and contaminating the oil?
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