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  1. KiNK43

    MB2 hatch rear wiper delete

  2. KiNK43

    MB2 hatch rear wiper delete

    Screw fix. Sink tap blank
  3. KiNK43

    Dawns Civic Aerodeck Updated 28/5/13

    Underseal her properly in and out. Keep her clean and maintained and drive with sympathy. Will make a great daily for many many thousands of miles.
  4. KiNK43

    Dr_Broon's VTI 'deck

    Look forward to seeing her all spruced up. I think if your a honda guy just can't shake it. Nothing compares. We have a fairly new daily. Nice but don't enjoy it. Get back in my old s**t box civic and feel right at home. Same feeling used to get in the eg. Even me old deck. Just a 90s honda thing
  5. KiNK43

    The story of my MA8!

    BHP or WHP? What's the engine spec? The fact power tails off at high rpm. Is VTEC working?
  6. KiNK43

    Vtis project

    Me mates hooked me up. Can get similar on eBay but fonts a bit naff. And wanted bit bigger than normal. Think every honda needs a over the top VTEC graphic!!
  7. KiNK43

    Vti s rear lip value

    Yes that's true. Altho he post things out. I drove all the way up to him from Leicester to get my leather Interior. £60 quid tho so no complaints. Steady drive in the dirty diesel to grab em. Things we do for parts. Lol
  8. KiNK43

    Vti s rear lip value

    any joy?
  9. KiNK43

    Vti s rear lip value

    Sounds like a no no. Best breaker I've ever used is a guy called Robert Horner. You'll find him on Facebook. He's super nice. And prices parts really reasonably. Might be worth sending him a message, if he hasn't got one maybe he could let you know when he has.
  10. KiNK43

    Vtis project

    Tires fitted today and test fitted the turbo setup. I've gotta drive it to my mates unit to do exhaust etc. So gonna fit the kit when there. But didn't want to encounter any issues. So thaught a test is a good idea as suspected it would be tight. And it is. But it does fit so all good.
  11. KiNK43

    Vtis project

    Standard size. Nanakang ns2r. After a lot of reading decided they were the best performance/price tyre. After discount only £55 each. Which I thought was decent.
  12. KiNK43

    Vtis project

    Bout time to ditch the wingwangs or whatevers on there.
  13. KiNK43

    Vti s rear lip value

    I'd say £50 but dunno.
  14. KiNK43

    air intakes

    That looks like a 68mm rain water pipe fitting. Can get from diy place.
  15. KiNK43

    Vtis project

    Not a bad looking setup is it. I've got a slight issue but nothing I can't resolve. Because the intercooler is so tucked in I actually don't think the turbo fits in the gap lol.