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  1. Everything yes. Have to pull the board from under drivers seat unless you got details for coding
  2. Yes that's right and The security fobs came direct from Hamilton Palmer
  3. Yes I was initially told cannot change them. However on inspection you can. Original outer should fit. For what they cost may aswell bang a new set on tho if yours are old. Just use a decent brand. So they last.
  4. I honestly don't think that's a true reflection. The models are all mixed up on that site, And has been said before vti and vtis were often registered incorrectly
  5. Yeah it's true. Very few about nowadays. I often look to gauge prices etc. Ek's are almost non existent aswell. Suppose they mostly suffer from rust etc unless people are trying to preserve them.
  6. Don't know how I've ended up reading this so far down the line. But for what it's worth for people in the future. Honda still provide new fobs and keys for certain setups . I have brand new keyset and fobs for mine.
  7. That was 100% my first choice but was poo pood by my wife. Said looks too much like a car whatever that means lol
  8. Haha same really. Yeah it's an 2007 Alphard. Quite a nice vehicle tbh. Was looking for a Honda Elysion ideally but couldn't find the right one. So started looking at these, And quite liking Toyota atm.
  9. New daily today. Still got Hilux too as a run about, altho might part with it soon.
  10. I got a tea cosey for Xmas aswell. People must think I'm bonkers old rover under cover lol. But it gets so dusty even in the garage. Makes sense. So quick wash and under the tea cosey.
  11. Fitted component speakers in front today. Been ill with you know what and was determined to get up and just do anything just to feel normal.
  12. Looks alright don't it. You interested in it? Gonna sneek a bid in there?
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