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  1. Don't have any personally. However I often try Mistaa Saj on Facebook for spares. Nice guy.
  2. Once I've done a couple jobs I want to do. I'll start looking at this aswell. Ditch the gauges and have a double din instead. Hopefully you'll be well on your way by then and I can pinch a few ideas. Haha
  3. Nice one cheers mate. I'll have a look. Excellent timing as I currently have a hire van with Android auto and it's great isn't it!!
  4. I'll buy the full version then and have a play with it. As you say, doesn't work over wi-fi on the trial.
  5. Tis a lovely car that one Dave. Looks mint.
  6. Well my plans this are.... To change few parts that imo need it. Already started with new fuel filler neck. Parcel shelf. OEM floor mats. I would like to upgrade front brakes aswell. I would also like to replace my engine with a spare I have temporarily while I get the blocked sleeved on my original in order to run more power. Thaught about k swap but changed my mind.
  7. I dont think it's a major issue. I've polybushed my last two civics. And rode quality is still fine. As for the trailing arms. Mixed opinions from people. I used to have an eg and that would snake under hard braking. But the car was quite light in the back I suppose. However mb6 has no such issue. Brakes really nice and straight and with control probably as more weight over the back axle.
  8. Yes I'm familiar. Eek. When your ready I will do my best to assist you.
  9. Haha yes this is where the fun starts. Because usb to serial just doesn't work like you'd expect it too. What burner have you got. A generic one or a moates?
  10. Touch wood that will be preconfigured. You may have to have a fresh map burned for yours. As you need to enable datalogging RTP in crome and know which data logging protocol is installed.
  11. Been a pain in the a*s to setup tbh. As not alot of info about doing it on the net. And trying to issue AT commands to it via USB to serial adapter been a nightmare.
  12. No mate. It's a serial to Bluetooth adapter. Plugged into the cn2 connector on the ecu
  13. Tidied it all up now. Reinstalled ECU and panels but ordered a new cabin filter and heater resistor. Thaught may aswell while there. VID-20210110-WA0025.mp4
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