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  1. Maybe what's the symptom again? I have literally just the other day cured abs issue on my crown by cleaning and lightly sanding reluctor rings. Wreaks havok if there not uniform.
  2. olsits a bit nicer imo now. Drives better too.
  3. It is kinda unfortunately. torque gt did it when landed here. Rather they hadnt tbh. On my list of things to tty a section see if it will come off. Its not hiding anything mind. Clean car. But would have eather tried that lano guard this time. Got clear waxoyl on the alphard and thats good actually.
  4. So just been trying to fix any niggles i can. Dent mans been round it done best he can. Not entirely happy, might get another guy round see if hes any better. Poly bushed the caster arms as had a little wobble when braking hard. Probably need new discs now tho. Stripped cleaned and painted calipers. Jacked up the ride height 15mm. And fitted Michelin pilot sport 4s with a bigger profile. To me makes look bit more purposeful.
  5. KiNK43

    Type r

    Theres fair bit of difference between the type r motors. Your only going to get so far with cams etc. Its very difficult to reach 200hp on c4 without major work. maybe just get there or just shy of. If have all good intake and exhaust. Cams springs etc and a map. As for building an engine. Well you can go as mad as you like depending how deep your pockets are. Personally turbo is a winner imo. Just transforms the car completely.. rather than 10-20hp after spending a fair bit of cash..depends on your preference/goals i suppose.
  6. Ahh mate! The mats are lovely. Like arctic camo OEM s**gpiles! Very random. Yes can do double din where the cd player and cassette lives under the big flap at the bottom. Of course cam get large android screens like i have in the alphard too. When money allows ill look into something for it. Until then its got 3 prodigy albums in it. Took a few snaps tonight.
  7. Dont need press for the balljoints. Id recommend a good quality replacement. Oem or hardrace etc. Especially as they have the circlip retainer for what good it is.
  8. So life after civic.. Ive got myself a Toyota Crown Athlete V. Ive fancied one for a long time now. General consensus from my friends and family is that its an ugly barge, however i absolutely love it. Each to there own i guess. It pretty tidy for 22. Under 40k miles on the clock. It has a 1jz gte turbo lump which pushes it along really nicely tbh with plenty of room for more power later if wanted. Came on stock wheels which really made it look old. So first things first. Some work sporbo wheels on there looking nice lowered on BC coilovers. Few small maintenance items ordered. And some little cosmetic bits from a breaker too.
  9. Has inertia switch activated? Or potentially main really is faulty? Things to check.
  10. Ahh its gone now. New owner seems like will pamper it and just use for fun times. So happy about that. Im going to import a Totota crown athlete v estate. Bit old man ish. but always loved them and toyota are so well made. Absolutely love my Alphard.n
  11. Pop that ring out that's covering the bearing and you will have the room
  12. If you know any dealers let me know plz so I can broaden my search.
  13. Haha I think so. Manual gearbox required first port of call.!
  14. I sold the Hilux to a friend but still have the Alphard. I am hoping to get a Crown Athlete. Overtime make it a nice sleeper. Everything is more expensive for Toyotas tho. Eeek
  15. Thanks mate. It's been fun for sure. Definitely going to miss it, Will be hard watching it drive away as very personal to me. But I want another big Toyota and I can't afford to buy and keep multiple cars.
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