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Community Answers

  1. Ooh yeah lovely motors. What I would have ideally had this time round. But mrs wanted a van
  2. That's gorgeous. And will likely be mint underneath. Price tag reflects it tho ay
  3. That is a shame. See loads of them with rusty arches round here. Maybe try and replace it with another while there cheap. I expect tidy ones will soon creep up.
  4. Springs are similar dimensions but Different models have different coloured splodges painted on them to indicate the spec.
  5. Thats a common occurrence When fitting coilovers etc. Make up the space with washers or use the lower control arm from an EG civic.
  6. Blimey that could have been nasty as ya say. With load on it cornering etc. Nightmare. What's it made from?
  7. Wow that's a great find. Nice one. Is there matching fronts aswell?
  8. Have not done this myself but fom reading the above posts. Seems like should be able to trim the plastic piece to make it fit.
  9. KiNK43


    That's pretty cool. Looks bit pricey for a ford fiesta tho
  10. Next step new stem seals. Supertech springs and Titanium retainers.
  11. Yeah shows how much damage the salt does. Madness.
  12. KiNK43

    Brakes bleeding

    If defo doing right. Maybe time to look for a fault? Leak or master cylinder?
  13. KiNK43

    Brakes bleeding

    Same sequence as picture yes. Pedal down. Open bleed nipple. Close bleed nipple. Pedal up. Repeat.
  14. These imported cars are so clean aswell. It's crazy. It's a 2007 car, The underside looks like a year old car, I will take pictures soon to show future owner it's in good shape, as will underseal soon it before the bad weather comes.
  15. KiNK43

    Brakes bleeding

    Do you have someone to help or trying to do on your own with an easi bleed or whatever? I only ask as in the past I've really struggled on my own.. Soon as ask a friend to do the pedal pushing as I open and close the bleed Nipples. Suddenly starts to go to plan.
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