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  1. I think it will be luck of the drawer.. Depends on manufacturer and storage aswell whether they've been stored well not stacked upon etc. Only experience I have, I needed a new bonnet for my last civic. 75 quid brand new aftermarket part. Was perfect. Couldn't fault it one bit. But I think if you could test fit before committing to paint would be beneficial. Or as you say used originals from a rap yard. They don't tend to rust on the front so should be able to find a good set easily enough
  2. KiNK43

    Vtis project

    The valves probably want tweaking. And possibly a little piston slap. Which unfortunately is common when fitting forged pistons. As they tend to expand more than cast pistons. The piston/wall clearance is larger than stock until warmed up.
  3. KiNK43

    Vtis project

  4. KiNK43

    Vtis project

    It was a bad earth. At first I didn't suspect that because the fuel pump wasn't running aswell as not tuning over. Turns out that if the ground to the gearbox is bad is plays havoc with all sorts. Before I rang Hamilton Palmer about the alarm thaught I best do some basic trouble shooting.
  5. KiNK43

    Vtis project

    Had her running today. Few minor niggles, but generally sounds well and doesn't seem to smoke at this point. Couple of little leaks teeny leaks to sort.
  6. KiNK43

    Vtis project

    Again struggling for time. But she's all back together. Shafts in gear linkage in. Exhaust is hooked up. By the weekend I should know if she runs.
  7. KiNK43

    Itr dc2 brakes same as mb6

    96 spec has 262mm fronts on 4x114 hubs. 98 spec has 282mm fronts but are on 5x114 hubs.
  8. KiNK43

    Vtis project

    Got all the fluids now and battery charged. Need to put the shafts in tomorrow and might be able to think about turning the key. Eeeeeeek
  9. KiNK43

    Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)

    Seems perculier the ride issue doesn't it. Sure youll get to the bottom of it though
  10. KiNK43

    Vtis project

    So little spare time just doing little jobs here and there. Injector wiring done. Found some pretty earth straps. Hooked a few bits up throttle cable n what not.
  11. KiNK43

    Talk to me about power gains

    Just a normal skunk manifold. Think they call it a pro or something. Itr rep basically. And dual valve springs will help prevent valve float at high rpm. So can safely push towards 9k redline. C4 already has them on intake but not exhaust valves. Doesn't have to cost alot. Keep eyes peeled on Facebook etc get some good condition 2nd hand parts.
  12. KiNK43

    Talk to me about power gains

    The setup I described in your other post is a sensible budget setup. You won't achieve a huge amount more n/a unless you look at going high comp and/or itbs. Which is gonna cost a packet. In which case boost is better value imo. If your on a budget and want a little more. I'd look for a skunk intake manifold. Some type r or skunk cams. Dual valve springs will be a good idea can safely raise the rev limiter a bit. A larger throttle and a decent exhaust setup. And a p28 to tune on.
  13. KiNK43

    Oil cooler install help

    I'm familiar with this issue. I temporarily ran another sandwich plate behind the thermostat. But settled on using a Chinese thermostat with 4 connections 2 on the side like mocal and 2 at an angle. Don't be put of was made nicely and worked fine. This one to be precise...
  14. KiNK43

    Unicyclingtom's Vito!

    Right posh bleeder now ain't ya tom. Love it.
  15. KiNK43

    Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)

    Seen cars 6 or 7 years old that look as bad if not worse underneath. Love the model very detailed