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  1. I have a spare in Leicester. Collection only. Message if required, I'll tell you about it.
  2. Defo sound like you clutch has let go. As for pric s it's usually 4-6 hours labour and material. Clutches are around £100-150 for a reasonable replacement like an exedy.
  3. They look good the climair ones. Ended up pulling the help ones. Just loose all the time
  4. Ooya that looks well smart. Fair play
  5. Yeah just put some fuel in and retard timing when map sensor sees vacuum on the limit. So it will only do it when going flat out and change gear.
  6. Rust, also a real common place is under the drivers footwells on the seam. Sticky handbrakes. Now 20+ years old. Bushes are really showing there age aswell.
  7. Sort the cold start out as it some times starts up very rich and has a little paddy for a few secs. And I don't want it popping and banging all the time but gonna have some flame action on on the limiter..that's the plan anyway.
  8. Done the rears today. Friday is wash day and Saturday off to dynodaze for couple tweaks on the map.
  9. I think I know what you mean. Haha. Filthy beggers ain't they !
  10. Oh and this is from sitting outside for a week.
  11. Right this is it. Got some optimism now that can go to some shows and do some bits this year. So starting to feel like doing bits on the car, a welcome break from just go work - sit on sofa - go work - sit on sofa over and over. So new oil and filter today. And changed the front brakes. We're looking pretty rough after donnington and upon inspection the discs have cracks all around the bell. Not good. So changed for some pagid discs. Widely regarded as excellent blanks for track etc. All the Clio boys run them. Liking the hel hp600 pads so in they went. Also managed to get som
  12. If the won't budge just hitting them then Hacksaw to put couple of cuts in the metal ring them knock em out.
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