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  1. Yarp excited to get it in. But long way to go really. Wait for bearings etc to turn up. Mean time can start gapping the piston rings. Literally takes a lifetime to do. Then onto sorting the head out. Need to measure p2v clearance too once together. I suspect will need to use a thicker head gasket now as block has been decked twice. Compression will be higher than before pistons are 9.8:1 as opposed to 9.2:1 and using flat faced valves.
  2. It likely is twisted. Its quite a common issue tbh. The scissor wears, puts extra strain on it and ends up twisting or bending. You may be able to bodge it up for now and get it going again. But long term a replacement window reg is the answer.
  3. KiNK43

    Dc2 shocks.

    they will physically fit I'm positive of that. Only curious about the length of the rears mainly. As the deck is bound to be heavier. I recall using eg coilovers on my previous mb6 and they were fine but ended up being low possibly more down to the spring rate rather than the damper?
  4. KiNK43

    Dc2 shocks.

    I'd take a guess at them being ok yeah. What springs would you use?
  5. KiNK43

    Dc2 shocks.

    Depends on the model dc2. Some have fork rear. But most of them have a bush on the shock absorber and different LCA.b
  6. Gorgeous little cars they are!
  7. Lots of pic taking going on. Actually making an effort to drive it this summer. Definitely a car I look back at. Still loving the mb shape.
  8. Excuse my ugly mug staring back but gotta love a bit of pirates black! Shame it'll be again by time this is uploaded!
  9. Are you installing aftermarket side skirts? Any honda ones, black plastic covers or vtis skirts. will have the same honda fixings behind. If installing aftermarket. You will need to improvise. Screw or bolt. Maybe even use some tiger seal?
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