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  1. KiNK43

    4x100 Fanblades

    Nice find. He is one of the regular breakers.
  2. Nice motor that. AHH man id love some of those fogs. Always see little old men driving round with them on the front. Oblivious. There's me drooling
  3. Very weird. Yeah I've always thaught Moog were one of the better aftermarket companies so used all there bits. .but yeah exactly same with mine. One was tighter than the other. But like I say not budged. Everytime I'm under there have a look as still in.
  4. Interesting you should say that. My Moog ones went in very easily. Almost too easily. Worried me to start with. However I kept an eye on them and they haven't budged at all.
  5. Well I'm not exactly sure tbh. They state on website that they are road legal but for 90% track and 10% road use. However there's some 2014 legislation that seems to imply that they aren't road legal. Who knows. Either way there sweet as hell in the dry. As you say wet will be another story I'm sure haha. Yeah it's looking real nice nowadays tbh. Bumper was the worst part on the car. Cracked corners and had been painted before with the lip on why I don't know. Painter said no point trying to paint that again. So replacement was the only option.
  6. Growing on me for sure. Tyres are insane. Had a good ride out this afternoon chucked it into a few roundabout. Bonkers level of grip, there a serious tyre and a new favourtite.! Seats make a big difference aswell. Become a much better drivers car. Bumpers on. Took a bit of tinkering never been happy with how the bumper sat kinda stuck out one side. Not any more all lines up beautifully. And looks fresh. Shame rest of the car needs a good wash and wax. Fitted the bumper up real nice. All new foam under the lip and new stainless hardware. The two fixings underneath onto the
  7. Wheels fitted and bumper assembled ready to go on.
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