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  1. Has inertia switch activated? Or potentially main really is faulty? Things to check.
  2. Ahh its gone now. New owner seems like will pamper it and just use for fun times. So happy about that. Im going to import a Totota crown athlete v estate. Bit old man ish. but always loved them and toyota are so well made. Absolutely love my Alphard.n
  3. Pop that ring out that's covering the bearing and you will have the room
  4. If you know any dealers let me know plz so I can broaden my search.
  5. Haha I think so. Manual gearbox required first port of call.!
  6. I sold the Hilux to a friend but still have the Alphard. I am hoping to get a Crown Athlete. Overtime make it a nice sleeper. Everything is more expensive for Toyotas tho. Eeek
  7. Thanks mate. It's been fun for sure. Definitely going to miss it, Will be hard watching it drive away as very personal to me. But I want another big Toyota and I can't afford to buy and keep multiple cars.
  8. It's pretty bonkers tbf. Performance is next level But..... Sold now unfortunately. Chaps coming to pick it up next week. I am sad, but feel it's time to try something else.
  9. Yes as above. I used a aftermarket cat on an old aerodeck I had to get through an MOT. It worked just fine. I dont think the life expectancy is very good however. Will likely fail again quickly. As far as aftermarket parts go. Generally I don't know of an issue. But I would 100 percent use only NGK/NTK lambda sensor. Cheap lambda is not a good idea.
  10. I can't imagine them to be different.. I also recall someone getting replacements from rimmerbros for a rover or mg. But that was some time ago now.
  11. Yeah it's sound, pushing on didn't really do much apparently so kinda at where its happy. Sure it will be alot of fun. And tbh Im thinking i would like a change very soon.
  12. Off course down to personal opinion. But I prefer a 16" wheel.
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