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  1. They will all fit to the engine of course. If there was an issue it was that the flange onto the cat was sometimes couple inches short or welded at a different angle. adjustable decat pipes the solution, or cut and reweld flange if you want to retain the cat.
  2. No these are new. Had mitsubishi injectors before. The 1000's don't directly make more power. But will be able to deliver more fuel when crank up the boost. Which will make more power. But also they should have a better spray patter too which should help with fuel economy and response. This setup definately feels more responsive low down. Could be down to the injectors and raised compression.
  3. I dont have first hand experience but somethings to bare in mind.. Jdm ECUs usually have knock sensor circuit so will show CEL on UK engine. It will also have a 110 mph speed limiter. I'm sure it could work but I personally think a custom map would be better.
  4. Some updated pics of setup. Bosch 1000cc Injectors. Boost pipes been altered for the Intake mani, and BOV added.
  5. Check eBay you will find what you looking for.
  6. KiNK43

    Ecu Fried?

    Beat me too it @Dave :)
  7. KiNK43

    Ecu Fried?

    Really sorry. But it's far too vague of a description to really get an idea of what you've done there. Haha. Have you put it back to normal? Checked fuses etc?
  8. I may be wrong but if you don't want it to be really low I think your quite limited. As BC and Meister R seem to be the only ones doing correct spring rate etc for these cars. Seems the cheaper ones intended for the eg and ek sit really low as much less junk in the trunk area on those cars so to speak :)
  9. Yeah for sure I'll book a date to map it properly. End of march i recon.
  10. Also make nice puuutuuuuuussssshhhh noises now! Haha
  11. Hi mate yeah picked up this morning just gotta put some miles on it now. Got mineral oil in it and oil coolers disconnected so don't want to really go mad on it. However Rich has encouraged me to just drive it normal not baby it.
  12. Rich at Dynodaze has done some tuning to get going and run engine in. Capped at 6k. About 6 psi. Still did about 215hp there which is cool.
  13. Dropped off at Dynodaze for some bits and bobs!
  14. In hindsight the best chance you may have, maybe to take the case off both mirrors and see if can trace the wires back see what's going where.
  15. I did this years ago and I cannot remember what combo I did but had to live with inverted up and down. Couldnt get it to work correctly.
  16. Yes not out the water yet I suppose. But good start for sure
  17. All running nicely now. Fired straight up no spluttering or weirdness. Touch wood continues to behave. Get some miles on it then map. Turbosmart BOV and boost pipe amended next week by Dynodaze.
  18. Cheers mate. Coming together isn't it. This weekends a write off unfortunately, big job on. Got to pay the bills. Covers just the old one. Tarted it up with fresh lick of paint.
  19. Eek. Cars just eat money constantly, fuel lines too short and crosses the throttle body. Parts to make a new one ordered. Boost pipe needs altering too. Decided best to run a BOV with more boost. Turbosmart one ordered. Think you've got it planned out in your head and always extra costs.
  20. Ignore the scruffy valve cover but made some good progress this weekend.
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