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  1. Oh god don't tell me that. I was out for a drive yesterday and the day before. Nightmare. I love that your using minidiscs. So good. Gutted they weren't around for too long.
  2. It's not as daunting as you think. Been twice now. I thinks it's about being reserved and getting a feel for it. Etiquette is generally good. I recon a lot of the accidents you see on YouTube are gonna be young daft drivers trying to prove something or just not knowing there's or there cars limit. Of course some genuinely unfortunate ones too.
  3. Yes know what ya mean. It was wet a lot. And man Is it sketchy in the rain. Constant red flags and ya know why your sliding all over the place yet people still tearing past you. Bonkers. This fn2 belongs to a friend. Took on car transporter. So no need to worry if got broke or damaged. It's a bit of a communal track slag. We all do little bits of work on it and the owner is happy for us to rag it about.
  4. Baught a souvenir from the trip! That corner is insane. Can really hammer round it! Anyway engines complete. Has many more new parts eg. Bosch injectors, speedfactory map sensor, hopefully easier to map. Finally moved it out the living room into the garage. Here's a souvenir from that trip too lol In other news went to a honda meet the other week, car seemed to get a fair bit of attention and won a little trophy 2nd place for something which was nice! Haha. So got a little project to tackle, move battery Into the spare wheel well. A much larger breather tank will take the old batteries place. Then hoping to tackle the engine swap while I'm off over Xmas.
  5. Defo, go oldschool and turn wheels into the kerb. Cars looking great tho. Nice updates.
  6. Sweet, will put that on me calendar. Cheers!
  7. Would have love to go to this one at Mallory as it's on my doorstep. But was working that day
  8. Should be a good tyre these. Me and some friends had a few days at nurburgring last month and had the same tyres, r888r on there type r. Seemed really good!!
  9. I rock the semi slicks all the time tbh!! Car don't see the light of day if it's wet.
  10. So had to spend on tyres. Simply couldn't wait any more. :(
  11. Wow that's mad Dave. What a s**t show! Not really something you'd want to fail at motorway speed is it. Bunch of clowns by the sounds of it. I also don't know where people get off talking to customers the way they do sometimes aswell. Disgusting.
  12. I dunno when will put it in the car. Don't plan on waiting around too long tbh. Still money to throw at it tho. So get it in and see how things go. Need bigger injectors etc. Probably Bosch's this time.
  13. Yeah it's a good ad really. Will also keep an eye on it as unsure on what people will pay for them. Seem to get more respect than they used to now there fewer and fewer which is nice
  14. People getting stuck in already. 6 days left. Quite interesting
  15. Haha it hasn't been going!! But now it is. It's been in my dining room for ages which isn't going down too well. So time to wrap it up and move it to the garage. It's been difficult to determine the correct clearance to the head. No one seems to know. There's no figures online or in manual. But I do know the heads been skimmed twice and the blocks been decked twice, so err'd on the side of caution and ordered a custom headgasket 10 thou thicker than standard. Now that's arrived and in, crack on again
  16. Bit concerning that is. I'm steering clear big time.
  17. Finally!! Custom headgasket turned up. Couldn't wait to make some progress so soon as home from work got setup and fitted the ARP headstuds and the headgasket. Torqued in 3 stages to 80 ft lb. Recon can wrap this up over the weekend
  18. I didn't strip them down that far. I cleaned the inside of the glass using cotton buds and alcohol but meal deflector was in good co diction in mine.
  19. There will be a d16 out there that will simply plug in I'm sure of that. Have a look at the shock tower and the plugs there. Id would be surprised if d16w4 from mb MC civic doesn't just plug in. But I've never had one of those cars or looked into it.
  20. That's an obd2a/b ECU. The mb6 is unusual, it has obd2a ECU with obd1 connectors.
  21. KiNK43

    P30 ecu

    It links pin A4 and D6 so ECU isn't looking for VTEC oil pressure sensor. A lot of engines don't have one.
  22. KiNK43

    Brakes bleeding

    That's great news. Glad someone has some good advice there. That's what forums about.
  23. Ooh yeah lovely motors. What I would have ideally had this time round. But mrs wanted a van
  24. That's gorgeous. And will likely be mint underneath. Price tag reflects it tho ay
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