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  1. Decided wanted intake black. Came out well
  2. Absolutely no issues what so ever. Crank and bearings etc are absolutely mint.
  3. Cheers Dave. I do enjoy tinkering. The cars still up and running with spare engine in, it's all good. But fancy bit more power. 500 is a nice round number. So having new valve train and cams. Will get the head sorted first as have all the bits. Skunk2 ultra intake and tb aswell. Then onto the block. Which is where I need to save up again unfortunately but won't take to long. New pistons and a CSS installed. Then simply a new set of Injectors I recon should be at or very close to 500hp.
  4. Stripped engine down over weekend. In really good condition, So happy with my previous build, stood upto long track sessions and a fair amount of abuse at 400 odd hp. Crack on and rebuild with many new and improved parts now!
  5. Love the seats too we haven't got that fabric/leather combo in uk
  6. Looks great that does. engine bay looks fresh!!
  7. I have an excellent diagram of the plumbing sonewhere I'll have a look in A bit
  8. Genuinely don't know the answer to that. Theres a service manual available to download in the downloads section here on civic5. I recall it references LHD and rhd vehicles. Be a good place to look
  9. There the honda ones yeah. Someone had my number and offered them to me as they had two sets. I really cannot recall how I got talking to him in the first place lol. Likely from here though. But!.. very grateful there really tidy. Stripped em and cleaned them and look Great. They are plastic @Dave so should age better all being well. I does mean I have my old fogs which are also in great nick, may let them go at some point.
  10. Updates are few and far between now. Pretty happy with how things are set up at the minute. Engine build is temporarily on hold as funds have been diverted to other things as they have to sometimes. But running and driving well. Wil be getting a service in the next few days. I did purchase a set of the big fig lights though. Quite please with them. Proper Bosch lamps in excellent condition. Wasn't sure how much I'd like them, but now there on personally think look great.
  11. Probably got a spare somewhere if you'd like me to dig it out to try
  12. Theres a fuse under the dash but also the "back up" fuse in the engine bay. Has your clock gone off aswell? If so be the one in the engine bay. Aftermarket stereo usually have another mini fuse on the back of the unit also. But odd happened from jump starting would take out a fuse.
  13. Theres a little solenoid that controls it. Probably faulty by sounds of it.
  14. Jeez Dave what a palava!! On the plus side that exhaust looks Great and lots of new parts never a bad thing on these older cars. Will see it right for many years to come.
  15. Mop it just take it easy. Low speeds and don't press too hard. I've been using mirka polarshine And maquires ultimate compound which is great for fine swirls.
  16. Can always disconect them and see if engine feels better. And go from there.
  17. Yes the iabs are open until you turn the engine on and vacuum pulls them closed. What ecu are you using? Is it able to control iabs?
  18. Really cool looking car that. Should check out n box aswell if you haven't already. Super cute kei mpv
  19. Nearly there mate. Have a bit of sun soon enough so can get out and enjoy it!
  20. So doesn't meet the requirements? Shame. Was it free to obtain in the end?
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