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    HKB Boss kit

    How bizarre. I have fitted many boss over the years never had an issue. Is that an airbag compatible boss you have fitted? Personally only ever fitted the non airbag versions and removed the clock spring. Good Info there from Simon. Maybe there is some variations somewhere.
  2. You won't find much better value than this. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321885789069
  3. Could be or could be box. Does it drive ok and no noise when ya driving? Does noise go away at slightest touch of clutch pedal or only when completely depressed?
  4. Sweet glad you got it sorted. And pretty quickly too. Looks a decent job.
  5. Jeez man. What a s**tter that is! Looked gorgeous. Had one myself years ago. Another one I should have kept. The deck is looking sweet tho mate. Those wheels really suit it.
  6. I've snapped the seatbelt bolt in the first every mb. Many moons ago. It makes for even more of a pain in the a*s trying to repair. So as Dave says try really heating it try some wd. No 100% but possible there lock tighted in because it's a safety device.
  7. Yeah it was super sketchy, some of the other lads had decent wet tyres and were literally going at it flat out no bother!! Had a few Interested parties in the engine setup but unfortunately being low balled so far. I won't let it go for peanuts it's cost me alot of dow to out together.
  8. I know dynodaze in Nuneaton would repair this to a very high standard no problem. I doubt it will be cheap tho unfortunately.
  9. Not much to update really. I've actually now retired it for the winter I think. Be in the garage now. Looking to sell the engine and turbo kit tho. But did donington last weekend. Great fun but was far too wet in the morning. Ended up in the gravel in the pouring rain. Blaming my tires was like an ice rink. Luckily only some very minor stone chips on the car could have been much worse. It's much improved tho generally. Seats great. New wheels and tyres great in the dry later in the day.
  10. Yeah I think your right. windscreen seal seem weak Dave. Just old honda life.... Mine after the weekend heater in the boot for few hours and dehumidifier things haha....
  11. AHH crap yeah they are starting to show there age now. I didn't they they rotted out as bad as egs etc but think actually worse eeeek. Congrats on the house etc. Any pics of the old girl?
  12. KiNK43

    4x100 Fanblades

    Nice find. He is one of the regular breakers.
  13. Nice motor that. AHH man id love some of those fogs. Always see little old men driving round with them on the front. Oblivious. There's me drooling
  14. Very weird. Yeah I've always thaught Moog were one of the better aftermarket companies so used all there bits. .but yeah exactly same with mine. One was tighter than the other. But like I say not budged. Everytime I'm under there have a look as still in.
  15. Interesting you should say that. My Moog ones went in very easily. Almost too easily. Worried me to start with. However I kept an eye on them and they haven't budged at all.
  16. Well I'm not exactly sure tbh. They state on website that they are road legal but for 90% track and 10% road use. However there's some 2014 legislation that seems to imply that they aren't road legal. Who knows. Either way there sweet as hell in the dry. As you say wet will be another story I'm sure haha. Yeah it's looking real nice nowadays tbh. Bumper was the worst part on the car. Cracked corners and had been painted before with the lip on why I don't know. Painter said no point trying to paint that again. So replacement was the only option.
  17. Growing on me for sure. Tyres are insane. Had a good ride out this afternoon chucked it into a few roundabout. Bonkers level of grip, there a serious tyre and a new favourtite.! Seats make a big difference aswell. Become a much better drivers car. Bumpers on. Took a bit of tinkering never been happy with how the bumper sat kinda stuck out one side. Not any more all lines up beautifully. And looks fresh. Shame rest of the car needs a good wash and wax. Fitted the bumper up real nice. All new foam under the lip and new stainless hardware. The two fixings underneath onto the
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