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  1. Lips on and put some light smoke film on headlights fogs and indicators. Had a wee bit sport on bypass the night with an ek civic side by side thinking this type r slow lol then boy stopped and and told me his is a k20 quite surprised 

  2. 11 hours ago, Dave said:

    wow, another car!! lol you're as bad as I was when I was young, always changing my cars lol applause.gif1 FN2 looks sweet mate, miss both my FN1 and FN2. Nice low miles on that one too! One thing to check on or around that mileage is the synchros in the gearbox and the clutch. On mine at those miles, both 2nd and 3rd gear syncros gone (common fault). I was lucky, Honda agreed to pay for it on mine as it was a design flaw and I still had a bit of warranty from Western Honda. One way to test is rag it 1st 2nd and 3rd (like almost red lining it). Any crunch going up from 1st to 2nd then 2nd to 3rd and probably on the way out. Can be stiff changing from 3rd back to 2nd too. Other than that, bloody awesome cars! I was just got too old for the stiff suspension lol. Deffo want another FN at some point, one of my fav cars! Just love them!

    Yeah dave there's no crunching at all everything feels good the boy had it for 8 years and has really looked after it. Can't find any bad bits on it at all. Bought it for 5900 strong money I know but it is really mint. The garage in my town I was showing the boys that own it and they asked me to sell it to them for 6700 lol 

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