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  1. Just ordered the maxton side skirt extensions and rear spats. The my drivers side shaft decided to explode in half today !
  2. Came up really good it was good to start anyway lol but nice shine now
  3. Cheers bud yeah does look a bit meaner lol
  4. Lips on and put some light smoke film on headlights fogs and indicators. Had a wee bit sport on bypass the night with an ek civic side by side thinking this type r slow lol then boy stopped and and told me his is a k20 quite surprised
  5. My mate gave me a maxton design front lip for the fn2 as its damaged so my brothers taking it to his work to get it sorted. Do love a freebie lol
  6. Its not the beat but it will keep it safe for a month lol
  7. Tucked away for a month now
  8. Yeah dave there's no crunching at all everything feels good the boy had it for 8 years and has really looked after it. Can't find any bad bits on it at all. Bought it for 5900 strong money I know but it is really mint. The garage in my town I was showing the boys that own it and they asked me to sell it to them for 6700 lol
  9. Finished the wee polo too lol
  10. Its ok i found a minter lol 60k miles last owner 8 years
  11. Any body know of any decent fn2s for sale in Scotland
  12. No sure bud did fancy an ep3 but not at the prices there at. Mental.
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