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  1. My new german

    Wasn't sure on big one but doesn't look bad in the flesh
  2. My new german

    It's tad on big side lol
  3. My new german

    Not sure on what ones better if any lol
  4. Burbleboy's Accord

    The only thing that annoys me with mine is when I'm in 3rd floor it sometimes it goes to 1st instead of 2nd .
  5. Burbleboy's Accord

  6. Burbleboy's Accord

    Thinking about this for the 5 meant to make the box feel much better
  7. My new german

    Added something today lol
  8. My new german

    Clay barred a couple of panels last night what a difference the panels now feel really smooth
  9. Burbleboy's Accord

    Yeah same as mine then. Best I've had was 46mpg on motorway
  10. Burbleboy's Accord

    What mpg you getting from yours Ali
  11. Burbleboy's Accord

    Ali when I bought the vtis from you it was almost perfect. I think I improved the speed a bit with the s4c box box intake mani itr tb and different map. But the handling of that civic was just awesome. I love my bm as it's everything I need just now. If I had been in a better position money wise I wouldn't have sold the civic and kept it as a track car.
  12. Burbleboy's Accord

    No need to go back Ali the mighty bm has everything lol power looks comfort and something Hondas lack a lot off .......torque!
  13. Burbleboy's Accord

  14. My new german

    Aye man they surprise alot of cars lol av had a few focus rs Audi s3 as fast as my mates m140i
  15. My new german

    Are you keeping the rear m sport badge ? I'm going to get the black 535d badge for mine