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  1. dogg1210

    My new german

  2. dogg1210

    Civic Aerodeck MB9 (Hinata)

    I think if looked better on old rims mate
  3. dogg1210

    My new german

  4. dogg1210

    My new german

    The x35d are mental lol unfortunately didn't film the e60 m5 I destroyed first run he edged it by a bonnet second run
  5. dogg1210

    My new german

  6. dogg1210

    My new german

  7. dogg1210

    My new german

  8. dogg1210

    My new german

    Was up at crail today done a 13.5 quarter not to bad at all for the big bus Vid is r34 750bhp VID-20180715-WA0033.mp4
  9. dogg1210

    Out of office!

    Cheers bud will need to go there and give it a try . It's just me and the Mrs this year as kids are going on hols with there gran lol
  10. dogg1210

    Out of office!

    Anastasia hotel was there last year nice wee place
  11. dogg1210

    Out of office!

    We were in stalis
  12. dogg1210

    Out of office!

    Ha am away bk to Crete end of month Dave. Went last year really nice
  13. dogg1210

    My new german

    only did it to annoy my brother with his type r
  14. dogg1210

    My new german

    Nice little sticker to please the honda boys lol
  15. dogg1210

    Civic d series turbo engine misfire

    What power is it making