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  1. Thats the wheels in for powder coating
  2. Calipers are orange lol but was thinking of doing them different colour
  3. And his car is louder and pops away everywhere he goes and the local Facebook squad always complain about him and I'm not wanting tge blame :D
  4. Right folks thinking of little side stripe in grey to match alloys not usually a fan of them but I need to get something to make car look slightly different to my mates who has the exact same car lol
  5. Wee sound of the exhaust
  6. Just wrapped the white crash bar behind grill black
  7. This was the little b****r
  8. Cheers dave and not be doing much to this as happy how it is might change springs to eibach or h&r as not sure what springs are on it but a little to stiff. Sorted tge light issue my friend has a st and by chance had a spare light motor so swaped it out in about 20secs lol and boom we have cabin lights lol
  9. Cheers guys never had a wee st so happy with it just now only thing p**sing me off is bloody boost pod isn't lighting up when lights on lol
  10. Yeah man will do. Yeah its mint no rust at all clean wee car the induction noise is awesome
  11. Only thing getting wrapped is the front crash bar black and I put the number plate back on top of lower grill
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