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  1. You should win next month @powerofdreams there's no more to vote for lol
  2. Lol seen it bud might look better with the lip on. Different tastes for different people end of day your car bud mod it how you like it
  3. Your car looked nicer without all the red on front man
  4. Putting this in as it's looking a damn sight better now
  5. Lol it's nice tho and boosted and about the same bhp as my boat lol
  6. MB6 VTI For sale - Low miles & Lots of Mods!

    Good luck with sale bud really nice looking mb.
  7. Turbo help

    Whooshhh whooshhhh
  8. Yeah was and still is a awesome car. Tom it wasn't cheap to me anyway. I don't think it's ugly ,not nasty (nazi yes lol) common yes but i still havnt seen a 535d around my neck of the woods. Snow will cause problems or fun. I defo use my indicators!!!! And as for slow I certainly have to disagree if keeping up with an m5 is slow then yes it's slow but for it's size it will pee all over alot of performance cars
  9. Feck off it's well done me lol cheers chaps. Might put the Beemer in for next month