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  1. dogg1210

    Photo shop

    Cheers Dave it's a good effort gives me some idea what it would look like . Is this pic any better?
  2. dogg1210

    Photo shop

    Aye mate lol looks strange ha ha cheers bud
  3. dogg1210

    Photo shop

    Any one good at photo shop? Thinking a nice rover kingfisher green for my alloys I do like to be different
  4. dogg1210

    Dr_Broon's VTI 'deck

    Nice lol had a bit fun with a Cayman gt4 wasn't that far away lol
  5. dogg1210

    stevie's Mb2 hard decision to make

    Sent mine think it was about 20quid really can't mind who with tho had a big long cardboard box that I ent it in lol
  6. dogg1210

    P28 with Hondata S300, limp mode problem

    Don't know if this is any help but mine would do the same when the bypass wire came loose from ecu
  7. dogg1210

    stevie's Mb2 hard decision to make

    Regret selling mine butbut love the bm if I had had the funds I would've kept the mb6 and bm but if I get my new job I think I will be buying another for taking to knockhill fully striped bad boy. Shame I couldn't have kept the last one as Ali had it set up for knockhill with the coilovers sump etc
  8. dogg1210

    My new german

  9. dogg1210

    Civic Aerodeck MB9 (Hinata)

    I think if looked better on old rims mate
  10. dogg1210

    My new german

  11. dogg1210

    My new german

    The x35d are mental lol unfortunately didn't film the e60 m5 I destroyed first run he edged it by a bonnet second run
  12. dogg1210

    My new german

  13. dogg1210

    My new german

  14. dogg1210

    My new german

  15. dogg1210

    My new german

    Was up at crail today done a 13.5 quarter not to bad at all for the big bus Vid is r34 750bhp VID-20180715-WA0033.mp4