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  1. dogg1210

    FOR SALE Honda Civic 1.8 vti MB6 1999

    Ah so it's not just me thinking it's over priced maybe he didn't mean to add an extra 0 on price?
  2. dogg1210

    Talk to me about power gains

    S4c I had didn't have an lsd but think you can get ones that do . I can't really remember how it was in 5th bud but it has a 4.4 fd and is that much difference with ratios compared to the s80
  3. dogg1210

    Talk to me about power gains

    One good thing I added to mine was a s4c box made a difference. So a s80 box with lsd and 4.7fd I think that's right lol would make a good difference
  4. dogg1210

    Talk to me about power gains

    I got a blox intake mani when I had mine had a full system exhaust, itr throttle body but had to get a shorter throttle cable as it runs the other way I think lol had ecu on it too and it went well.
  5. dogg1210

    Talk to me about power gains

    Skunk2 intake mani £300 Skunk2 cams around £400 Skunk2 springs n retainers £400 Decent exhaust £200-£300 Ecu £150 Proper map £300 Be aswell to boost it
  6. dogg1210

    My new german

    This very one
  7. dogg1210

    My new german

    No sure mate lol my brother gave me it 3m it's called
  8. dogg1210

    My new german

    Gave thee german a machine polish today
  9. dogg1210

    My new german

  10. dogg1210

    Photo shop

    Cheers Dave it's a good effort gives me some idea what it would look like . Is this pic any better?
  11. dogg1210

    Photo shop

    Aye mate lol looks strange ha ha cheers bud
  12. dogg1210

    Photo shop

    Any one good at photo shop? Thinking a nice rover kingfisher green for my alloys I do like to be different
  13. dogg1210

    Dr_Broon's VTI 'deck

    Nice lol had a bit fun with a Cayman gt4 wasn't that far away lol