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  1. deffo worth doing... all those fine filings can damage the engine eventually
  2. Llambda is similar code to VSS if i remember right!!
  3. from memory its the smaller one of the two
  4. Don't think the starter is linked into ECU mate so no it would not put the light on, do a flash code test!!!
  5. Used to have a 330BHP Type R Impreza so I may try and find another mint one of those, only had to sell it to move house!! 0-60 in 4 secs anyone?
  6. cheers mate.. I'm now torn between keeping it and spending more £ or moving onto something different!!
  7. maybe,.. but i'm thinking inlet and throttle body, pressure reg, re-map then cams. should be up around 190 then i reckon
  8. Cheers lads, chuffed with the result but it only makes me want MORE!! lol
  9. Deffo have to get it discharged first!!! very important!! it's illegal to vent the gas to the atmosphere and most garages wouldn't charge hardly anything... i got mine taken out for free, granted i did know the bloke
  10. I've done it.. very easy and worth it! bout 14kg saved and a cleaner rev!
  11. Surely it wont read the ECU as our cars are pre OBD????? or at least i thought they were. Just old skool flash codes
  12. I i had this and it's a Llambda fault!!
  13. Never been mapped but i think it may have to happen!!
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