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  1. No point ordering sensors until you got the abs light fixed as u need to pull the code to see what’s wrong with the abs
  2. As above breaking Accord 2.4 executive couple type S bits lowered on springs aem filter Modded to fit the Accord! Let me know if you need anything
  3. Oh wait looks like already been decided when the vote ends
  4. A b1tch fight this could get interesting! Let's settle it with pole who's cars s**tter jays or doggs
  5. Mb6 and mc2 exhaust are the same apart from the tail pipe with is 4in longer
  6. simpo

    HELP! Lol

    Adjustable decat could be a cheaper option
  7. simpo

    HELP! Lol

    maybe 4-2-1 is shorter I had 4-1 and never had a problem with length
  8. I would say it's still a sensor issues somewhere! How many do you have 1 or 2 what you mean about the 4 pin socket on the side?
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