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  1. debaged rear boot..loving the cleaner look
  2. thanks guys.. gave it another 20mm drop all round.. adjusted the mud flap were scraping the floor before
  3. new rimz.. decided to get rota grid drifts 9.5j wide.. and bc racing coilovers fitted..aswome handling now
  4. jdm wind deflectors fitted... plans now to fit some 18z xxr 527
  5. update found a used blitz nur spec r exhaust. .couldnt resist ...sounds dangerous
  6. havent done much to it lately just enjoying driving it... gave it a full major service. ..added sti stickers to fog covers
  7. plans are to give it a full major service at scooby world... blitz nur spec exhaust. ..and gauges! thats it really has everything done to it
  8. hated the bug eye.looks ugly lol..imports bug eye has the best sti engine though... always preferred this shape . tooo many batterd sti out there . got mine from a performance dealer..well looked after
  9. sold the type r got myself a subaru sti..loving it
  10. Yea ive read online around a 10 bhp increase on a stock car. Massive improvement. Think there was like 20-30bhp increase through the mid range..which was lagging before..think honda done this by purpose to give you the vtec kick... now its just pulls away with no lag!!will check end of the week see how good its on fuel ..soo far its looking good needle has hardly dropped after giving some abuse!
  11. Update had valve clearance done and k100 supplied and fitted at tdi north.. car drives like new...very quiet now... car made 219bhp with just gruppe m filter. Launch control set at 4k..shift light..lower vtec point at 5k and rev limiter increased. Made a massive diference through the mid range..no more lag...even better mpg plenty of vtec still loads of fuel left So now after a exhaust manifold and rbc and back to them for retune!! This is addictive
  12. Yea was sat too high ..just took it for a drive . Big difference. .low and feels very sporty..feels like a new car.. well worth it
  13. Thanks mate.. Update fitted bride low rails for a lower seating position much better. As always nothing a straight fit rail needed modding. before after Booked car for a remap at tdi north. In a a few weeks cant wait!
  14. Fitted fender covers inside the bay. .can't believe pre face lift as standard. .looks much better now
  15. Thanks guys. Yas bro not into private plates . saving the £ for 70mm rbc.. 70mm throttle body and remap
  16. Nothing much lately still waiting for droplinks :-/ polished and waxed today
  17. Haven't done much lately. .just carbon wrapped door trims...still waiting for drop links from tegiwa which i ordered over a week ago.they really do take p*ss ðŸ˜
  18. Yea got 24mm rear anti roll progress on mine...but the droplinks that came with them didn't jast long already knocking...just ordered front and rear hardrace droplinks..Yea ive got Bridgestone on the rears not so good on the front cheap budgets on the front. . Spins even in the dry lol.. on the hunt for some part worns.. Keep it up though definitely difrent and looks good
  19. I liked the jdm deflectors but hard to find and pricey to ... ive had climair on my mb6.. prefer these then hekoz
  20. Got some climair sports wind deflectors .these come with darker tint compared to normal deflectors Hardrace front and rear droplinks ordered!
  21. How you find the hard race droplinks ..worth getting?
  22. Looking good bro love it. .
  23. Thanks mate looks much better then silver i reckon
  24. Interior dash done. New headunit surround and polished skunk2 gear knob. So thats it for now.. start saving up for engine mods and remap
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