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  1. The new GTC's look really smart and go like stink and handle like they are on rails with the 19 or 20 inch rims as standard and sorted standard sports suspention
  2. LOL no news yet chaps, prob not till after christmas i would guess
  3. poxy thing was actually top of the range Heated seats, heated steering wheel, touch screen with dab and bluetooth connectivity, shitty optional city steering, dual climate control, reversing cameras plus much more Shame about the pig that lived under the bonnet and the fact that it was a rubbish corsa LOL
  4. Sounds really nice and as already said what a beauty !!!!!!
  5. Saw you and your family going to west bay on saturday i think it was, was picking up a german customer (who is a really nice guy i have picked up before) to hire his car, was leaving the bay and you came the other way. Did flash you but you was not to know it was me as i was in a shitty automatic greyish coloured corsa Boooo !!!!
  6. was in kent the other week and was with a friend who is planning to visit me and for me to install his amp and subs etc He suggested that he will go round my old house and see if the ex is about, if so he is going to inquire as to if she still has my sub boxes and if so he is bringing them to me Also whilst there he will note if the MB6 is still there and if she is still looking good or not
  7. i have periods when i don't wear them but they are back in full flow again now, keep your peepers peeled when your at work and you will see me donning a hat
  8. oh i miss that MB6 my ex still has it i hope so the plan is next year to get it back from her
  9. I been busy lol Things are all good down here on the farm, we are loving it loving it loving it. Do miss my poor M but patience will pay off and I shall be back in one before too long I'm sure.
  10. Pmsl I assume Dave boss man is pic no 8 the one with no hair and I'm either number three or number ten but I think number ten is Krzys so I must be number three
  11. Lol no she is a connoisseur of the hat world also. Hope you enjoyed your food !!!!!
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