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  1. I couldn't actually locate the unit but I did manage to successfully install after market remote locking. But on my hunt I found its somewhere between the back of the steering column and and the centre dash. Maybe up behind it.
  2. Hi mate just to let you know the drivers door switch operates from a separate circuit to the other doors it goes to a control unit that is used for the buzzer and oe alarm, this is why aftermarket alarms should be connected to a passenger door switch as this still work for the driver's door too. So it could be a connection problem from the unit to the light
  3. I didn't get as many photos as id like during installation but I think enough to make it less daunting for others, I used about 9 good quality heatshrink butt connectors, a ring connector for earth and 3 soldered splices for power
  4. Not at all mate £32 delivered. Heres the link too http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=360639983675 they have different options and features. Starting at £20 for just remote locking
  5. Success! I finished installing the kit this afternoon and it all operates as it should, full remote central locking, alarm, hazards, door switch, multistage shock sensor, interior proximity sensor and siren. Features I didn't connect for lazy reasons include auto powered window closure, anti hijack and interior light activation
  6. Excellent thank you guys you fill me with confidence lol ive just wired up the alarm side of things ill continue with the rest tomorrow as im bored now, ive been taking pics at each step to help others in the future, providing it works that is :/
  7. Yeah its has full central locking and it operates fine, just doesn't have the optional OE remote receiver
  8. Yeah its has full central locking and it operates fine, just doesn't have the optional OE remote receiver
  9. Hi I purchased a Hawk alarm system with remote locking to install to my mb2 that came without remote locking. Ive done various interwebs searches but not found much other then people giving up. I had a quick search on here too but didn't find much. I have a haynes manual with diagrams and I requested model specific instructions from hawk but that just consists of "on 5 door models configure for motor interrupt". Wich means the unit will act as a relay and power the motors reversibly. I just whipped the door panel off to have a play with the loom but when I introduce a live and earth to the motor wires nothing happens? Just thought id see if anyone else has been successful with this type of kit before I start hacking away thanks. Regards, Leigh
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