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  1. I was thinking recently that it must have been coming up to a year now
  2. Well the old girl went up for sale last month and sold next day. I probably could have sold it a few times over lol. It's replacement is something alot less exciting; a 2006 Mazda 3 Sport saloon lol Just putting up a post to say that this is the end of my MB6 adventure. Thanks to everyone on here for their advice and feedback. It's been emotional! I put my DC2 airbox up in the classifieds if anyone is interested http://civic5.com/forum/classifieds/item/119-integra-dc2-airbox-and-cone-filter/
  3. Very scientific lol I think I've the Revtecs replacement lined up, but it could be a month or two before I get it. With the weather getting better I ordered a bottle of 50cal Cover Up and figured Pirates Black would be a great colour to test it on. 50cal products are made locally to me and seem to be starting to get a name for themselves. Cover Up is a filler glaze that has been getting some good reviews on some of the UK forums. A local detailer took this 50/50 to give you an idea what it can do. I now see what the fuss is about with it. It's so easy to put on with my DA and just as easy to wipe off again, but it can be applied by hand as well. The biggest advantage is I could get round the car really quickly and still get fantastic results. Unfortunately I started washing the car early afternoon so the light was fading by time I'd finished, so had to settle for some quick phone pics in poor light. Oh and 50cals Berry Bomb air freshener is grrrreat as well. It more than outlasts my Stripper Scent.
  4. I was hoping to start a new thread on this, but my permissions seem to be up the left at the minute Hopefully it'll get sorted soon, but as I can post on existing threads I might as well put it on here. Can anyone tell me what this hole is for? It looks shaped which makes me think it's supposed to be there and possibly some sort of inspection hole for the gearbox, but wanted to check incase it shouldn't be there, as I've never noticed it before! lol
  5. Thanks dude. Feedback noted I know what you mean about the design of the 1.8T. I've an Audi S3 as well as the Civic and had fun fitting a custom downpipe and larger TIP in that tiny space. God knows what I'll end up changing to lol I keep taking little notions for things then changing my mind. Just before Christmas my front passenger caliper piston started binding. I'd pushed the piston back in the caliper, greased everything up and it worked fine for a few weeks. Last week it bound again, so on Sunday I replaced it with a new part (with some help from Eric The Car Guy on Youtube lol). I've always been pretty scared of anything to do with brakes on a car, but it actually wasn't that bad
  6. Thanks Tom A link from the Facebook page would be great
  7. Advert now up on the site http://civic5.com/forum/classifieds/item/99-1999-honda-civic-vti-s/
  8. Sorry. I forgot to update this. After I laced the piston with WD40 and pushed it back in place with the G Clamp I'd left it a few days until the morning I had it booked in with my mechanic. It must have done the trick as after all as it worked fine driving it to the garage. He had a look over it and said it was fine. Fingers crossed it keeps it working for the next while. Thanks
  9. Good luck with the sale dude. Hope it sells quick and easily
  10. Ooooooh! Zenith Grey FRs looks quite nice and still fresh enough for a 10yr old shape. Think this may be my new favourite. Seemingly they can be mapped up to 190bhp easily enough as well, although they don't handle anything like the Civic lol
  11. Good to hear you're still enjoying it. It must be decent enough if you're not looking to change much on it. Just wait until you get the money for your MB6. You'll be looking to spend all the money on some nice wind deflectors and an air freshner
  12. Was that the Compressor model with the supercharger? A Fabia VRs isn't a bad shout actually. Added to the list I've been looking at those little Ibiza FRs as well. Seems alot of car for a budget runabout.
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