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  1. Hi, so the ones i posted the link for will fit? By any chance is there a way to know which years of the rover work on our Honda´s? this is what says in the description of compatibility: Model: Rover 45 // MG ZS Year: 2001 - 2006
  2. Damn i knew there was somthing it just makes perfect Sensei, my shade is a little lighter any chance of leading me the right place to buy it online?? I ordered from motip and is a bit darker só maybe you know wich brand has the lighter shade. Thanks mate.
  3. Hi, thanks for the reply,but i cant understand if there are various models of these MG ZS side skirts or not, i have seen others with some curve on ebay saying MG ZS, will this fit too? i believe the ones you posted are almost just like oem civic ones colour coded. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rover-45-MG-ZS-Pair-of-Side-Skirts-LQW-Anthracite-Grey/332519122361?hash=item4d6baf25b9:g:qmAAAOSw5eFZb4xW
  4. I can also buy VTI-S side skirts as i like the look too!
  5. Hi there i am looking for some side skirts for my Honda civic MB3, preferebly the MG Zs ones. Also looking for the rear bumper lip if anyone has one. All parts have to be shipped to Portugal, i would love to find this parts cause in Portugal the MG zs model is extremely rare looks like! Thanks
  6. hi there, do you still have this lip for sale?
  7. Hi Ace can you tell me whats the color code of your car please? i bought some B77P orleans blue pearl but i think is a bit darker then my car, i wonder if your code is the same. thanks
  8. i put in shell 10w40 i prefer shell hx7 but its all preference, in the hood of my car says 15w50 but i called Honda and they confirm nowadays its used 10w40. sorry for the late response hope it helps
  9. Hi i did manage to get one example from my own car cause the splash guard uses the same clips and looks exatly like the ones you Said, 'spire clips". I took pictures of the clips and the bumper holes, where these clips Will attach to, maybe it will help someone else. Gonna try to find them locally in an hardware store if not maybe i have to go with NUTS and bolts with some washers but i sure prefer the clips if i can find them. Thanks
  10. I need for the front bumper lip, not for side, maybe i didn´t make it clear. Thanks
  11. So these from ebay are for side and front skirts?Or for side skirts only?
  12. are the clips like this? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/20x-Car-Moulding-Trim-Clips-Fasteners-Sill-Side-Skirt-For-Honda-Civic-CRV/183025874109?epid=22013386189&hash=item2a9d3134bd:g:cTcAAOSws6dcQnKb
  13. Hi folks i have bought rover 400 door cards because mine are sagging and the back one is damaged, i like the rover ones better, because they have the trim all around the interior, and i like the look of it, just might wrap the trim but not sure in what color/effect would suit best on the long run. Now i wanted opinions on what color/type of fabric will suit best for my door cards, later ill be doing the headliner too but for now its just the doors.pics would be awesome Also opinion in which wrap should be used for the trim, if anybody has some custom interior i would love to s
  14. rickybeau


    Hi there i believe the rose colour is from the other car, and it may be possible to remove it polishing, had the same but in the back and i was able to use elbow grease and removed it all, just the dent remained there. Its a bummer to arrive at your car and give him that look... then to realize it is "hurt"... is painful i feel for you mate.
  15. Dave yes it helped enlightenment wise thanks sorry for mention the somewhat liberty we now enjoy in Portugal forgetting completely the majority of people here are from Britain... my bad!but then you will be there soon! Never heard about that new fuel, i believe in Portugal we don't have it but i can be wrong, maybe its from the American market and has been imported?just a guess Just bought an si oem front splitter or skirt not sure wich is correct , just to find out it needs some kind of special clips or screws that i wasn't aware of and i dont even know what to look for cause
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