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  1. just a little update on the MA9 painted the license plate garnish: DSC_0005[1] by Machiel Krijger, on Flickr and just some pics DSC_0002[1] by Machiel Krijger, on Flickr DSC_0004 by Machiel Krijger, on Flickr DSC_0007[2] by Machiel Krijger, on Flickr DSC_0008 by Machiel Krijger, on Flickr DSC_0011[1] by Machiel Krijger, on Flickr DSC_0013[1] by Machiel Krijger, on Flickr DSC_0019 by Machiel Krijger, on Flickr
  2. Nope my MA9 don't have airbags
  3. I finally bought some MB6 rear seats, and an MB6 leather armrest. i also bought an OMP leather steering wheel with boss DSC_0114 by Machiel_Krijger, on Flickr MB6 rearseat by Machiel_Krijger, on Flickr And yes i installed in the car lol
  4. Some Update's for the MA9 My brother in law and i fixed the rust and painted it with an rattle can here some pics: Before by Machiel_Krijger, on Flickr DSC_0015 by Machiel_Krijger, on Flickr DSC_0016 by Machiel_Krijger, on Flickr DSC_0017 by Machiel_Krijger, on Flickr DSC_0018 by Machiel_Krijger, on Flickr After by Machiel_Krijger, on Flickr And a picture when i installed everything back: DSC_0064 by Machiel_Krijger, on Flickr] And a picture of the other side: DSC_0040 by Machiel_Krijger, on Flickr DSC_0066 by Machiel_Krijger, on Flickr And did the JDM Tail light mod (we call it Runinglights ) Runinglights installed by Machiel_Krijger, on Flickr Put my brother's wheels on with some nice Bridgetone turanza's on the car! DSC_0118 by Machiel_Krijger, on Flickr and then i put the winter tyres i just bought on the car with some civic EG5 wheel covers Result by Machiel_Krijger, on Flickr And i bought also some nice OEM Accord 99-03 sidemarkers DSC_0077 by Machiel_Krijger, on Flickr a lot of update's...
  5. Update time! I have finally installed my 'new' MB6 interior wire harness and my rear windows with locks, and swapped my OEM door cards with the MB6 one's and i cleaned the inside complete... some pics.... Messy interior: DSC_0014 by chieltje94, on Flickr empty interior: DSC_0016 by chieltje94, on Flickr cleaned interior DSC_0017 by chieltje94, on Flickr and swapped my podfilter for my OEM filter...
  6. Here some pics witch i made last week, i know it's dirty but i washed it that saterday... ****** up roads here in Holland DSC_0045 by chieltje94, on Flickr DSC_0022 by chieltje94, on Flickr DSC_0043 by chieltje94, on Flickr DSC_0029 by chieltje94, on Flickr DSC_0035 by chieltje94, on Flickr
  7. Oke, thanks for the info!
  8. so i decided to make an project thread My name is Machiel and i have an MA9 i bought it in 2012 from my sister it's very rusty but will fix it this year! some pics of the car: DSC_0125 by Machiel_Krijger, on Flickr Front shot by chieltje94, on Flickrinterior pics: Dash trim by chieltje94, on Flickr Heather panel by chieltje94, on Flickr Speclist: - D15Z3- OEM EG4 Filter- OEM Power mirrors- OEM Power Windows (front)- OEM MB6 front seats- OEM MB6 Marble dash inlay (earlier MB6)- OEM Honda rust- OEM MB6 tweeters-OEM Armrest (black)- stainless steel fender washers- OMP Leather steering wheel- OEM DC2 Front Strutbar Plans: - OEM black console- Repaint- OEM MB6 Rear seats- Black Dashboard without Airbag - B-series/K-series.... i have a little question does my car have 90hp or 115hp?? some say 90 but i don't think so