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    Hi, I'm Dave, the founder and owner of Civic5.com. I have been into cars my whole life, spending time restoring classic 70's fords then moving into the Honda scene. Have now been a fan of Honda's for years.

    So, bit more about me. I'm an old git, and was with Dawn (aka Civic5 Moderator crazzzydawn in the forum) for 21 years, married to her for 17 of those years. She helped me set up and run the club and site from the start, and it was Dawn that got me into Honda's! Sadly, she passed away after a very brave fight with cancer (Jan 2013) and is very much missed by myself and a lot of the members here. Her spirit in the club lives on in her car, her beloved Civic Aerodeck ES known as "DD" in the forum (Dawns Deck). It's a car that's been tastefully modded, and one I will keep for ever.

    Recently, I met my new partner Gayle (aka Gayle in the forum) and she has been amazing! She's totally turned my life around, and makes me happy. Luckily, she's a petrol head too! She's also become a big part of Civic5, and loves the Honda scene now too! We got married in June 2017.
    Anyways, enough about me! Thanks for taking the time to read my profile, and welcome to Civic5

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    41-45...Midlife crisis!
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  1. Brake discs

    lmao! Someones been watching Mighty car mods!
  2. Hello from cornwall

    Welcome to civic5 mate! Nice looking deck and the 17's look so much better than the standard alloys. Quite rare to see a 1.5 aerodeck nowadays, and the 1.5 is a cracking engine. Easiest and cheapest mods would be improving the air flow so possibly CAI and/or induction kit or even just a K&N filter swap. Stainless Exhaust will also help get the gasses out quicker, and a change of manifold. Not sure what manifolds are available for the 1.5 as it has a sensor in it but someone else will be able to clarify what's available. These mods will improve performance a little bit. Brake upgrades are always a wise choice, and are easy enough to do. I'm not sure if MGZS brake discs would go on as these will be a bit bigger than standard I think and will keep your current 100x4 stud pattern. MB6 brakes are 282 so much bigger, but the stud pattern would change and also not sure if they would fit on the standard hub/driveshafts. Again, another member will be able to point you in the right direction on this as lots of 1.5's have been modded on here. Enjoy the site and club!
  3. wow! Thanks to everyone who voted for her! Well happy!
  4. Vti kit wanted

    No probs mate. Yeah, there is quite a difference between them. 1st photo shows the standard VTi front lip (and standard side skirts which are unpainted black plastic) 2nd pic shows the VTiS front lip which is a lot bigger and has two vents in it. And the rear lower lip of the VTiS is below. Also shows the difference in the side skirts which are painted and are deeper at the front and rear, and kinda sweep up in the middle. Hope this helps
  5. Vti kit wanted

    Hi mate. The VTi kit is just a small front spoiler and a boot spoiler? I gather it's the VTiS kit you're after which is deep front spoiler, side skirts and rear valance lip?
  6. Hello from Spain!

    Alvaro! The MB3 is a great little civic mb to have, decent performance and (usually) amazing fuel consumption. You'll find all the info you need on our Civic M's in the forum, and if it's not there, just ask! Always someone able to help. The High idle and increased fuel consumption sounds like you may have an air leak at the intake, meaning it's drawing in too much air which weakens the mix and so the car is pushing more fuel in to try and balance the mixture. Check all the hoses and pipework around the intake manifold to see if any are maybe perished/leaking. Other possible cause is a faulty idle control valve, or possibly a faulty o2 sensor/EGR
  7. MB2 Won't Start

    Was there a 12v supply going to the sub? Only thing I can think of is if there was then possible its shorted during removal blowing one of the main fuses? Vheck all the fuses both in the engine bay and also inside the car. From what i remember thete is a fuse for the ecu in the interior fuse box.
  8. Honda Civic MB2 Petrol 1998 Automatic

    Was the car fine before? The cause can be many things so it will be a process of elimination. As you changed some of the main culprits, you need to start looking at trying the following Replace the fuel filter Replace spark plug leads Check condition of dizzy cap and rotor arm and replace if necessary. Check the earths in the engine bay, make sure they all have good contact to metal. Other causes could be possible air leak in the intake system making it run to lean.
  9. Civic MB2 1.4 Headlights

    Do you mean buy complete headlights brand new? I don't think they are available new mate, unless you find a dealership with some new/old stock still left. Isit the lenses that are fogged/not clear anymore? They can be brought back to life in a number of ways. I used cutting compound (G3) and a buffer on my old MA8 lights which brought them up like new. To be honest, they were never the brightest lights even when new. Changing bulbs to Osram Night Breakers makes a big difference. If they are really dim though (try and get a pic to show us) it could be a bad earth or poor connection. The terminals in the plug can become corroded which affects the power getting to the bulb. It could also be a failing relay.
  10. Cracked seatbelt buckles

    Never had that happen to any of the Civic M's I've had mate and I've had three. Only thing I can think of is maybe they've been shut in the door in the past by mistake? Do they wind back in easily or do they need a bit of assistance? Don't think it would be an mot fail as the plastic part is basically just for comfort/asthetics.
  11. D14 MA8 OBDII loom

    I don't think thats the diagnostic port mate (unless someone can clarify?) It should be on the passenger side of the car.
  12. @Boosted It's ok mate, we can forgive you this time lol Be good to get a wee topic/project thread started about your car so we can follow your progress
  13. Mb6 vti-s for sale - SOLD

    Wow! That was quick!