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    Hi, I'm Dave, the founder and owner of Civic5.com. I have been into cars my whole life, spending time restoring classic 70's fords then moving into the Honda scene. Have now been a fan of Honda's for years.

    So, bit more about me. I'm an old git, and was with Dawn (aka Civic5 Moderator crazzzydawn in the forum) for 21 years, married to her for 17 of those years. She helped me set up and run the club and site from the start, and it was Dawn that got me into Honda's! Sadly, she passed away after a very brave fight with cancer (Jan 2013) and is very much missed by myself and a lot of the members here. Her spirit in the club lives on in her car, her beloved Civic Aerodeck ES known as "DD" in the forum (Dawns Deck). It's a car that's been tastefully modded, and one I will keep for ever.

    Recently, I met my new partner Gayle (aka Gayle in the forum) and she has been amazing! She's totally turned my life around, and makes me happy. Luckily, she's a petrol head too! She's also become a big part of Civic5, and loves the Honda scene now too! We got married in June 2017.
    Anyways, enough about me! Thanks for taking the time to read my profile, and welcome to Civic5

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    41-45...Midlife crisis!
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    Edinburgh, Scotland

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  1. Dave

    Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)

    It's a beautiful place Simon. Funny, I never rated it before when I went there every year for 5 years when I was an electrical tester, but had only seen the housing end where the high school is! Hadn't actually went right into the town!
  2. Dave

    Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)

    Just been on our first proper road trip with Mindy. Gayle got me a murder mystery weekend for my birthday at a very nice hotel in Pitlochry, Perthshire. We decided that we'd take Mindy as Gayle knew of some cracking roads in that part of Scotland, so would be a great wee test for the car. Gave Mindy a once over before we set off (oil, coolant, brake/clutch fluids etc) then off we went. Mostly motorways until we got past Perth and on the road to Inverness. Have to say that was the one bit I wasnt looking forward too, going by how Mindy drove home on the motorway the say we bought her, but she totally surprised me. She is happy on the motorway, cruises along at 70mph no probs, with occasional we jaunts upwards of that. No horrible shakes or vibrations now that she has her new suspension, and it was quite a relaxed trip. Once we turned off to head for Pitlochry, Gayle took us on another route that goes up to a place called "Queens View". This is the most beautiful tourist viewpoint, with staggering views of the hills/mountains and across Loch Tummel. Mindy having her first wee rest at Queens View! And the best cappuccino ever when we arrived at the wee cafe there The views from Queens view over Loch Tummel Then we headed back to Pitlochry to explore the town and our accommodation for the weekend, Fishers Hotel. The staff were great, the food awesome and the murder mystery a right laugh! For the trip home, Gayle planned a great route, taking in some beautiful little villages and towns along with some of the best roads we've been on! She knows this area very well so as soon as we hit the route she smiled and said "enjoy!" First place we stopped off at was Kenmore, a stunning little village. Next we headed along some even better roads to Killin, another stunning village. The river was impressive, with its waterfalls and large rocky area. Although loads of rocks you could walk out on, these are pretty much covered over during winter when the water level rises We had a look through a little arts/crafts/thrift shop which used to be a mill. Had some old vinyl LP's for sale too (yes, we had a good rumage and bought one!). We also popped into "Falls of Dochart Inn" where we had the best home made scones ever! They were blooming huge!!!! From there we headed through the hills, east and back towards Perth. Avbsolutely an amazing drive and loved every second of those wee twisty roads! Our first trip done, and Mindy never missed a beat. She drove perfect the whole trip, and was so much fun! Now we've seen what she's like on a trip (we covered 250 miles all in) we want to take off for more weekends away! We did notice a slight noise from the left rear which I think may be the start of a wheel bearing going, so will get that looked at although it wasn't loud or anything. Other than that, flawless. Love this wee car!!! Oh, and so many waves from fellow MX5 drivers, from mk2's to mk3's and even the latest mk4! Also got a wee video of Gayle driving down the narrow twisty road from Queens View which I'll post up once I've finished editing it.
  3. Dave

    MB6 Fuel tank

    @Dougie I'm away this weekend mate or you could have comedown and used the garage to fit it. Unless you can wait until the following weekend?
  4. Dave

    MB6 Fuel tank

    Superb find Gerry!!
  5. Dave


    ^^^^ what Jake says! Both will fit
  6. Dave

    MB6 Fuel tank

    When he was up last week DaveMB2 was saying he got his from Germany. They shipped it no probs. Maybe try a different company in Germany than the one you tried (if there is another) and see if they will ship it mate.
  7. Dave


    That looks stunning! Nice height, clean bodywork.......and those rims!!! Love deep dished wheels, was it difficult to get them on there? I imagine you've had the arches rolled?
  8. Dave

    vtis race project

    Thats an epic build mate! Looks stunning!!
  9. Dave


    First scooby one ive seen fitted to an mb! Looks spot on. Was it easy to fit?
  10. Dave

    Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)

    She's great in the garage mate! I was starting to loose my rag (which I do very quickly since the heart attack for some reason) with that bottom bolt, but Gayle is just so patient and calm when working on the car it's amazing! She always mentions the "tortoise and the hare" tale.........take your time and you'll get the job done, try and rush it impatiently and you'll get frustrated, loose the head and throw yer teddy out the pram meaning job won't get done! She's right! lol
  11. Dave

    Dawns Civic Aerodeck Updated 28/5/13

    Out for a wee run in DD yesterday seeing as Dave and Sarah were up here on hols. Went to North Berwick, then to Archerfield on way back up. DD drove perfect as always! We stopped in to a relatively new place just outside North Berwick called "Drift" (don't worry, wasnt a drift track and DD deffo wasnt drifting!) for lunch. Awesome wee place with the most amazing views ever! Really great to see Dave and Sarah again, must get a wee trip down to Manchester arranged soon! Wee pic from the day:
  12. Dave

    Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)

    yes mate, think that's what I like about this wee mx5, easy to work on and not a lot of sensors. Only some bolts are a pain to get access to but other than that great wee car.Daves MB3 is looking good mate, although he did have a slight altercation with a very low bollardy type thing while up here (seems his rear brakes always get a problem when they visit Scotland too lol
  13. Dave

    Dr_Broon's VTI 'deck

    Ah, think that might be the same tank Dougie found, but they were unwilling to post it to uk for some reason. Wonder why the tank changed on later decks? Seems a bit pointless to change it when the model is due to be replaced.
  14. Dave

    Dr_Broon's VTI 'deck

    Bloody hell thats some trip!!! Where did you manage to find a new petrol tank? Know Dougie is looking for one too. Apparently the aerodeck tank is slightly different to the hatch, but i thought they were the same? DD was out for a good run today with me, Gayle, Sarah and Dave. Drove perfect as always!