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    Hi, I'm Dave, the founder and owner of Civic5.com. I have been into cars my whole life, spending time restoring classic 70's fords then moving into the Honda scene. Have now been a fan of Honda's for years.

    So, bit more about me. I'm an old git, and was with Dawn (aka Civic5 Moderator crazzzydawn in the forum) for 21 years, married to her for 17 of those years. She helped me set up and run the club and site from the start, and it was Dawn that got me into Honda's! Sadly, she passed away after a very brave fight with cancer (Jan 2013) and is very much missed by myself and a lot of the members here. Her spirit in the club lives on in her car, her beloved Civic Aerodeck ES known as "DD" in the forum (Dawns Deck). It's a car that's been tastefully modded, and one I will keep for ever.

    Recently, I met my new partner Gayle (aka Gayle in the forum) and she has been amazing! She's totally turned my life around, and makes me happy. Luckily, she's a petrol head too! She's also become a big part of Civic5, and loves the Honda scene now too! We got married in June 2017.
    Anyways, enough about me! Thanks for taking the time to read my profile, and welcome to Civic5

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    41-45...Midlife crisis!
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    Edinburgh, Scotland

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  1. Dave

    HKB Boss kit

    Deffo the DC2/EG boss kits for our civics as I have the DC2 steering wheel fitted to DD, and it was straight forward plug/play. I had issues getting a boss previously for my MA8 civic, bought the eg/dc2 one wich would go on, but the srs clock spool or whatever they call it got in the way and prevented it from fitting. Found out from supplier at the time (Funkypower.co.uk) that there was also an airbag kit version, but they didnt have it in stock so I never did get that wheel fitted.
  2. Yes both the front and the rear mgzs roll bars are thicker than mb6/mc2 has so be a good idea to fit both front and rear if you can get them.
  3. Thats a really tidy VTiS! I'd have that!! Strong money though eh
  4. I would think the holes should already be threaded mate. Was the left side one threaded when you got it? These should just be bolt and play, shouldn't have to thread them
  5. Loving the new photos,she looks amazing mate. Sweet aerodeck that!
  6. Dave

    Replacement Sills

    this is sounding good mate!
  7. Dave

    Replacement Sills

    Regarding the seatbelt bolt. It might need a lot of heat on it to free it up. By the sounds of it, its on route to shear. Not good hearing that crackly rusty sound though, always freaks me out! Id get your welder chap to really give that area a good check to see whats all needed.
  8. Dave

    Replacement Sills

    They look ok, only thing that kinda gets me in the description is where it says for models "EU" then mb/mc. The 5 door EP style Civic was I think designated the model code "EU" , so not sure if that stands for Europe in this case or if it's for the EU Civics aswell. There sills will almost certainly be different to ours. The year tallys with ours though. For £20 mate you really can't go wrong and if that is the correct ones, let us know. I'll be ordering a pair up (DD's Sills are fine) as I want to start stocking up on what parts we can still get for them for the future.
  9. Dave

    Replacement Sills

    Yeah Rich and the guys at Dynodaze know their stuff. Rich especially so when it comes to civic M's, his own one was a stunner as was his brother Keiths.
  10. Kudos to you for taking her on the track in the wet mate, I panic on a track in the dry in case someone crashes into me! Looking forward to the next part of the build, and whoever buys her current heart will be getting one hell of a motor!
  11. As Simon says, be great to see your Aerodeck bud. MGZS anti-roll bars are a common choice too as they are thicker than ours
  12. Dave

    Replacement Sills

    Yeah, maybe we should have been buying up the rusty ones and stripping them so we have a stock of spares a few years back when they were going for buttons. I didn't have the time nor space back then, although probably got enough space now although think Gayle would have a fit if i was to buy in cars and strip em in the garden. Would like to get a hold of some spares though, maybe i'll see if its possible to try and do something with the carport next to the garage. It needs to come down anyways and I was gonna build a new one, maybe I'll see if i can store some spares in that.
  13. Dave

    Replacement Sills

    @dr_broon Not really sure tbh mate. Because our cars have a very small fan base, manufacturers will see that as a reason for not doing it. For the amount of tooling etc that goes into making parts fit a car the cost would outweigh what they would make back. This is even more so for body panels as the tooling for that is probably no longer available. Sure, as time goes on and these do get fully recognized as modern classics (which they should be by now), we might see some parts being re-manufactured, but again, with the limited market, those parts are gonna be pretty expensive. We d
  14. Dave

    Door light switches

    Perfect, ta mate! Just what I'm looking for!
  15. A quick one, are the switches on the doors for the interior lights on our civics negative switch signal or positive switch signal? Can't find my good old haynes book of bollocks for the wiring diagram
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