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    Hi, I'm Dave, the founder and owner of Civic5.com. I have been into cars my whole life, spending time restoring classic 70's fords then moving into the Honda scene. Have now been a fan of Honda's for years.

    So, bit more about me. I'm an old git, and was with Dawn (aka Civic5 Moderator crazzzydawn in the forum) for 21 years, married to her for 17 of those years. She helped me set up and run the club and site from the start, and it was Dawn that got me into Honda's! Sadly, she passed away after a very brave fight with cancer (Jan 2013) and is very much missed by myself and a lot of the members here. Her spirit in the club lives on in her car, her beloved Civic Aerodeck ES known as "DD" in the forum (Dawns Deck). It's a car that's been tastefully modded, and one I will keep for ever.

    Recently, I met my new partner Gayle (aka Gayle in the forum) and she has been amazing! She's totally turned my life around, and makes me happy. Luckily, she's a petrol head too! She's also become a big part of Civic5, and loves the Honda scene now too! We got married in June 2017.
    Anyways, enough about me! Thanks for taking the time to read my profile, and welcome to Civic5

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    41-45...Midlife crisis!
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    Edinburgh, Scotland

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  1. Dave

    Drivers seat rocking issue

    Nice bit of info Kal, thanks for sharing this. I reckon with the age of these Civics now there will probably be quite a few having this issue.
  2. Dave

    Dr_Broon's VTI 'deck

    Thing is Simon, the Aerodecks are getting pretty rare now, even more so in VTi form so I'd say she is deffo worth saving. Old Tubs has a lot of history with you and Karen, and with Civic5 aswell! Think she's been on most if not all of our Scottish Civic5 meets? I had a good look under DD after the MOT guy said she was clean but there was signs of rust at that front foot well seam. I panicked and got stuck straight in, grinding out the rust before treating it then giving the whole floor a nice fresh coat of underseal. Still want to get back under there to do the rear section of floor and the whip the front wings off to do the inner wings, sill covers also coming off to have a look in there although I suspect she's pretty solid there going by the jacking points (they look perfect) aswell as the rear arches all being free from bubbles so far. It's a labour of love with these old Civic M's now. So glad to see the love being splashed on Tubs, she deserves it! Keep us updated on it mate
  3. Dave

    b18c4 mb6 no vtec and ticking noise

    From what you've said so far, I'd put the faults down as: Ticking noise - Probably a sticky/dry valve or tappet. Could also be the gasket on the manifold blowing (You mention the manifold has been changed, I take it it's the exhaust mani and not the inlet?) Temp not getting up to operating temp - When you changed to the alloy radiator, did you fully bleed the cooling system? These can be a biatch to bleed thoroughly on the 1.8 B series.Also check the thermostat is working. These are cheap as chips to buy and easy to fit so might be worth while fitting a new one to be sure. Again, coolant system will need bled after changing thermostat. No VTEC - Unless engine is up to temp, you won't get VTEC (see No 2 above). Other causes for this are the VTEC solenoid itself is faulty, or it might just need the wee mesh filter inside it cleaned out. Very easy to do. Manifold stained - Again, this would most likely point to the gasket failing, letting the fumes out which causes staining. This would also give you a slight tick/puff noise. What grade of oil was put in at the oil change as these engines do require the correct grade, especially for the VTEC to engage properly. If the car has been sitting for any length of time, it may be worthwhile removing the main ignition lead so the engine won't start but will turn over. Let it turn over for a good 15 - 20 seconds to get the oil around all parts before it fires up as it will most likely have drained back down into the sump with the car sitting so long, meaning the top end will be dry initially. Let us know how you get on, and hope this helps. Dave
  4. Dave

    Evolution of the civic

    lol they are the 6th gen Civic Gerry
  5. Dave

    Vtis project

    Lookng amzing, nice work making that bracket! Engine bsy looks like a honda brochure shot mate, looking really mint
  6. Dave

    1999 V Reg MB6 VTi for sale

    Totally get that mate. Ruby (even now as far as I know) never used any oil, neither does DD. As long as they are maintained properly, they rarely ever go wrong. Just how the design house intended.
  7. Dave

    1999 V Reg MB6 VTi for sale

    Ebay is full of tossers and idiots mate. My friend recently decided to sell him beloved 1971 mk3 Ford Cortina. Car looks stunning, and worth around 7grand. He only wanted 5grand for it so set that as the reserve. So many muppets msging him like they did you, saying "I'll give you £2000 cash and take it away today" etc. Auction ended and didnt make reserve. It wasnt that far off the reserve, but the shole thing poked him off so much he didnt feel like contacting the highest bidder. There are a few genuine buyers on there, but the amount is outweighed by the tossers im afraid. Really hope Vanessa goes to someone who will restore her.
  8. Dave

    Metal door sills?

    Yes, 30 sounds about right, think most ive seen them go for is £50 to £60. We paid £50 years ago for ours although they were boxed. You say pair though.....there should be 4?
  9. Dave

    Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)

    They are indeed! Just waiting on the cleaner stuff coming, the restore kit has arrived so cant wait to get started!
  10. Dave

    Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)

    lol well chuffed with these mate!
  11. Dave

    Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)

    So, after much thought we decided we didn't like the tombstone seats we fitted. Only one thing for it then......... Buy these for Mindy! Nice 2 tone black/red leather seats from another MX5. Apart from some very slight wear on the drivers bolster which we're going to have repaired locally, and needing a clean, these seats are pretty mint! Well chuffed with them and even the undersides (unlike the original bases on the tombstones which we had to swap which were rusty as hell) on these look like brand new. Got them for the bargain price of £70. Apart from afore mentioned slight bolster wear which appears to be just the colour that's worn off, there is no damage/tears or rips anywhere on them.The guy even threw in the matching red leather gear gator and handbrake gator. Really chuffed with these. Going to get them properly clean and then conditioned, then get the restorer to repaint the bolster. A very happy chappy! Can't wait for them to be ready to fit! Suppose the good thing is from an originality point of view, they are the same as the original seats we took out, only in leather, so kinda more in keeping with the car.
  12. Dave

    Philgor's 2005 Honda CR-V

    Deffo gimme a shout before you come up mate, will get time off arranged.
  13. Dave

    Philgor's 2005 Honda CR-V

    Lol deffo a first mate!! Mind you, you know how mad trying to fix cars can make you, reckon trying to fix that will make you go loco! Think the last time we spoke on the phone you'd only just got a share in the train, so nice one for getting it completely. Good to see the CRV has been avoiding other dopey drivers too, looking good mate. Need to catch up soon. Oh, and need to come down and see this train sometime soon! Mind, if you're up this way in the van feel free to pop in for a coffee bud. Always welcome.
  14. Dave

    H22a fully forged

    Nice spec mate. Are you keeping the deck original now? Not seen it going about for a while.
  15. Dave

    Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)

    Indeed Gerry........she deffo taught me that life is for living and also that life is a journey best travelled with the roof down!