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  1. SpYk3

    Ma8 roof rails

    Roof rack it is what I am after.don't know which one it will fit.
  2. SpYk3

    Ma8 roof rails

    I'm after some MA8 Roof rails/bars. Anyone can help me ?thanks
  3. SpYk3

    Ma8 Wings

    Anyone breaking a Honda Civic like this one ?(prefacelift) I need the front wings,any colour. thanks
  4. SpYk3

    MA8 Bits Needed

    Hi guys, Need a passanger side mirror and window regulators (both).Prices? Thank You !
  5. SpYk3

    MA8 Power Window Regulator

    Hy guys, I desperately need an power window regulator (left side).Does anybody have one and would ship it to Romania for a fair price ? Thank You !
  6. SpYk3

    1.4i 75hp to 1.4i 90hp

    That's right ,they are all looking for intake gaskets,just one of them said that this gasket is for throttle body
  7. SpYk3

    1.4i 75hp to 1.4i 90hp

    this is what I am looking.a gasket for d14a2,but I can't find one !
  8. SpYk3

    1.4i 75hp to 1.4i 90hp

    No luck so far,I've asked at three or four shops but nothing. Can anyone give me an original code for this gasket ?
  9. SpYk3

    1.4i 75hp to 1.4i 90hp

    thank you again mate.I allready started to search for a gasket.I will try to take some pictures when I will do this procedure. Have a nice evening !
  10. SpYk3

    1.4i 75hp to 1.4i 90hp

    Superb,thank you very much EmZvr,this was very precise.Do you have maybe in wich you cand show me exact location of this gasket,because I just think I know. Thanks again !
  11. SpYk3

    1.4i 75hp to 1.4i 90hp

    Hy guys, I have some questions for you.A friend told me that I could go from 75hp to 90hp if I remove or replace a gasket located under the acceleration lid.I understood that is a gasket for air adminsion in the engine,or something like that.Now my questions : It is posible to do this without damaging something at the engine? It is true that you get 90hp or near? What is the best solution :removing the gasket or replacing with one from 90hp engine? The fuel consumption it's considerable? Thank you very much ! Excuse my lame english ! The car is : Honda Civic Fastback MA8 ,1.4i 55kw/75 hp equipped with d14a5 engine !