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  1. Thanks Krzys I want to keep her always like that only with some performance and visual mods Thanks ma8_driver For now this grill will stay, when i get tired i will put the oem one like the picture Thanks vtec2011 i want to keep her clean as much as i can, only with a few mods like VTi-S kit Thanks snakey135 This was made by the previous owner. He brought some rubber roll with the same with as the oem trims in a plastic and rubber store and applied them with silicone Best Regards
  2. Thanks Thanks. It has done already 123.000KM Thanks james
  3. Thanks Thanks And they have cromed amber lights.. In future i am thinking to make a front usdm mod, with amber p21/5w bulbs
  4. The Deck was in the forum previously the previous owner was davi29 and the topic is here http://civic5.com/forum/index.php?/topic/6261-mc2-from-portugal/ I've brought her a litle different from the pictures on his topic, but she will get in shape Full Spec List Exterior Grey Antracitte Gloss rims Black HeadLight mask Fog Lights yellow film Homemade Front Grill Decromed trunck Fiat Punto Rear Wiper Back licence plate led light DOHC VTEC side stickers Rear Debadge Accord clear side turning lights 5000k Phillips Bi-Xenon Roof Bars removed Interior Led ilumination back and front Glove Box led light Carbon Wraped trims Red stitch gear box boot Red stitch handbrake boot Mini subwoofer in trunk Braking and suspension EBC turbogroove disks EBC Green Stuf brake pads Rear inferior tie bar Rear anti-sway bar Yellow Koni Sport dampers with OEM Springs Lowered about 2-2.5cm Engine and performance Toyosports catback 60mm HomeMade Decat 60mm B16A2 top exhaust manifold (4-2) B18C4 botom exhaust manifold without interior tubes(2-1) OEM ITR backbox K&N air filter No Ressonators EG VTI Air Box I think thats all
  5. Hi every one. My name is Henrique and I'm a recent proud owner of an AeroDeck 1.8VTi She is in my hands for about 2 months and I'm really enjoying... I will now create a topic in the correct section with some pics to show you. English is not my mother language... Sorry for short words and for any incorrections. I present you my Deck: The day i brought Her with yellow film on the fogs The engine bay on the first day (Spoon reservoir Tank cover ) First Things first.... Restoration of the rocker cover First Wash of the deck DOHC VTEC Stickers Rebadged New Tires and EBC disks and brake pads Rear Suspension Setup Interiors Fiat Punto Rear Wipper New Rocker cover nuts OEM Comparsion Before and after pics Interior Light Front 12LED and rear 6LED Decromed the trunk with matte Black film Front Interior Light HomeMade Decat 57mm internal : Right on is place 5€ total Removed the rear bar in the trunk and fited "new" cards without the holes And finaly.... HomeMade front grill OEM Grill Which one fits it better??? Hope you enjoyed as much as me Soon i will put here a full spec list of the mods and the actual setup
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