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  1. I Dave, thank you for your opinion. I took the test while the lights were on, and they didn't report any errors. I also drove the car until the lights turned on, then I turned off the car, bridge the two pins and still did not report any code (lights were still on after restart). I noticed something after writing this post. During the night on the same day, I slammed twice the brakes and the lights didn't turn on and the ABS worked, which didn't happen before. Could it be because of the heat? Where I live that day were about 40 degrees outside. Maybe the pump has a problem when it's very hot. And yes, the two lights (parking brake light and ABS) turn on simultaneously ever time.
  2. Hello there, I've got a 1999 Honda Civic Aerodeck 1.6i SR (D16W4) and since today I've started witnessing a weird issue regarding the ABS. Basically I was heading home when suddenly my ABS and parking brake light came on shortly after entering a cobble stones road and it stood that way until I finally got home. After that I've turned my vehicle off and let it rest for like an hour. I then returned to the car and noticed that both the lights were off after i started the car. After driving for a few minutes (like 5 minutes) the lights came back on and stood that way for the remaining part of the journey. After that that I've tried to identify potential error codes. i bridge 2 pins in the Data Link Connector (5P), however there were no error to be seen whatsoever and the lights stood on the all time. I then turned the car off once again and let it rest for an hour and just like before, when I got back and started the car, the lights were off. With that being said I've tried slamming the brakes to make sure my ABS was indeed working which it was. After successfully stopping the car with a fully working ABS system, the two lights came back on. After browsing my car's digital service manual (1999 version available on this site) i noticed that my vehicle is equipped with EDB. And according to the manual, if there's an issue regarding the EDB the parking brake light is supposed to come on followed the ABS light. So, is there any problem related to the EBD insted of ABS ? I checked my car's braking fluid and noticed that the fluid level is in the max line. Based on what I just wrote, does anyone know what might be the issue? Could it be the ABS Module? What do you think?
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