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  1. Quick update for ya's... stillllll not had time to play :C but i did lob in some led's in the drivers footwell & glovebox. wired up to the cig lighter on a switch. nuthin mad but was free Oh and binned a wheelie today while out cycling. Two b****red knees and a nice smack to the side of the head ;D
  2. Thanks dude still haven't had a chance to have a look yet been find a leak in my mates car
  3. had the hoover out yesterday nice n clean I may pull door cards today if i get a chance, as the fabrics pealing off ¬.¬ Anything i need to watch for?
  4. hehehe, really does need sorting, ah well one day! Derp broke the pictures :')
  5. Aye that's something i need to invest in, cleaning things that is! just been scrolling through your thread and holy cow is your ride clean I think i may leave the bay alone for now, till my interiors done anyways... So updates! more de-rovering.. aannd while that was drying.. My headliner is pretty saggy and nasty so out that came F'in pain in the booty hole! Untill i started using a tyre lever to pry things seems to work really well race car? ewwww, gonna go hunting for some more interesting fabric to reline it poor garge is lookin a bit on the full side... O_O
  6. Isn't it just! did have a go at cleaning but to no avail really :') i'm not to sure to be honest, i think for now i just need to figure out how to make it not look so damn awful :'D I will have a gander thanks for the point in the right direction
  7. Indeed it looks good tom I just happened to have some matt black laying round ahhhhh thank you @Krzys! i've been searching all over for a guide :') i'll give it a go tomorrow, if the rain holds out
  8. Whew panic over :') least now i can move it out the way hahaha Cheers fellas Time to have a look at this nasty chrome on the back...
  9. ahh that's better this is the thingy that has no belt on it? its passenger side front of the bay, looks like a water pump to me but i could be wrong :s halp
  10. Oh dear now i'm scared D: i'll grab a picture while i pop the grill back on....
  11. Damn i'm gonna have to read this fully some day... Great build man, so damn cool! on and just incase.... if you set videos to unlisted rather than private, you'll be winning
  12. Indeed it is half leather . Oh yeah i forgot to mention the car was a freebe! Score well my grill is ready to go back on tomorrow and i may have dabbled in a little photoshop, while it was drying... Not quite right but you get the idea sorta Is there a decent wire tuck tutorial about? i remember seeing one for abs i think... hmmmm anyways that's all for now ^^. Peace
  13. Yup! Backs up next, i believe they're just clip on?'moustache' as someone called it...
  14. Hiya folks If you're anything like me pictures are good...so here we go After a quick wash of course... yumm eh> my mate trying to figure out the phantom belt... but then... Can't leave me with anything shiney for 5 mins So that's where things are atm, cars got a sagging headliner and a gaffa'd drivers side wing mirror, aswell as an overheating problem, although, I think I may have solved that one already. Seems my water pump belt is non existent... Peace
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