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  1. Ta Think next job might be getting a quote for a full stainless exhaust. Would be rude not to, since Tony Banks isn't too far from me LOL
  2. So it turns out the worst that can happen is the following... Reason(s) for failure nearside front Headlamp aim beam image obviously incorrect (1.8.A.1b) offside front Headlamp aim beam image obviously incorrect (1.8.A.1b) nearside front outer Front constant velocity joint gaiter deteriorated to the extent that it no longer prevents the ingress of dirt etc (2.5.C.1a) rear Brakes imbalanced across an axle parking brake imbalance up and down fall (3.7.B.5b) Exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content after 2nd fast idle excessive (7.3.D.3) £153 (and many hours) later, she now has a shiny new MOT with no advisories
  3. So I've noticed! Ah well, it's off for MOT tomorrow, what's the worst that can happen? LOL
  4. Could be either. If only I could find which earth it is. Replaced 2 under the bonnet at the weekend but that didn't cure it, although it sounds a lot happier when I start it now lol
  5. Looks can be deceiving! It has recently decided when I flash someone out of a junction, to throw the ABS and brake warning light on, or reset the stereo. It's a wonderful car, but God is it temperamental! In other news, it's just over 300 miles from 100k
  6. First registered on the 1st March 2001, how late can you get? lol
  7. Since that photo was taken, it has gained rear mudflaps, different front fogs and a spurious electrical fault lol
  8. Joined this forum absolutely ages ago and just realised I still haven't uploaded any photos of my car! More to follow when I take some better ones
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