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Found 133 results

  1. Silver aerodeck vti

    Aerodeck vti in silver 122 000 miles Vtis kit mid spoiler ect no mot Needs welding on sills Sorry can not upload any pick
  2. Deck boot handle

    Hi guys, I'm in need of a replacement handle for opening the boot on my deck... Mine has fallen to bits. I could probably do with replacing the whole mechanism to be honest - if anyone can hook me up it'd be much appreciated @10000rpm
  3. WHITE civic mc2 1.8 vti aerodeck

    Please read as you won't find another honest ad like this. No hiding anything. Excuse that it's not clean, no mot so can't drive to a car wash -140,123 miles -Original engine an majority of the car is too -DOES NOT SMOKE OR BURN OIL IN VTEC OR IAB CROSSOVER -starts first time every time -Log book, service book full, all books an check sheet from new -Mot certificates from 2012 -NO RED KEY, OR CENTRAL LOCKING FOB, 1 ORIGINAL BLACK KEY, PLUS A KEY THAT WAS MADE. -carbon style trims inside -RAMAIR foam cone filter, with TOPFUEL short arm induction kit It's that sad time to let my beloved civic up for sale.. The car has been a tad neglected due to money reasons the last couple years. I now have a better paid job but as its around 20 miles from home, I've got a diesel due to fuel consumption. The car has never broken down other then a drive shaft snapping which has been fixed. Its genuinely an amazing car that's solid an just needs some attention to put it back to its former condition. These are very rare now, have gone up in value and believed to be not many more then 50 left in the UK. £800 o.n.o *MOT FAILURE* Failures are : -corrosion to front ns sill area (should not have been failed nowhere near the limit where it should fail an is easily fixable without welding, please see pics) -Also failed due to upper suspension ball joint, both sides on the front. -Needs new back box Advisories where -lower suspension arm ball joints both front -And headlights need a polish GOOD BITS ON CAR -new clutch 3 months ago -new driverside drive shaft, and oil seal last month - front pads an discs 5 month old, rear pads 1 month old -all fan speeds work -vtec solenoid gasket fairly new -good battery -roof lining is not saggy at all (common) -all 4 tyres within 6 months old BAD BITS ON CAR -Both fog lights have broken outer glass, however the inside glass is fine an they both work -Sump gasket and rocker gasket slight oil leak -Clutch master cylinder (above pedal) could do with replacing, common an not expensive, you can still drive fine. -Timing belt overdue -It has scuffed paint on the left front corner an rear driver side, nothing major -A small dent next to the grill. Happened while away from the car -The passenger door also got smacked into while I was away from the car. I have a silver one that will be with the car at your wish. -Rear trailing arm bushes could do with replacing -Few button bulbs have died inside the car -occasionally bogs for 2 seconds after you first drive, been told its just idle control valve or lambda sensor needs a clean. Other then that it drives A1 -air con radiator looking weak but does work -small crack on backside of driver mirror, no holes not noticeable EXTRA In the boot there is -new rear discs -new lower suspension ball joints - a J-sport decat pipe with new gaskets -Haynes manual - gearbox oil that wasn't used when drive shaft was done - about 2 litres of top up 5w-30 oil -silver door to replace damaged passenger door, will need spraying etc These cars at this mileage with mot and in good bodywork condition now sell for 1200 to 1600. With the condition of mine an the rarety an the bits that come with I feel £800 is a fair price Please message me if any questions
  4. Hi all, My name is Twan, 26 years old. I'm an automotive student. I've bought this Aerodeck a month ago and i'm having fun working on it. Wondering if this forum is still active and if there are perhaps other Dutch members. Glad I found the forum though, it has already proved helpful in a few research occasions. When I started studying I sold my car (used to own a BMW 3-series) because I was sure I wouldn't be able to afford that car anymore. Soon enough though my hands were itching and I wanted a car that was easy to work on and parts should be inexpensive and readily available. Hello Honda! As a tall person I wasn't digging the EK's but the 5 door hatchbacks seemed more my thing. My aim is to learn about the car and to have a more practical approach to some of the classes I study at school. I like the engineering part but I also love getting my hands dirty. I bought myself an Aerodeck with around 220.000 km on the D15Z8. It had a little work to be done and I've made pretty good progress in the past month. First thing was thorough inspection and treatment of rust. The car has little to no rust in the rear, just some surface spots up front. The underside had a couple small holes in it which I cut out and welded some new material in place. Upon removing left front panel there was a tonne of dirt coming out which made me wonder if the previous owner was into offroading. The wiring harness from car to door was also unfortunately cut by one of the previous owners. After the rust was taken care of I gave the car a brakes refresh front and back. Last but not least all fluids and filters were refreshed. I looked into the engine through the spark plug holes with an endoscope and the cylinder and walls looked pretty good. I've also managed to rearrange some of the wiring in my door to get the speaker to work again, the central locking mechanism for the drivers side seems stuck so I'll have to fix that. Only other thing to find out is a humming/droning noise i hear when driving 70-120 km/h so I suspect a wheel bearing might be going out. Today I found some OEM rear roof speakers for the car and installed those and I've replaced the door moldings which should keep as much water as possible out of my doors. If the car proves to be trustworthy I'm going to save up for some coilovers, rims and alignment. In the meantime there is enough crap the previous owners messed up that I'm planning to fix and clean the inside of the car thoroughly.
  5. Ok guys, starting this one just now so lets see your cars entered! Lets make it a big one this month!! Doesn't matter if your car is standard or modified, all are welcome. Just joined the club? What better way for us to see your car than in this very competition! Enter now!
  6. Item : Full stainless steel cat back exhaust system custom made by longlife. (£690 when made) True 2.5" mandrel bent system which is very rare to see. Condition :8 shows signs of use but no damage. Fitment: Honda Civic aerodeck MC2 Price :£SOLD
  7. Aerodeck vti breaking

    starting to strip the silver aerodeck full vti-s kit front and rear splitters have been cut/trimmed. mister r coilovers less than 6 months old and they come with c spanners braided brake hoses tow bar v6 mg zs rear anti roll bar 4x100 big brake upgrade leather interior buddy club wheels 4x100 - 16x7 for anything else/ more info message me
  8. Hi everyone So after selling my Aerodeck and regretting it for the past 1 year and 2 months I have finally found myself another Pirates Black VTI Aerodeck. Really happy with the purchase . I will be getting it home today. 137K mileage with some paperwork showing work done for last few MoTs. I will get full service and Cambelt changed soon. Just a few pics from the seller for now. Wonder if anyone on here has owned it in the past?
  9. Handy if you need to replace your abs sensors. Much much cheaper than Honda sell them for! Around £40 odd quid each. Thanks to Dr_Broon for this one! Mick's garage. https://www.micksgarage.com/d/abs-sensors/honda/honda-civic/civic-vi-estate-1998-to-2001/1-8-16v-mc2-169-1797/products
  10. Handy if you need to replace your abs sensors. Much much cheaper than Honda sell them for! Thanks to Dr Broom for this one! Mick's garage. https://www.micksgarage.com/d/abs-sensors/honda/honda-civic/civic-vi-estate-1998-to-2001/1-8-16v-mc2-169-1797/products
  11. Hi, for a few days now, i am a new owner of 1999 aerodeck VTi. So far i am happy with how the car, but i am interested in doing some suspension/handling mods. I tried looking for MG ZS180 rear ARB, but they seem to be all gone, since i was not able to find any for sale. Because of this, i was wondering, if there are any other cars that has similar suspension to MC2. I know that some parts from EK/EG/DC2 could possibly fit, but wanted to know, which are the closest to decks. Also those mentioned before have many more aftermarket options, but only some ebay sellers mark their items as (fits: civic aerodeck) and even then i am not sure if these parts will fit. I saw some mentions that for example DC2 LCAs are almost identical to M series civics, and mainly was thinking, whether would also rear arb from DC2 fit with just a slight modifications. So what i am asking for is recommendation about what parts should i look for, that would require the least amount of modifications to fit my deck. I am a bit late to this game and see that there are only few members still active, but i will try to keep you posted with any progress to the car. Thanks in advance for any relevant info. Edit: i forgot to mention, that i am working with CNC mills and have also access to lathes, so i can make most needed spacers, brackets and stuff. So if i get some coilovers that have the highest point of adjustment too low for my liking, i will simply make aluminium plates, to rise it up a bit
  12. Hey guys, this is my aerodeck so far, I have some plans for the interior next month, so I'll keep you guys posted
  13. Hi all got my dec up for sale its 99treg 1.6esi auto, cream leather 17"rims with good tread, m.o.t till jan 2018,,, massive history along with huge pile of receipts, every old mot no advisors on last 3,, 97.5k,,,,,, ive owned her since 2008 runs spot on, only reason its for spares or repairs is the abs light and brake ligyts not iluminating suspect uts brake pedal switch,, with little tlc would be a cracking car,,, recent new front discs n pads, rear caliper front tyres, new ignition switch and back box,,, £400 ovno collection only radcliffe manchester any enquiries tel or text 07826843471 thabks garry Would be nice for her to go in to good hands
  14. Auto hack

    Could be a good steady workhorse or you could pop another engine & gearbox in there : http://www.exchangeandmart.co.uk/used-cars-for-sale/honda/civic/honda-civic-1.6i-vtec-se-aero-deck-20220393
  15. Aerodeck mid spoiler on eBay

    Rocking horse poo alert! Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/332281737872
  16. Matt has another M

    I just cant stay away from Honda M's it seems, after 8 months or so of driving boring diesels since putting the G99P MB2 into storage, I seem to have acquired an MC2. Couldnt really say no for £600 with a few mods already. Just need a quieter exhaust so its legal for track days Matt
  17. Hello, Some of the lights on my dashboard are dead. So now i want to change them all. I know how to disassemble the part with the clocks. But not the rest of it. How can u remove the buttons on the middle console etc. And the bulb in de ashtray? Do i have only to buy the bulbs or also de mountings, sockets(?) for the bulbs? And the BIG question:-) What kind of bulbs:-)!!
  18. until
    Hi guys. Ok, quite a few have asked when are we going to have the memorial meet/run again, so looking at what members have posted dtaes wise, we're going to have this on the following date: SUNDAY 20th AUGUST 2017 (Time tbc) We've changed it slightly (was Dawns memorial meet previously) but as we lost long time member (and my best friend) Jim last year to cancer thought it would be fitting to have the run in memory of them both. Jim was at every St Marys loch meet, and loved it as much as Dawn did. Will be strange for me with him not being there, but know they'll both be looking down on us all having fun. If it's your first time on the run, you're in for a treat. Starting in the town of Dalkeith, we will be going on some amazing roads (check previous videos) and will be having a few photoshoots along the way. As always, we'll finish up with a stop in one of the beautiful Scottish borders towns for food and refreshments and a good old bit of banter. And I promise I won't get a puncture this time! lmao please click on attending etc if your coming along. link to main post >>>
  19. after some bits for my aerodeck

    looking for the following bits for my aerodeck: rear parcel shelf horn original honda floor mats closer to Manchester the better Dan
  20. Hi, im currently restoring a 99 VTi-S aerodeck and in looking for a few bits to get her all sorted. Currently what I need most is a set of OEM fog lights and brackets in good condition, a set of Aerodeck gas struts for the boot lid, a set of sun visors and a rear view mirror. Also not 100% necessary but would be nice is a set of good condition headlight, as mine has a small amount of haze and one snapped off mounting lug, mint hazard light and rear heated screen buttons and the trim from under the dash with the pull down tray in mint condition. Thanks for looking
  21. factory remote central locking

    am I right in thinking my aerodeck should on come with a fob for the central locking? or do these not have it? I always thought they did have remote locking but I could be wrong. Dan
  22. Hey everyone! I used to be on here a few years ago and had an mb2 and 2 mb6s, and ive had this deck for around 2 years now, had 44000 miles when i got it and its just hit 60000 now, sitting on kw coilovers and dc2 wheels Nice to come back on and see all the M's