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    Hello! I am a huge Honda entusiast! I bought a 1997 MB3 1.5 d15z8
    But im finding it really difficult to find parts..

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  1. Welp im not sure mate... Im gonna have to see this in the documents haha ! But i think its a Silver type of blue not sure xD.. I can say agian when i confirm
  2. I also put 10w40 . It helps the engine the most cause of its age. i was studying them haha! But still thanks ! better late than never!
  3. Also my Rims are 14´s still i have the document to change them to 15s so sooner or later i will do it! And well on 14s the preassure is 2.4 front 2.3 back if you get the car to high speeds!
  4. Hello guys! I couldnt be really active here on the chat and thank you for the info ricky! I live in Porto and yes its really difficult to find parts over here Right now i am curious to know which is the best type of Motor Oil to put on the car. Ive got to make a revision this week so. Would love an opinion! thank you!
  5. Thank you very much! I shall look into all of this! And also i put Racing reinforced arms of a Civic eg4.. Had to rotate my suspension a bit for it to enter haha but it fitted perfectly and the car is alot more stable! Another problem im having is with the doors the mechanism inside seems a bit weak.. i fixed my front passanger seat mechanism inside and the metal piece comes out and i cant fix it xD... But anyways thank you very much!! Im gonna have to look for parts from abroad.. in Portugal there is basically nothing for it so..
  6. Hello people! I bought a 1997 Honda civic mb3 D15Z8 .. I have many ideas on visual effects.. But i cant find any visual parts online.. Neither here in portugal where i live or just in the world. Im Bulgarian but i live in Portugal. If anyone can help with mods or ideas.. some part websites or such. I will be gratefull! For now i have Rims 14 but i will soon buy 15´s. Im Also in search of body kit parts mostly front and rear bumper. Darkened front headlights and such! I would love if you guys can help me! Regards!~~
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