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Found 516 results

  1. KiNK43

    Vtis project

    Got a bit of time so thaught I'd start another project thread document my progress with my latest honda. My last civic ended up quite a machine. But unfortunately I had to make the decision to let it go to buy a house. Once got my finances back on track. I really fancied another mb6 as always had a soft spot for them. A another member offered me a clean car so went on a bit of a road trip down south to pick it up. It has just had an engine rebuild fully documented with every receipt and ran sweet as a nut was very happy with it. Unfortunately it only made it 100 miles back towards the Midlands and the bottom end developed a knock. Was pretty p**sed off tbh. But what can I do.
  2. IkyMB1

    Tyres for my Rotas

    Hi I just have a question about what tyre size and brand I should go for on my mb1? I have Rota Slipstreams waiting to be fitted 15x7 ET40 7J and the car is on lowering springs 30mm I believe. Any suggestions would be appreciated thanks
  3. Craig aerodeck

    my new mb2 hatch

    as the aerodeck started having alot off problems in one go i went and got a hatch. it has just under 69k miles on it. white wheels when it turned up and the black and red ones are as it being built .
  4. Jayh802

    Mb6 bit for sale

    Hi all, new on here had an mb6 for 8 years and sold it last year and doing a clear out, thought someone on here could use some of the bits.OZ superleggera alloys, 17 inch came of my mb6 been in the shed a few years. There is 5 of them but one is welded, does the job for a spare. Wheels are generally good condition, very little marks or kerbing, could do with a freshen up, but no major problems. Open to reasonable offers. Also have stainless backbox bought it of a mate when he was selling his car but never fitted it as mine had one already, make me an offer. Have standard air box with k+n panel filter, standard fuel rail, intake manifold, springs, cat, think i have throttle body as well and standard back box, all came with the car when i bought it with 40k in 2010, been in the shed ever since, be a shame to throw it all away, open to offers on all. I can get better pictures for genuine enquiries. If you can't get me on here call me 07749969600 Bits are located in Co. Tyrone N.ireland. Thanks for looking.
  5. Hello Gents, not been on site for a good few years. Ive got side skirts and back bumper of my old mb6. Their mb6 vtis kit minus front skirt. They was black but had them sprayed to the pearlesent green that my old car was. I will up load pictures soon. They are stored in family garage at mo. Condition odd scratches here and their, back bumper cracked where the exhauts has been sitting. Just message if your intrested. Pick up only, thanks Matt
  6. AJCivic

    K&N Panel Filter

    Looking for the K&N panel filter that fits in the MA/MB/MC air filter box, I think they all use the same filter regardless of engine size, the K&N code is 33-2047 I believe. Obviously want it in good/reasonable condition, just don’t want to pay £55+ that it goes for on eBay now!
  7. kalvtec

    Drivers seat rocking issue

    I had a search to no avail. Anyone know or is there a how to fix the rocking effect on drivers seat? I took off the plastic panel on the seat belt lock side but couldnt make anything of it....it really is an annoying issue.. Any help appreciated
  8. Hey guys, this is my aerodeck so far, I have some plans for the interior next month, so I'll keep you guys posted
  9. KiNK43

    Fuel pump strainer.

    Please can anyone help me I need a fuel pump strainer really having issues. No one wants to sell me a pump because they have to drop the tank. Most breakers are rude as hell tbh. All I need is this flipping strainer off the pump. Anyone breaking a car or has one handy? And please don't tag 10000 rpm. Rude.
  10. Hello, I'm selling this MB6 VTI rear lip. Resprayed in Titan Silver (NH614M) and in good condition. Also willing to trade for a MB9 (aerodeck) VTI rear lip. price is debatable
  11. VTIDanny

    Track rod ends

    Hello guys do you know if the track rod ends on a aerodeck vti are the same as eg/ek? Same goes for the balljoints, Cheers!
  12. Aerokek

    Metal door sills?

    Hi, i've found a pair of those rare metal door sills for the MB, turns out the bloke is selling them for 30 euros. From what I remember, i've seen these go for 150 at minimum. Does anyone know the true value of these things?
  13. 15yrs ago today, I bought "Vanessa", my 1999 Pirate's Black MB6 VTi. She is currently displaying 133k+ of mileage, just over 67k of that has been done by me over the time I have owned her. I awaited for this anniversary moment to come around before I chose to take the step I am now taking here before you now. It is with a heavy heart that I reluctantly today announce that I am now selling "Vanessa". This is an unhappy time for me now to do this, but I can't help but feel the time for me to move on has come. The reason I am selling her is she's becoming a classic in her own right, as all of our Mk6 Civics are. She's starting to show the signs of being an older car, and with the fact I cannot garage her, I think she's deserving of being given the chance of proper preservation and refurbishment in a manner that I do not have the space or time to give her. She's been my every day trusted workhorse for all this time, and she's never let me down. She turns on the key no problem every time, even after sitting for weeks without being used. I have complete trust in her reliability, so much so that I wouldn't hesitate to drive her from Rugby to my parents house in Edinburgh tomorrow if the need arose. She's complete, and as original as she was the way I bought her on May 20th 2004, save for maintenance and repair replacements along the way. Coming from a classic car owning background, I know that original is best, as it is what most people want to see from a car the older it gets, especially if they're in view of purchasing it! Everything on her also works. You name it; it works. The things notably needing attention, are mostly cosmetic, like surface rust and bubbling paint in a couple of locations, but there are a couple of more in depth requirements to get her up to mark: 1. She's in need of a new windscreen (the current one has a crack in it, but it is not an MOT failure at the current state. I know this, because she's been through her previous MOT in 2018 with this crack in place and it wasn't even given advisory notice.) 2. During March, when I was jacking her up for some inspection underneath, the nearside rear jacking point tore away at the sill, leaving a rusted hole behind. This is now in need of being welded to make good again. Currently, in this state, this will most likely will be an MOT failure. Her MOT expires on September 12th 2019. It was due to this latest development which got me thinking that perhaps it was time for me to move on, but also due to certain components becoming harder to get a hold of for these cars, I am now thinking that she is getting into classic car ownership territory, and also a bit of an ongoing road worthy project. I am not against such efforts, but the truth is, I already have two other cars which are deemed classics, and this leads me to neither having the space or the time for a third project, especially considering I'd have no choice but to keep her outside. I have lots of photos of "Vanessa" which have been taken over the past couple of weeks, although I've only attached a few of these here due to limitations of space and time to upload all at once, so if there is any other photos anyone would like to see, you only need ask, and I can post further pictures up here to order. Being such a long time owner of the vehicle, I have an extensive history recorded against her 15 year long time with me which takes the form of receipts and spreadsheet records showing what was done, when, and with what parts and at what mileage etc. I've tried to be as comprehensive as possible in keeping my records, since I'm used to thinking this way with being in the classic car owning realm for many years. I also have a small stock of spare parts which I've bought over the years. Some of these I am willing to throw in with the sale. Others I will be selling separately over time unless an agreement comes through for these to be purchased along with the car. I am advertising here because with other like minded enthusiasts of these cars being here, my hope is that "Vanessa" will find herself in a good home and go on to prosper into the future instead of being taken apart for her material parts. I love the thought of finding myself at a classic car show in the future and bumping into her again, displayed in all her original glory rather than her just being another MB6 which has been disassembled and scrapped. I can only hope and wish. Here's a small sample of some of the more major service descriptions for "Vanessa" over the past number of years: Cam/timing belt changed twice under my ownership New thermostat fitted All four shock absorbers replaced Gearbox overhaul, reconditioned with a few new bearings and driveshafts etc Track rod ends replaced Complete new clutch components, including disc, pressure plate, release and pilot bearings Front and rear stabiliser drop down links replaced as well as trailing arm bushes Upper control arms on front suspension replaced New engine radiator fitted New mid section exhaust with silencer fitted ("Vanessa" has a stainless PowerFlow backbox, which produces a nice subtle rumble exhaust note) "Vanessa" has always been serviced with quality parts including engine oil, regular clutch and brake fluid replacements and filters. She has four very good conditioned tyres on her, still with plenty of tread remaining on each. Good to go for years yet. On top of servicing, "Vanessa" has always been fed with high octane super fuel rather than premium unleaded. Better mpg, and continual condition of engine running as a result. Since I began my fuel log records in January 2012, she's averaged 32.23mpg, which is an average of £0.18 per mile. I am looking for £2,000 for "Vanessa" in her current condition. If she doesn't sell, then I will be getting the welding done myself, but of course then I will be looking for more when it comes to re-advertising. Personally, I think there is a lot of car here and accompanying history to go along with her for the money I am asking. I think she's a great example of a potential future classic VTi. I hope you agree. Now on to some photos...
  14. Hi There I just wanted to say a big hello to you all and to introduce myself. My name is Ben and I live in Bracknell, Berkshire. I'm a bit of a petrol head and for as long as I can remember I have been into cars, bikes and I follow most forms of motorsport. For a long time I have wanted a 'classic' Civic in my life but work and stuff have always got in the way, until quite recently that is. For a while I always leased cars as I've always seemed to need something new and reliable for work but since the end of last year I have been working from home and have coped with sharing my wifes car and walking lots! Recent family commitments meant we needed another car but I didn't want to be paying out loads monthly for something to sit on the drive so, enter the MB4! A motor dealer friend of mine took it as a part exchange and I got it from him for next to nothing. It's a little rough around the edges and has done over 160,000 miles but it's been well maintained and drives like a dream for a car that is 20 years old! Anyway, I have big plans for it going forward so will be looking for inspiration and advice from you all. Sorry for the long intro but I don't get out much!
  15. jaymb6

    civic vti-vts ek9

    Wanted upto £2500 civic type r, vti or vti-s in or around leicestershire, Pm Me what you have
  16. JordanH

    H22a fully forged

    Hi guys, I have a H22a engine from a prelude that I bought with full intentions on turboing and putting into my vtis aerodeck. But unfortunately due to other commitments its gonna be sitting about my garage for a long time and would rather someone else gets the use. Engine has had extensive machine work carried out already and is only requiring it to be built up. The spec is as follows, H22a block acid dipped and painted. Replacement sleeves and nicol plated Eagle forged rods with king race bearings Mahle forged pistons Crank shaft has been knifed/lightened and balanced with ACL bearings KS balance shaft eliminator kit and fitting kit Genuine honda oil pump Brand new full race gasket kit Cylinder head has been skimmed and acid dipped and painted Skunk 2 oversized valves have been cut/ground in Port and polished exhaust and inlet Skunk 2 titanium dual valve springs Skunk 2 retainers Standard cams Skunk 2 black series adjustable cam gears Skunk 2 pro series inlet manifold Skunk 2 inlet fitting kit Skunk 2 black series 70mm throttle body All parts are brand new and never been used or assembled Sump, valve cover, flywheel etc are standard Offering as a whole package before I decided to break sell it separate. Will be a monster when built. Pictures can be sent upon request Open to reasonable offers or swaps and cash my way for running engine. Cheers
  17. Hi folks, hope someone can help me out with a MB/MC front passenger side wing in silver in good nic please.
  18. dmrichards

    Aerodeck vti breaking

    starting to strip the silver aerodeck full vti-s kit front and rear splitters have been cut/trimmed. mister r coilovers less than 6 months old and they come with c spanners braided brake hoses tow bar v6 mg zs rear anti roll bar 4x100 big brake upgrade leather interior buddy club wheels 4x100 - 16x7 for anything else/ more info message me
  19. AJCivic

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    Hi guys, thought I may as well make a thread for my little MB2 seeing as I'm here! Backstory - The car has been in the family from new. It belonged to my Great-Grandad to start with who then gave it to his son in law (my Grandad) who passed the car on to me in 2016 when he became very ill before he passed away. I've only had my test passed for the last 14 months and so this is my first car! Therefore I'm trying to look after it the best I can and because there's so much that can be done modding wise, especially with it being the base model, it gives a lot of options. The car really hasn't done much mileage at all. I got the car on 80,000 and only sitting at just under 84,000 now. It's pretty standard, still on original steel wheels & ride height, got its fair share of scratches and slight dents but it shines up pretty well. The car has been reliable as hell for as long as I remember, so I'm going to just keep it going for as long as possible. I've really fallen in love with these MB Civic's and always had an admiration for Honda/older Civic's before this. In my ownership it has had the following repairs/slight mods with a lot more planned! - New standard exhaust back box because it completely blew through a couple months into driving it. - Full service in January this year, coolant etc last replaced in 2015 but low miles like I said - New Pioneer radio/CD player (went for CD not Bluetooth.. Yes I'm old fashioned!) - New wipers all round - New number plates - Original floor mats - VTI front lip (first thing I've ever sprayed up myself) - De-Chromed front grille (Vinyl wrapped) - Colour matched wing mirrors & door handles (One electric mirror wasn't working so took the chance to get rid of the black plastic all round) - VTI Carbon dash trim & gear stick surround - VTI Gear knob - VTI door tweeters (not wired in yet, got replacement door looms but can't unplug main connection so will have to cut into wires) - Wind deflectors - OEM mud guards/flaps fitted In the coming weeks/months things I should have done include front fog lights and something I've only seen one or two guys do, a Rover 45/MGZS boot lip spoiler. I'm just going to 3M tape this on once painted silver, because I also have a spoiler from a 1.4 sport that I need to finish painting and eventually get on. And I'm not really sure about having 2 spoilers haha! Also after a set of alloys, even the original 4x100 MB ones will do. Wouldn't mind getting a rear ARB on too eventually but need to mod/change lower control arms for that so it's a bigger job for down the line. Going to scrub away some rust and stone chip or underseal underneath & wheel arches in time for winter too. Seen some de-chromed headlights again recently and very tempted to buy some and do this myself! Thoughts and suggestions are very welcome & I'm glad to be on here! First couple pics are standard, last pic is how it looks now and one to show the test fit of the boot lip.
  20. vti vroom

    Aerodeck bits

    Aerodeck bits get full car for spares pirates black vti
  21. adeel

    brake pads (pbs)

    i am looking for PBS front brake pads for mb6 if anybody selling or has a spare set or if there is any other options what do you have ?