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  1. Hello Dave, thanks for your fast reply :) I will definitely do your checks. But please wait a bit. I am pretty busy every day so it will take time. The car has always been in perfect condition. No previous issues were known before doing that big maintenance on the car. I don't know if the head was checked before the new gasket was fitted (I think yes, see below) In the meantime I would have a clarification. What do you mean with "the airlock"? Do you mean a bubble inside the coolant circuit? I unscrewed a bit the radiator cap with the engine on normal working temperature and som
  2. Hello guys, I'm new user from Italy (sorry for bad English). I need help to understand what is happening on my mother's car, 138.000 km engine model D14A2 Some issues started after a routine maintenance on the engine; engine head, cam belt and water pump have been changed. If I am not wrong these components are all exchanged during this checks. After many km (don't know exactly how many) the engine were not able to keep reach and maintain the normal temperature because of an issue with the thermostat (in fact petrol consumption was anomalous). The mechanic changed the thermostat and
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