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Different engineloom on replaced b18c4


Hi there,


My name is Koen and im from the Netherlands. I've just replaced my broken down b18c4 (broken valve kissed the cylinder) which went in like a charm. As after fitted it in ik discovered that the engine loom plug is just a tiny bit different then my old engine loom. The plug thats got me a headache is 1of the plug near the co-drivers side(probably drivers side for most uk drivers becuase its a lhd car). One of the plugs had got a little white peg which isn't fitted on the other engine. I've looked at the colour and lining of the cables and they are all in the same plug, but they cant be connected because of the little white peg which really frustrates me. Are here more people who had this problem and if so how was this problem fixed? Personaly I was thinking of removing the peg of just completely swap the loom over, but that would probably be kind of a big job. 

I could use some info from someone who fixed this problem or someone who knows how to fix it.


Thank you sincerely



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