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  1. @Aerokek This meet was nice. Still cold, but sunny. Felt like the opening of the season this year!
  2. You might have the EK ones, those do not fit. The EG/DC2 versions do fit. I have fitted the EG Hardrace camber arms and they fit fine.
  3. koen_valk

    HKB Boss kit

    I've also got an aftermarket hub (D1 spec i think) with a Nardi Deep corn steeringwheel on my MC2. I was just wondering how you guys have run the horn grounding. I've used some steel wiring and had to bend it with a curve to contact the back of the hub(brass part) and the ground on the collum. How did you guys did this, I'm just curious. I'll show some pictures later so you guys have got an idea how I've run mine.
  4. Hello guys, I've finally found a company which makes halfcages for our platform. So if you can put it in the tracktool, daily racecar, weekend turbo warrior, or just for the racecar looks. They have them as a weld in and bolt in. Even a DIy set if you'd like to build it yourselves. Even in multiple different colours! https://www.jp-cages.co.uk/product/honda-civic-mb6-half-cage/
  5. Just a heads up. Relocated my oilcooler after install of the turbo. From the front of the radiator, to the right side where the ac should have sat. I've run the oil feed lines on the side of the powersteering pump. Still need to tidy it up with some nice brackets, which will be made in the near future.
  6. I'd might go for a build thread if people are interested!?
  7. Thanks fella's. If just the MG ZS ones are compatible, which size difference are the compared to the oem MB6 ones? I've already installed a MB6 one on the Deck, but I'd like to go a bit further. Also the front ones, are they also thicker from the MG?
  8. Hello everyone. I'm the owner of a Silver VTI Aerodeck for almost 7 years now, and use it as a daily/weekendracer/tracktool. I've changed it almost every nut and bolt on the car, and still I try to improve things as we go. The full suspension of the car has been adjusted/altered for a fully adjustable coiloverset, PU bushings, changed the front brakes from the oem single piston to a double piston caliper form the Accord V6, braided brakelines, Ferodo ds2500 pads, slothed discs from Stoptech, and loads more. I've just always wondered, what are the thickest swaybars we can fit on our cars? All I've noticed in the last couple of years is that the EG and ITR parts often fit, sometimes with minor adjustments, so I thought it would be the case with this aswell. Can someone enlight me? With kind regards and heaps of respect for the build on this forum, love it! Koen
  9. Whats the tyre size of the Advans? Loving the meaty fitment!
  10. I'm not a mechanic whatsoever, but personaly, I don't cheap out on oil. Keep using good quality oil, even when it burns a bit of it. Check if it burns oil when you'll step on it, or when you let you foot off the gaspedal. If its with pttm(pedal to the metal) it's you're rings, if its when you'll let of the gas, it's most likely the stemseals. About the gearbox oil, I'd use the MTF 3, just because the most Honda guys which drive them a long period allways tend to us it, but I'm no expert at this
  11. I've used this sandwich plate from D1 (picture 1), and it didn't even cleared the coollant pipe which runs at the rear of the engine, under the intake(picture 2) #1#2
  12. An update on my install. I'm still running the 2 sandwich plates. I've had a leak around the sensors I've had installed (oilpressure, oil temp before the cooler, oil temp after the cooler). so I've used som eteflon tape to stop the leaking. Works like a charm now!
  13. Eg/dc2/ek tie rods don't fit. I've found the oem partnumber(53010SR3010) and ordered the right one on Autodoc.com. Ours are with an M14 thread and the other ones are with an M12 thread.
  14. Turbo is the way to go for serious power gains. It's probably better if you tell us what you want. There are multiple ways to gain power, but also at different prices.
  15. Hi George, I'm in the same possition as you are right now. How did you've achieved it to mount it properly? What I've done for now is used a 2nd sandwichplate which i've already had, an placed that one on the other one, so there was any room to mount the oilinglines to the cooler. I've still have a leak, which for some reason cannot be found where it's from.
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