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mb6 insurance (moving to uk for some time and thinking of getting rhd mb6)


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I am going to UK (Newbury) for at least 3 months, maybe longer if I like it there, and thinking of getting rhd mb6 for my stay there and wonder how much you guys are paying for the mb6 insurance in the UK.


My pirate black mb6 is in a bad shape so I could use the rhd car as a donor and get my lhd back to shape when I leave the uk project and go back.


I am 32 (33 in a month), have a 10+ year clean record so I have the maximum discount (60% iirc) on the insurance in my country but not sure if that will count in UK. Currently I have my car (mb6) insured at a small cheap insurance company which is most probably not in UK as well.


I would like to get some nice pirate black mb6 with good engine since my car still eats lots of oil on motorway even after an engine rebuild and the body is in a bad shape as well (lots of damage due to others bad parking and vandalism, no corrosion except small on the rear arch) and there are just too many things that needs sorting and I would have to spend crazy money to get it into the shape that I would be happy with.


Would not mind getting a modified car. Seen few nice ones for sale but some have MOT and tax ending soon.


Do modified cars cost more to insure? Do I have to tell them that it no longer has stock power figures (in case the power affects the insurance)?

What mods are MOT failure and have to be removed for the MOT test? Guess non-levelling HID kit, decat, maybe even too loud exhaust would not pass MOT/emissions, maybe chipped ecu might be problem for emissions as well.


Please let me know how much you pay for your mb6 insurance and add some details that you think affect the insurance price.

Thanks for any info.

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Yes modified cars generally cost more to insure.

No. Just tell them what mods you have.

Exhaust volume isn't on the mot however its best to be below 90 decibels at 3/4 of the rpm range.

There are loads of factors that affect the cost of insurance so it's hard to put a figure on it.

For my MC2 all mods declared is about £600.

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As above, modified cars will cost more to insure.


Many factors affect the premium, one of the main ones in the UK is the postcode. After that it's age, driver history, occupation, annual mileage, where the car's kept (during the day and overnight).


I pay £420 for my MB6 all mods declared.

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