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  1. Hi it is Sue. I am really sorry to hear you have had these problems. I had no idea as the car was Nicks baby and he didn't mention any problems to me. As far as I am aware i was as honest with you as I could be. I know nothing about cars and I don't drive. I feel bad.
  2. Just got a ground total from the funeral directors for SEKPA £481.50 Nick would be chuffed. You all help with a big chunk of it so thank you. It has been a hard couple of days as yesterday I had to go to Guys hospital to meet the transplant team about Nick. He had no signs of ulcers 2 weeks before as they had look down there. So to get a 1.5mm hole and ulcers the doctors can't believe it happened so quick. 1% chance of what happened. Then I got a heart with some of his ashes in and then I sold the car. You have all been a big support.
  3. Sad to see it go, a few tears were had.. My brother came round to help me deal with the sale.
  4. The car is going today. It is going to be hard. I am abit nervy as never sold a car myself and hope I know what I am doing. I have all paperwork including old mots and receipts, stereo instructions, and service stuff ready. Bye bye Nicks baby.
  5. Jonny said a micro would be ideal as a first car. I am hoping to come to the dedicated New forest meet. My brother has offered to bring me but it won't be in a Honda.
  6. Thank you everybody. May be I will see if any news about the car after she is sold.
  7. I am so glad it has gone to someone that I know Nick will be happy with. I will be sorry to see it go but it will pay for a car for our daughter who turns 17 next month and will start driving.
  8. Unfortunately James was let down by the buyer of his car so Nicks car is still up for sale.
  9. Thanks any help would be appricated.
  10. Here is alist of all his cleaning stuff he has weighs are approx. Meguiars Ultimate Compound 174 ml, Meguiars Ultra finishing Polish 179ml Meguiars Endurance tire gel 437ml Meguiars Deep crystal polish 279ml Meguiars deep crystal Carnauba wax 207ml Auto Finesse satin Tyre gel 562ml Turtle wax ClearVue class clean 448ml Iron.x Powerful iron filings & contaminants cleaner 512ml No rinse wash & shine 527ml Auto Glym fas glass 183 ml Dodo juice detailing spray 120ml Auto finesse reviv trim dressing 102ml Dodo juice lime prime pre-wax cleanser (new) 250ml Dodo juice born to be mild maintenance shampoo 216ml Dodo juice lime prime pre-wax cleanser 205ml Auto glym super resin polish 617ml Collinite wax 415ml Auto clay a little bit As well as a lot of cloths and brushs and a snow foam adaptor http://www.amazon.co.uk/Kestrel-Polisher-COMPLETE-POLISHER-STORAGE/dp/B008C2YYN2/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1406799034&sr=8-3&keywords=deltalyo+kestrel+das6 ( polisher) What would people offer.
  11. Hi. Let's hope you sell your car. If you want Nick car pm me and I give you our address etc. might see you Monday.
  12. I think I have receipts for a lot the stuff he has brought for the car.
  13. Hi As my previous post said, unfortunately Jonnyricer cannot afford to buy Nick’s Civic. The car was Nick’s pride and joy and he spared no time, effort or money in updating and looking after the Civic. I’ve been told the car is worth somewhere between £1500 and £2000. Unfortunately I do not drive so cannot keep the car and I know Nick would want the car to be sold to a fellow enthusiast who will enjoy and appreciate the car as much as he did. Me and the girls too would want the car to go to someone who would look after it as Nick did. I do need to sell the car, but at the same time want to try my best to make sure it goes to the right person. To try and give Nick’s car a good home I thought I would offer the car to Nick’s fellow Civic5 forum friends, or anyone they know looking for one, the chance to get the car for £1200 - £1300. Here are the car details again: Honda Civic MB6 VTI-S 116K miles MOT until Jan 2015 The car is on a SORN Refreshed paint on bonnet Refreshed interior, seats, door cards, headliner etc Sony Mechless head unit Cree LED side light bulbs Clear side repeaters Set of 16" Chronos wheels (refreshed in April) fitted on the car Set of 15" standard VTI-S wheels for the winter De roved (un chrome) De resonated Run on a dyno in June 2012 and made 161bhp K&N panel filter Magnecor ignition leads DENSO iridium spark plugs Hamp shortie oil filter Neo chrome VTEC solenoid cover. Neo chrome oil cap Repainted rocker cover in wrinkle red with a p black plug cover Flush washers under the bonnet Stripped and polished strut brace Repainted rad and air con brackets Super sprint 4-2-1 manifold (half wrapped) Longlife custom made 2.25 cat back with a 3" rolled tip stainless exhaust system Steering rack replaced MGZS 180 rear anti roll bar MeisterR Coilovers D2 rear camber adjusters I also have a number of spares and what must be one of the most comprehensive car polishing kits. As and when I get the chance to sort all these out I’ll let you know what these are as well. If anyone is interested then drop me a message. Thanks for your continued help and support Sue
  14. Mot to Jan 2015 no tax as he had a disabled tax disc.
  15. I am going to leave eBay for a bit. As I could end up selling it to a wally. Jonny said it is still running lovely with no problems apart from it had a flat tyre what he end up pumping up with a very loud pump that nick had.
  16. Thanks for advice. I am worried about eBay. I want it To go to someone who will look after it.
  17. If someone on the forum wants to buy the car I will do a deal for £1,200 - £1,300 just as I know it will be looked after. It also has 4 of the original wheels and other spare parts also a Haynes manual for it. Also lots of polishing & detailing stuff as well as a electric polisher I can do a deal with.. If I put it on ebay I will do a start price of £1,500. Please Private message me if you like any information.
  18. Spoke to jonny today when he toke the car out for me. He hasn't got the cash at the moment. So anyone else wants nick pride a joy?Should I put it on eBay?
  19. I text Jonny last night as I haven't seen him and he has the only key for the car to start it, he is coming in the next day or so I will talk to him then. I will put his response on here so you know. The car still looks so clean, so glad we had a garage.
  20. I have a target to sell the car within a couple of weeks if possible.
  21. No I am afraid I don't drive. Thanks for help for trying to sell it, it means a lot.
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