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  1. Previous to last winter the screw that holds the bracket with the small AC pulley has snapped by itself, probably due to cold/vibrations. Just wondering if it's repairable without engine removal. Regrettably I had an engine rebuild done the previous spring so I don't want to spend big money on engine removal just to replace one screw (the old one needs to be drilled out so not sure if that can be done with the engine still inside since it is on the side of the engine) Last summer was quite bad without the working AC and this summer is supposed to be even worse, so I might reconsider the repair ;o]] I've marked the pulley and the bolt on the attached pictures
  2. I am going to UK (Newbury) for at least 3 months, maybe longer if I like it there, and thinking of getting rhd mb6 for my stay there and wonder how much you guys are paying for the mb6 insurance in the UK. My pirate black mb6 is in a bad shape so I could use the rhd car as a donor and get my lhd back to shape when I leave the uk project and go back. I am 32 (33 in a month), have a 10+ year clean record so I have the maximum discount (60% iirc) on the insurance in my country but not sure if that will count in UK. Currently I have my car (mb6) insured at a small cheap insurance company which is most probably not in UK as well. I would like to get some nice pirate black mb6 with good engine since my car still eats lots of oil on motorway even after an engine rebuild and the body is in a bad shape as well (lots of damage due to others bad parking and vandalism, no corrosion except small on the rear arch) and there are just too many things that needs sorting and I would have to spend crazy money to get it into the shape that I would be happy with. Would not mind getting a modified car. Seen few nice ones for sale but some have MOT and tax ending soon. Do modified cars cost more to insure? Do I have to tell them that it no longer has stock power figures (in case the power affects the insurance)? What mods are MOT failure and have to be removed for the MOT test? Guess non-levelling HID kit, decat, maybe even too loud exhaust would not pass MOT/emissions, maybe chipped ecu might be problem for emissions as well. Please let me know how much you pay for your mb6 insurance and add some details that you think affect the insurance price. Thanks for any info.
  3. lol I see you couldn't resist the b18c4 boost temptation for long........that low compresision, long gearbox and the cams it has fit the turbo really well so it's the most logical way to go if I had the money to spare I would probably go for some cheapish sensible turbo setup like that on my mb6 but for the weekend eg I would prefer to stay n/a and go for b20vtec and ITR box which could get you to 230-260 as well (probably not as cheap though)....I've always been more of a n/a honda fan, it's just that this engine+box is so good for turbo it's really tempting ;o] seen a vid of stock b18c4 engine with TD05 and looked quite fast...391bhp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhL6Rg2JRGE&list=PL3D20934B7FFBA0EF&index=6 would be little worried to push it that far on stock engine knowing what rich did on his engine for the same power
  4. that polished/black rocker cover looks cool mate, maybe I would do the lettering black as well to stand out more sick setup, I wanna swap my mb6 into eg as well when getting a new DD, probably won't go boost though....b20 should be more than enough to get me in trouble ;o]
  5. so I‘ve read the whole thread by now and seriously hats off man, you’ve made her looking georgous I love that stealthish look, the color scheme makes it look real classy and it’s not shouting about itself...that vti color coded lip and the alloys really make it look mean but still kinda stock looking...to those who know though it is a nice clue to what is lurking inside...I’ve seen many eg’s and yours is definitely one of the nicest I’ve seen. I am glad I’ve rebuilt my engine and kept the M...seeing your car assures me in wanting to do similar mb6 to eg build and your thread surely asked many questions I had...thx for clearing that up to me looked really mental on the flyby vid, I am sure it was worth all that effort when you are driving that beast btw what was the h-tune ecu package you went for?
  6. sorry for asking before reading the whole thread first (I will anyway I guess).....but are you basically swapping the eg with parts from your old M cause you got a new DD? cause that's what I've been planning to do for a long time with mine MB6 when the time to get something new comes.....I see you have the mb6 alloys on eg so I guess you swapped the hubs/brakes which should work great on light eg imho and was planning the same (i've seen egs with ITR brakes/hubs so should be possible to swap them) I have asked about such thing on the local honda forum lonf time ago and didn't really get any replies, still too many thing I'd love to know about such build what exactly is possible to implant in the eg from mb6? obviously engine/trans, maybe driveshafts if they aren't too long, I've read the steering rack would be a good upgrade as well and wonder if you can use anything more from the double wishbone susp apart from brakes/hub/wheels that you probably did already...I've read the eg is quite similar to dc2 and that the mb is quite similar to dc2 as well
  7. same here, my Samsung Galaxy S3 with Torque connects to the elm327 bluetooth dongle, but never connects to the ecu no matter what protocol/setting I use. I've tested the elm327 in my friends CLK and it worked straight away. As we don't have the 16pin plug I have to use an Honda 5-pin to OBDII 16pin adapter. Thought the adapter was faulty so I bough another one, but still no luck. Will have to check the cables going from the 5pin to the ecu before I finally give up. When I was doing the decarbonization on my car the guy doing it wanted to clear the ecu fail codes and couldn't connect via OBDII protocol as well. Only got it connected via OBDI protocol. He had some professional Bosch diagnostic unit connected to laptop via usb. Though the info here says the P9K-E11 ECU should be "OBD2 (with OBD1 style plugs)". Also all cars since 1996 "should" have OBDII as mandatory. Anyone got it working on M?
  8. my garage has recommended to me to stay away from the ebay kit and got the oem honda seals gaskets rings valve lockers belt etc...didn't need new pistons...car is already finished and being tested should have the car back in 1-2 days.
  9. damn seems like I am back to step 0 I've read about all 2005-2008 2.5L and 3.0L N52 engines having a bad design flaw causing the hydraulic valve lifters making a terrible clicking noise on cold starts...there are dozens of scary videos on youtube with cars sounding worse than a tracktor which I could never have lived with even if it was true that it doesn't affect the performance or causing premature wear which many do not believe....and the permanent fix seems to be a whole new cylinder head that they redesigned and is used on 2009 and newer engines....cost 7000 usd, the lifters cost 2000 usd which they seem to have redesigned as well and might fix the problem without changing the head in some cases....that said reading about the not very good reliability of new bmws and hearing the cost for repairs I guess I am not gonna have bmw anytime soon until I afford getting one covered by a warranty.....never thought it's so bad with new cars but it seems the eco crap rules are making the cars too complex and running on the edge these days....I though n/a 6 cylinder from a new bmw would be pretty reliable but seems I was wrong and there is a general opinion that running these modern complex engines without a warranty of some sort is a financial suicide and not a future proof investment as I thought at first about 100 pages from people having the HVL issues.... http://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=13504 lol seems like I am back to the mb6 rebuild or type-r decision.... going to see the car today (to collect the returnable transport fee at least) but I am pretty much decided not to take it...seems like I've got used too much to the honda reliability and still I can't say it's cheap to run them but that is probably more of a expensive service thing than actually cars having too many problems I have found some garage specializing in japanese cars and mainly hondas and it is not very far from where I work so I will get the car inspected there and try to get some professional quote about getting my car back to running...maybe I will find there someone who seems knowledgeable enough and clear some things up for me the bmw actually looked not much well looked after...totally bald tires, like not even 1mm of thread left and some cosmetic flaws like a small scratches on the front panel already showing some rust which noone taking a good care of his car would leave unrepaired to let it get worse....I am kinda disappointed but at the same time better safe than sorry...I at least know something about hondas and their reliability and common problems so I might stick to that so back to my initial question...anyone know if the b18c1 rebuild kit is compatible with b18c4? I think I'll try to get my car running again and think a bit more about my next car...I don't really feel like rushing this decision and looking for a new car without the current one running is a real pita also I might put the engine to good use when I finally find a new car for me...I might swap the engine into eg and have some weekend blast toy since I won't make much money anyway selling the M
  10. which one would you get for 8k as your daily driver and only car ;o] 2004 EP3 Type-R 147kw, 196 Nm, 0-60 mph in 6.4 inline 4, 2.0L, 6-speed manual 35.000 miles, first owner bought locally 7888 GBP 2006 E90 325i 160kw, 250Nm, 0-60 mph in 7.0 inline 6, 2.5L (not the detuned 3.0L), 6-speed manual 62.000 miles, first owner bought locally 8049 GBP these are the actual photos from ads....going to see the BMW tomorrow since they didn't manage to transport it from other city where it was to my city during today...think the beamer is much closer to the stock mb6 spirit (sort of quick practical car comfortable enough for daily use) which is what I need for my commuting here....can't afford to risk spending all my money on another low mileage car that has been trashed to hell and back on weekends and will have no resell value in 2-3 years (as was the case with my pirate black mb6 which I bought for like 6k pounds 4 years ago thinking it would serve me for another 50tm since it was just 40ish back then)
  11. hope it didn't sound too snobbery than not wanting the ep3 but with the roads we have and the current prices for LHD ones the circumstances are just all against it now and I need a new car fast....and I never really dreamed about ep3 though (I've always dreamed about ap1, dc2 and na1) but I have respected them for what they are and loved seeing some great examples of their full potential...but that would just bug me more wanting more of it and not being able to because of lack of money for proper parts or bad roads here meaning no fancy suspensions...they would be a great track car but than you just can't use it for commuting here no matter how big of a petrolhead you think you are...but for a track car of course it would be cheaper to go for eg shell and just k-series powertrain if I didn't need it to be useable on the public roads as well....was thinking of using my old crashed mb6 powertrain and building myself gsr hatch back then, but again I did not have space for such projects and still don't to do it this time either...if I had the place for it I would rebuild the engine myself and put it in an eg...the mb6 bits like steering rack and brakes/hubs would make a great upgrade to the eg6 as well...I even have a book on how to rebuild the b-series by brooklands/car-tech (apart from service manuals and epc) ;o] so the chances are still there as for a track car I can't imagine ever wanting anything else than eg/dc2/na1 and I still don't have a second car convertible and could never go z4 over my all time love the s2k ;o]
  12. lol thx knight....hard to see your mint looking pirate black in the sig...I would love my pirate black mb6 to be like yours...hope she stays like that for a long time to come ;o]]
  13. wow man thx a lot for reading my super long post and trying to help me out....I really appreciate it and there is a lot to think about about what you have said..... the overhaul looks like a long run job and I also have no other car in the meantime (lol I almost got lost yesterday when going to work by public transport since I had to return my sisters old car to her)....the main thing is Honda just doesn't offer anything I would be really temped to buy and although the mb6 was really perfect for me I don't see any reasonable alternatives out there with the honda badge and enough of the true honda spirit I never thought I would say that but I might be up for a car brand change.....as I've written in my looong post the EP3 I was considering was almost 8k which is huge money compared to uk prices and compared to what you can get from other car makers used....and seeing the massive price drops in UK of EP3s it seems like a really really bad investment to buy an ep3 for 8k no matter how low mileage it is....I would probably struggle to sell it for half that 2-3 years later when the trend now going on in uk comes to my country I have actually found a beamer today (lol I know) for the same price as that ep3 and it just fits my needs of daily driver so much better that I might buy it....going to see it tomorrow...it's an 2006 black E90 sedan 325i 160kw with just 62tm and having the 60tm service done....compared to that ep3 it is just night and day....for a track car sure the ep3 would be my choice but for a 30 year old petrolhead it seems wiser in every way to get that beamer instead...it won't be too harsh for daily use, should give me enough thrill when I occasionally want to and the resell value will be double the ep3 in a few years.... it is sure a sad day for me since after 3 hondas in a row (and 10 years of owning them) I'll have something else, but one should try everything and since the honda just doesn't offer anything for me I feel the right time to try something else is now....this surely isn't my last post here, if I get that car I will surely show it here in the 'where have you moved thread' and will always have a spot in my heart for the mighty M and hopefully one day I could come back to owning a honda again whether it be my dreamed s2k or something else that honda will come up with....I also have few hondas in my family, my sis has a FN2 and my dad has the latest 2.4L accord, but those are cars that I don't really look up to now I just hope I can put the rest of the car to a good use and make someone as happy as the mb6 always made me....from my old crashed mb6 I sold the engine to a bloke who build it up so if I find someone with similar plans the engine after a rebuild could make someone happy still I was actually very depressed by the situation and really was trying to find a honda I could buy but now that I finally had to open my mind to other marks I actually feel a strong relief and looking forward to seeing the car tomorrow....I hope I won't fall in your eyes too much for going german instead of jap car....it will surely be something very new for me too, but as I've said I'd rather try different mark when the situation calls for it and come back later than be unhappy about owning a honda that doesn't fit my needs well and actually lose my honda passion more than when just trying something else I really loved the sharing and caring honda community and can only hope I will find at least half that love in the bmw community I might become a part of I really wish all the best to you all and especially your cars and I hope you won't find yourself is such a situation I was in...luckilly I have some money to spend on a new car and not having to struggle trying to figure it out the hard way much love forever an M fan Matt (lol those last words almost brought me to tears...not kidding pals)
  14. Hi, did you find out if it fits mate? I posted a thread asking the same yesterday.....considering this one http://www.ebay.com/itm/96-01-HONDA-ACU ... 19d74069d4
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