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    East Midlands
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    Here I am selling a few parts I have for a MB6: Middle exhaust center (very good condition, only had done 800miles) - £60 Decat (very good condition) - £30 Original cat - £20 Original car stereo - £10 Power flow back box stainless steel, cost me £160 with receipt (excellent condition) - £70 Original Air filter box, rubber pipe and plastic breather - £15 Fog Lights (they need fiber glass again as they are cracked so not in the best condition but lens are fine, and 1 of them has not got the connection switch/clip) - £25 Rear lights smoked out (excellent condition) - £50 Heater resistor - £5 Parcel Shelf (excellent condition) - £10 Red key - £5
  3. Nemesis

    Induction hose advise?

    Thanks EmZvr. Any more opinions please?
  4. Nemesis

    Induction hose advise?

  5. Nemesis

    Induction hose advise?

    Could people give advise. I am thinking to replace the original hose of my filter for my CL7 (picture attached). I would like know if this will help or make a difference with anything? Thanks
  6. Hi everyone, As above my fog light is not working. I disconnected it and connected in to the driver side fog light connection and it still not working. Does this mean the bulb has fused?? If so, how do you change the bulb? Thanks
  7. Nemesis

    Parcel shelf rattle??

    Hi, Would anyone know how to stop my parcel from making a rattleing noise please, as it driving me mad. Parcel shelf can not be removed as I have 6 By 9 fitted. Thanks