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  1. hahah thanks man still alot missing funds are always the problem and time. but will keep updating this as soon as things change hehe. slow but moving
  2. No bro sorry super late reply lol.
  3. Hahaha... next free mos ia tucking the bay. Hope i don't mess up anything
  4. Thanks guys. Still alot to do, never ending.
  5. Its in good hands now yas hehehe
  6. Fitted cf cannards and cf winglet
  7. One curb and guaranteed broken winglet lol
  8. I just need to repaint the lip then reunite her with the bumper and I will post more pics lol. What you guys think of it, it's kinda wide and scary I don't want to break it as it cost alot of £££
  9. Finally fitted my winglet after numerous attemps and never ending trial and error fitting And the finished product of hardwork and bravery lol.
  10. Yeah i cant wait hehehe
  11. I know man I juat hope the rain stops
  12. Annoying thing is there is a hairline crack on one of them.. got damaged a tiny bit whilst im drilljng extra holes
  13. Lol they're genuine cf lol
  14. What the postman delivered today Vortex style CF Winglet And CF cannards
  15. Hahaha yeah thats what im thinking... im planning to get a daily car. But yeah stil thinking about it
  16. Pretty much what I do to her everytime loool.... nice! I really want to strip mine but I kinda don't wanna strip her to bones lol
  17. Hahaha cheers bro hows the deck doing
  18. Hahahaa she love the colour and the idea but she's annoyed that her movement ia reatricted hahaha
  19. Hahaha yeah some people don't agree with the multi coloured ones but ohwell. Yeah you're right I have not seen it anywhere infact all harnesses ive seen are paired hehe
  20. Hahaha- hlad people like it Yeah thr recaro are a bit high i need to bring it down a bit but i dont know how lol.. there's an instruction on the how to section but never tried it yet. Trying to understand it still hehehe.
  21. Got rid of my back seat, spare wheels and sold my earthquake subs for £30... car feels a little lighter than normal Then my his and her harness hehebe. Takata and luke, i thought it will look odd but surprisingly turned out to be nice (in my opinion though)
  22. Not sure my js c**k came with the js filter already
  23. Yeah i got it for free as he had it for years. It cost him a fair amoubt of money i believe i sold mine to my friend so not really bothered on how much someone will get it. He got it from america for almost 200 odd $
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