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  1. it's so cool - im just really annoyed of the tacho needle jumping form 6000rpm
  2. I don't know either so annoying
  3. I tap it to the RPM wire blue wire i guess it is then to yellow/black for the 12v
  4. My New set of wheels and finally fitted the Tacho and Steering Wheel AND FOR SOME REASON THE NEEDLE IS JUMPING FROM 6000 rpm Any Ideas why?
  5. sounds crap atm a bit of rattling when i ease off the gas - going to get it on the ramp tomorrow or friday to check what's happening... isn't a full system yet funds ain't that great atm - hehhehe ill do the rest next month... Yeah neither do I like what I've said it's my cousin who recommended it so I'm like okay hehe
  6. http://www.proflowexhausts.com/index.aspx neither do I so I did a bit of research lol -- my cousin recommended it and he took me to this exhaust place - but yeah sounds good - hehehe
  7. ProFlow custom back box - can't do the full system as I'm running out of funds atm - will do rest next month but for the meantime a little update on what's up with the ride
  8. Ohhh. Does halfords do them do you think or what paint shop can i go to??
  9. Yeah can't wait to fit them..
  10. I shall look for you then and maybe line up with the fellow buds hehehe.. Im coming with my mb and my cuz ej see u der
  11. yeah I got the bumpers - I just need to clean them - and also what's the code for Pirates black?
  12. Thanks peeps...ohhh i prolly see u here chandler
  13. My new toys - will be fitting next week - Getting there...nooot hope everything gets fitted before the 17th of August Sparco Quick Release Boss Depo Racing Tacho with Shift Light DC2 Airbox Momo Steering Wheel (And yay it fits!!! hope the hub fits the car though it came from an Aerodeck will it be okay? Plasma HD Dial Kit New Rocker Cover will be changing the colour though hehehe good to have a spare one New/Old Set of Vti-s lip kit
  14. Yeah I should've went to pick some lip kit and dials
  15. I haven't got the chance yet - I didn't lose any when I went to bournemouth there and back - the bay can get really hot though for some reason -
  16. Just a little update -been really slow lately as I've been busy at work here it is Next will be detailing - got a set of bumpers and lip kit to replace the old ones - As soon as I get the chance to do it - AND BY THE WAY WHO'S GOING TO THE HONDA CULTURE MEET AT ACE CAFe?
  17. I topped it up today... Im going for a long drive today so well be checking when i get to my destination..l yeah hopefully its nothing big..
  18. Guys just wondering i think im loosing coolant I haven't noticed any smoke however im not quite sure when vtec kicks in. No sign of oil mixing with water vice versa... Going to try it for a long drive today and see what happens... Any ideas why? Last time i had a similar symptoms on my rover my head gasket is blown so im kinda worried...
  19. pjrzn


    oh damn - okay man thanks
  20. pjrzn


    Guys just a quuick question about wheels. I tried to fit my spare mb2 wheels to my mb6 and for sum reason it dont fit.... What wheels will fit an mb6???
  21. Guys what break calipers and discs fits the mbs? I'm looking on ebay but everything is for ep3 and crap any recommendation as I don't want to buy the wrong ones
  22. Yeah basically steam wash it, use a degreaser then steam wash it again then blow dry it then paint it - well that's what I did I don't think there's a right way of doing it
  23. Yeah got it man thank you -
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