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  1. Have them on Facebook but not on insInstagram. Sorted now lol
  2. Yeah my tuner said he's knows straight away it the torque that's killed my clutch, he said my st is really quick and the way it pulls it's definatly that qhats done it. Well she's booked in now. 6th April for an RS sachs organic clutch and a quaife lsd. Going to be a long 3 weeks lol. I'll have a look for that on Instagram. I'm probably already following it but I'll have a check
  3. So cars giving a bit of bother. Clutch has started slipping.... again. So having to get another clutch. This time an upgraded rs type clutch. Can't remember the name of it but it's good for 500+bhp so well above what I need. And this time whilst it's out I'll be putting a quaife lsd in as I regret not putting one in there when I did rs clutch. Also I've got another drive shaft which I'll be doing on Monday I think. So she's miss behaving a lot lately. Not good. Bit hopefully be sorted soon enough...
  4. Few pics. Fogs are in. Dials are in Had a meet on Sunday. 53 cars in total this time. Was brilliant. Just really cold and windy lol. Washing before the meet
  5. Done the boost pod tonight. Also doing the fog lights...... again Going to do my main speedo gauges on Sat on my day off
  6. Asked them to design some that match my wrap. Should come tomorrow.
  7. Got a lovely little mod on the drawing board. Should come next week. Looks amazing but all is a hush for now lol
  8. FroSTy and a friend of mines RS... And he brought me his car the other day so I could change his torque mount for him. The bin men wondered what was going on seeing as my drive looked like a paddock from oulton park haha. And seeing as I've not had no out and about pics of just FroSTy for a while. I took some yesterday when I nipped to the shop. And that's it for this update pic wise. As for my mates green rs I was aloud to take it out for a drive. As I've been concidering changing software and going full stand alone ecu for quite a while now. I'm concidering syvecs. My mates rs is running syvecs which is why he said take it out. Straight away I fell in love with it. Launch control is epic. Flat shifting is fun. Anti lag sounds amazing. Overall the revs felt so smooth and everything just ran perfect. So I'm sold with syvecs. Time to save lol...
  9. Day after a well deserved clean, so treated to a wax too. You might notice I have left my fogs out. I'm re tinting them, not got round to it yet though. Also the wire hanging out the fogs..... well you will see when it's done lol. Next up some pics of FroSTy and a friend...
  10. Ok so to start off, I got around to fitting that intercooler. And what a ball ache it was to fit. Took me 3 days in total but only because of weather etc. Anyways got bumper off and old intercooler off in no time.fitted the new intercooler fine and the hot side boost pipes. Problems came when I got round to the cold side pipe. There was a mount on the radiator for the fan and was pressing the cold side pipe right in. I didn't have anything to cut it so had to call it a day. Day 2 I went out and bought a dremel, cut away at the mount and grinder it down all smooth. Perfect job so fitted the bottom silicon elbow on the cold side, then the alloy middle pipe, then came to fitting the top silicone pipe to that and the throttle body. And I'd only gone and pushed the alloy one to far down and what a pig to pull it back up, lack of space and because it was that tight in the silicon it would hardly move. I got it rather close but ended up being knackered and hands where battered so called it a day. Day 3 full of energy, got it on within 10mins lol. By the end of the day the car was complete. Now some pics... Lights and bumper off Intercooler off Garden like a scrap yard Stage 1 vs stage 4 2.5" boost pipe vs standard Cold side pipes Coming up to end of day 1 The radiator bracket in the way that needed cutting. Day 1 over. Wife loved the new front room furniture haha. Day 2 I cut the bracket and this is as far as I got with the pipe before giving up lol. Day 3 and I finished the job... Finished at last lol.
  11. Not updated for a bit. Will update later. Going to be a fair bit of a pic fest haha
  12. No real rush too but next time I'm near my tuners I might pop in and ask them see if they can. Unfortunately the mot went well. Clean pass. I asked them to see if there's any noticeable wear on anything that would cause this humming and there's no signs of anything :/ making me wonder, could it be the diff at fault? Anyways some mot pics. Was funny watching them try and get her on the ramps. Good job they had plenty of wood haha. Just been to pick kids up from school and don't think I'll have time to get that intercooler on as it's already going dark
  13. mot tomorrow. I'm hoping they can source the humming out but not be something to do with a failure lol. Anyways today I had that tyre changed, someone said it would be that what's at fault, but I had a feeling it wasn't, and nope, the humming is still there. Not often you see 2 volvos getting tyres done together... Also as autospecialist provided the wrong hose for the intercooler, today I received the replacement So thought I'd try out the big puzzle of pipes and see which goes where. Really can't wait to get this on if mot goes well and I'm in a good mood I'll get fitting it after