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Found 86 results

  1. i got this back in july 2011 and started modding. here is how i bought it. first of all i took off the rear badges i then lowered it on coilovers. it was a bit low first of all and couldn't get over anything!! (but wouldn't mind it that low again) i then bought my mates wheels, they are in need of a refurb on the lips though i bought a rear mid spoiler off a member on here then this one was only just to get the peeping pedo bear in
  2. DragooNArT

    MG ZS 20mm Arb

    Hi, I'm looking for an MG ZS 180 arb, the 20mm diameter one in particular. I have endlinks and brackets, I just need the arb with the bushings for the endlinks Regards, Nikolay
  3. Item : Rota spec R Fitment : 4x114 16x7 et42 Tyres : 2 uniroyal RS3 , 2 hankook Ventura Condition :9 a few small marks if your picky Price : £475 NOW £400 Any more info needed let us know thanks
  4. 1998 Honda Civic Aerodeck B18C4 - Koni Sportkit -35mm and adjustable stiffness - Sportline lipkit - 16†Zero ZE04-rims with 205/45 Falken-tyres - for the winter 15†League 273’s with 195/55 Continentals - Tinted windows - Custom headlights - Custom grille - Red brake calipers up front - De-badged - Removed the headlight washers - Indiglo dials from Moman - Mugen pedals - Tenzo-R shift knob - Simoni Racing floor mats Greetings from the north, this is my second aerodeck. My first car was a MB8 that i bought in July 2008 but in march 2009 i couldn't resist anymore, took a loan and got myself the car that i had wanted in the first place, the MC2. It wasn't in the best possible condition when i got it and still needs lots of work, but slowly and surely it's starting to turn into what i hope one day will be the lowest, fastest and baddest Aerodeck in Finland. I just got my winter rims from Alloywheels.com and got them installed, i'll post pictures of the new look soon. I have lots planned for my deck... i'll keep you updated on the progress.
  5. linkwolf5

    Mb6 from Portugal

    Hi civ5! Im from Portugal and im new here. Here is my mb6, most of the mods were done by last owner but i got some details to repair and upgrades to do! some pics here ic
  6. 10000rpm

    MB6/MC2 leather interior

    Item : Full set of front and rear leather seats and 4 x doorcards to suit. Condition :8 shows signs of use but no damage. Fitment: Honda Civic aerodeck MC2/MB6 Price :£100 collected
  7. Item : integra type R Showa short rack. Including High pressure line and low pressure line, custom mishimoto reservoir and PAS pump. everything needed to fit the MB/MC platform Condition :8 shows signs of use but no damage. Fitment: Honda Civic aerodeck MC2/MB6 Price :£220 collected can post
  8. 10000rpm

    Centre armrest with cup holders

    Item : leather centre armrest wit Have MGzs cup holders. Complete Condition :8 shows signs of use but no damage. Fitment: Honda Civic aerodeck MC2/MB6 Price :£50
  9. Item : MB6/MC2 VTiS speedometer. Custom red and orange back lighting and carbon face, mileage on 116k Condition :Very good Fitment: Honda Civic aerodeck MC2/MB6 Price :£50
  10. Yes I kid you not, I've been off the radar for a while but I'm back to introduce to you my new weekend toy, Steve! A few quick details/spec for you: 1999 123k miles (added a few miles already though!) RB25DET - Standard (Supposed to be 280bhp) Fresh import, landed in the UK December 2016 Turbo back 3" Fujitsubo exhaust HKS dumpvalve Blitz turbo timer Rays alloys Tape deck! I can't believe how comfortable the car is and I think it's pretty quiet while you're inside too! Love how it sounds too! I'm just glad it's not the everyday car because it gulps VPower for s**ts and giggles!
  11. Blackwolf

    Ben's ma8

    Hi eveyone thought it was about time I uploaded some pics of what I'm doing/done to my Ma. I going for a retro racer look so some things might be trial and error. What I've done so far: stripped most of the interior out stripped most the dash and behind the dash. sanded down and strip parts for painting.
  12. Hey lads, Have previously put a build thread on civiclife forum but thought I'd wack one up here too for different opinions etc. Currently I have re-sprayed the grill and re-badged boot... Ive cleaned up bay, powder coated rocker cover and fitted short ram induction kit (soon to be cold air induction kit)... Removed headlight washer jets... New head unit, fusion sub and fli door speakers... Next I plan to fill jet holes in front bumper and re-spray it, along with skirts and rear bumper as they have a few dings etc. Purchased the relevant stuff for this from halfords, had a question though... If i get paint colour using cars ext. paint code... Once lacquered will it have the desired effect or will it look out of place.... The silver has a metallic shine to it but not sure if my sprayed bumpers will come out the same as not done this before? Any tips welcome please!! Here's a couple pics anyway...
  13. Hi everyone. is anyone running 16s on there civic if so could you please post a picture? what is the fitment like also? lastly has anyone done a 5 stud conversion on a civic if so whats needed and from what car? Thanks Ben
  15. A set of sprint SW96 wheels which are hard to get hold of now. Better fitment than the standard integra 96 spec wheels due to them being ET 42. 15x7 et42 4x114 Wheels come with uniroyal rainsport 3 tyres which have only covered around 400-500 miles which cost £200 fitted SOLD
  16. Hi Folks Opie Oils would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year . We would like to thank everyone for there valued business and support throughout 2016. Here are Opie Oils opening times ; Monday 19 December: Open - Normal opening, order dispatch and delivery Tuesday 20 December: Open - Normal opening, order dispatch and delivery Wednesday 21 December: Open - Normal opening, order dispatch and delivery Thursday 22 December: Open - Normal opening, order dispatch and delivery Friday 23 December: Open - Normal opening, order dispatch and delivery Christmas Eve: Closed - No orders will be dispatched, no deliveries will be made Christmas Day: Closed - No orders will be dispatched, no deliveries will be made Boxing Day: Closed - No orders will be dispatched, no deliveries will be made Tuesday 27 December: Closed - No orders will be dispatched, no deliveries will be made 28th ,29th & 30th: Open - Normal opening, order dispatch and delivery New Years Day: Closed - No orders will be dispatched, no deliveries will be made 2 January: Closed - No orders will be dispatched, no deliveries will be made 3 January: Open - business back to normal As always, our expert advice is free, If you need help you can call us Monday - Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm on 01209 202944, email us at sales@opieoils.co.uk, or just ask here. Merry Christmas and Happy new year from everyone at Opie Oils . Cheers Oilman
  17. Finch

    The Inspiration thread!

    So for a very long time its been well known the Civic MA/B/C is based upon the Honda Domani / Acura EL in Canada/States which also shares a hell of a lot of parts with the Rover 45 / MG being the same platform. It was also sold in places around asia-pacific as the Isuzu Gemini (MA = 1993-94, MB = 1997) or Suzuki Baleno (1999 era).. Well after a hell of a lot of digging around I found a few other varients based upon the domani, and thus sharing the majority of parts with MA/B/C/EG/DC2... Enter the ring... Honda City Type-SZ (SX8) Now I have to apologise if the quality of the images are terrible, I'm on limited internet service at work and they block sites such as Flickr, Photbucket, Imgur etc What I'm hoping is that we can gather up any images of City's, Baleno's, Gemini's, Acura's, Domani's, MA/B/Cs and compile them into a somewhat of a image knowledge base so people can get inspiration and ideas for projects. I love the VTI-S kit how it sets off the bubbly "soft" lines and makes the car look more aggressive but I'd love to see a bit more creativity with the MB. If you've got a few pictures please post them up, would be fantastic to get them together in one place Aug 18th: I'm now making this a thread dedicated to gaining inspiration for your project!
  18. Blackwolf

    Side repeaters

    Hi everyone does anyone know if the side repeaters on the front wings of the civic have to be there as i want to blank mine off. I know after a little bit of research the indicator light cluster has to wrap around the side and be visable which i think it is but would like someone elses opinion Thanks Ben
  19. Finch

    Finch's Double D's

    So I'm Finch! I've been here before by many names with many cars over the years but this ones the one to stay, I've never really progressed very far with a build blog as I tend to forget to take pictures! Not this time! The car has been posted once before under another name but I thought I'd start again and in a few days time when works less hectic get the DSLR out and take some decent pictures. The car is a (fairly) stock 1.4 Sport MB8 in Knighthawk Black. It has AC, PS, Alloys and Electric windows as standard and the same interior as the VTI-S/MB6 for all intents and purposes. I picked the car up in February I think it was and paid £400 with 160k on the clocks which rapidly climbed to 182k by this morning (I do ALOT of driving). I took the car for MOT on Sat and it passed with flying colours, only two advisories; Small oil leak (coming from the filter seal on inspection) and bushing on steering rack is worn. Both will be remedied in following days! In the last few days I suspected a headgasket issue due to steam coming from around the head and burbling and bubbling in the overflow/expansion tank, I did a tstat change and fluid renewell about a month ago (do it every 3 or so months). Did a compression test this morning (dry, cold start) before work and got 220 215 225 217 so I was both very pleased and very confused to say the least! I expected a really really low value somewhere though I have no loss of power or anything. So I bled the system and tada the engine has stayed cool today and the heaters were warm! though I'm keeping water with me incase! I gave my MOT tester a call and he said he'd looked at the fluids to make sure levels were good due to the small oil leak so I'm now wondering if there was an air-lock caused by him checking the water level. In the first 3 days of owning the car I had already ordered a bunch of stuff and dug-out a few bits I already owned. Bought: VTI strutbrace - £5! - Facebook / 20min drive VTI-S Lipkit - £??? - @Dogg1210 Domo-kun (45cm tall) - ¥1600 / £12~ - from my buddy who lives in Japan still DC2 Wheel boss - £6 - Fleabay "Mugen" Formula XG4 shiftknob - £5 - Fleabay (I think??) Skunk2 bonnet risers - £4 - Old stock from old work place Password JDM Engine and Bay dressup bolts - £??? - Old stock from work Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance - £200 - Kwikfit (I'll never use them again, I was just in a bind, they're thieving robbing b***ards - dropped alloys off to them as car was on axle stands. They claimed to have fitted them to the car and tried to charge me £160 ON TOP for fitting) Rover 45 Deflectors - £25 - Fleabay Owned: Defi Advance ZD Clubsport gauge set - ¥60000 / £600~ - Bought it in Japan for my S14 @ Super Autobacs VertexJAPAN 7-Star deep-dish leather steering wheel (330mm) - ¥39850 / £300 - Bought it in Japan for my S14 @ Super Autobacs Made: Few stickers - I owned a vinyl cutter until 3 weeks ago when I sold it Resistor / Fuse pack for my airbag light I got sick of the sagging headlining and door card material hanging more than the back lips of a 40year old babestation model so pulled it all out, leaving back door cards with material and the fronts without.. for now! I'm fitting the rest of the kit on Sunday will then clean her again and will dig the camera out and take some proper shots! In the next few days I'm ordering BC Racing ER's (External Reservoir), Will get those fitted along side: Hardrace front LCA's Skunk2 Upper Control arms (front) Function 7 rear LCA's Hardrace Rear Camber Arm Hardrace Rear toe arm Function 7 Rear sub-brace Benen Billet Tie bar Blue the Aerodeck 1.6 VTEC Aerodeck.. Electric everything, sunroof etc for £350
  20. Hi, I already know that on MB6 I need camber arms from EG and DC2. But what brand/make? What did you buy and how satisfied are you? I saw D2s are quite cheap, are they bad in any way? how about Buddy Club, Hardrace, Skunk2? Are they any better? What in particular is better? Thanks for you suggestions
  21. MeisterR made a lot of changes in 2016, and I am sure many of our members have done a lot to their car also. We want to get some fresh update for 2017, and we want to see what members have to say about their MeisterR coilovers. We would like some pictures (with a MeisterR sticker preferred ) for our gallery and reviews of the coilovers from members who have used them, both new and old. It would also be easier to have everything under a single thread to aid members doing their own research. So if you have pictures of your car on MeisterR coilovers, please post them and write a short review of what you think of them. 1. Name: (If you want to provide it) 2. Location: (Town or County) 3. Car Make / Model / Specific Info: (Trim / Packages / Other Mods) 4. MeisterR Coilovers Model: (ZetaCRD, ZetaCRD+, GT1 etc) 5. Short Review: a. Performance on Road: b. Performance on Track: c. Value for Money: d. Would you buy again: e. Any Personal Note: 6. Pictures: Please attach any pictures you have of your car that you want to show the world. 7. Video: If you have any video of your car in action on YouTube / Vimeo, please attach link to video. Thank you for everyone's help and I look froward to some pictures and reviews. As usual, we are available if you have any questions; just drop us a PM of there are anything we can help. MeisterR do appreciate everyone's help, and thank you for member's continue support. Edwin / Jerrick
  22. As above breaking Accord 2.4 executive couple type S bits lowered on springs aem filter Modded to fit the Accord! Let me know if you need anything
  23. browniemb3

    Vti kit wanted

    Hi I'm looking for a vti kit
  24. 3gdean

    Jerky aerodeck

    Another Shell, Another Engine, Another Turbo, Another Build... The latest incarnation:
  25. Hi guys, I'm new around here and just thought I would post my progress so far and progress to come. This is '97 MB4 civic, it is only my second car, the first one I will be modding. It is not vtec, the insurance wouldn't allow it, but it is a 1.6i ES, so it has leather seats, heated wing mirrors etc. As of 27/04/17, the current mod list is small but still cost more than the car, so easy to spend a lot of money on car mods!! Sound system. 2 x 1000w RMS alpine type R subwoofers, 4000w inPhase mono amp, alpine CDE-185BT head unit. I haven't touched the front speakers, but they are actually really good and keep up! I don't know if they are this good from factory or if they will be aftermarket as I haven't bothered to check seeing as I don't need to. Blue LED Underglow lights, Front and sides. Lenso D1R 15" alloys, with hankook 205-50-15 tyres The mods am planning are: Speakers in the parcel shelf (The rear speakers currenty are tiny and not very good) Sorting out the bodywork from previous owner. The dents in the front wings will be sorted. The wheels that I have stick out a little, So was thinking about sourcing some form of wide archers if I can Finish off the underglow. There are no LED's at the back yet Wind Deflectors Blue clock lights Blue LED's inside, including lining the boot and footwells Want to debadge the "Honda", "Civic", "1.6i ES", but leave the honda logo on. Only thing is im not sure if they are just glued on or if they will leave holes in the boot because they clip in Spoiler Maybe a sunstrip Backbox, not going to bother with the rest of the exhaust, I am aware this isn't a fast motor, so i'm not going to try. Just want it to sound good haha LED headlights Need to see if there are any LED taillight clusters Might lower it a little, not sure yet though Window tinting Wrap, was thinking metallic black Any other things that I have not thought about here that are cool, let me know *When I get back from work I will try and get a video of the subs, they are awesome!*