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  1. Going on ebay in a month or two thought I'd float it on here see if any aerodeck enthusiast might be interested or know of anyone. Car is located in Tamworth, Staffordshire, uk. I'm asking £8000. A lot more has been spent so believe me this is a bargain for a 301bhp (to the wheels) Honda! All work was carried out by a professional tuning garage, Garage21 near Coventry. I have only recently got the car back but sent it off before covid kicked off, because of covid my circumstances have changed and unfortunately the Honda needs to go. This is not a cheap kit bought off ebay all parts are top qua
  2. Well, after introducing the MB3, now time for the fun car. On december 2019 I was looking for some spare parts for a friend and saw this car adverted, really cheap (Arround 1/3 of the normal price in my country). I called the owner and after an hour explaining me a lot of details, I called a friend, we made 500 Km, and bought it in the same day. It was the 2nd owner, car was bought new by a friend of this and gifted to him because it was going to be scraped. The second owner used the car 3-4 years to drive to his orchard (he made less than 1500 Km in this time, but changed timing
  3. This is my project car. My weekend car. My money pit and my track weapon. And it's awful, and beautiful, and I love it. Current mods: Suspension: Driftworks HSD Coilovers OZ F1 wheels 7J Nankang NS-2R 205/50/r15 EBC slotted brake discs (255/251) EBC Greenstuff Pads Chassis and Seat experience TR Lane Rollbar Takata 3" 4-point Harnasses with buckle LTEC FIA bucket seats (Cobra Monaco rebranded) Trunk popper wire Momo corse secondhand steering wheel Aliexpress Short Shifter NRG Short hub NRG Quick release Delrin Door bushings IL Motorsp
  4. Thought I'd start this seeing as I've started doing a couple of bits to the dad wagon. so far I've put some eibach springs on, fn2 wheels with 15mm spacers upfront to clear the brakes and 20mm on the back. spacers aren't needed on the rear but I felt like it needed them as the wheel looked a little lost. I've changed the tyre size from the standard fn2 size of 225 40 to 225 45 but to help fill the arch and keep it comfy. Its been remapped and I've put the bonnet deflector on.
  5. Here's my 1988 Super 5 GT TURBO. Mk 2 Pearl white, with Mitsubishi TD04L turbo and carburettor Group A. Such a funny car
  6. So... Been a while, but I'm back in a vehicle! So, this is my BRAND NEW, Mercedes Vito Sport 119 crew cab long wheelbase. 190 bhp, full or semi auto. Several option boxes checked, stereo, comfort rear seats, removable tow bar etc..
  7. This is the car that replaced my 6g accord after i sold it because the gearbox decided it wanted out, so I decided not to bother to spend anymore money fixing it up as it was needing something replacing every week! I didn't like the car that much to keep on fixing it. So this EK saloon I have now is so much better and is worth me spending some cash on it as I love the thing! Not many of these around! I also have plans to turbo it, there's alot more parts available for this than my old accord. And it also seems a bit quicker even though it's a 1.5! Got a lot planned this civic
  8. Hi everyone Ive been looking into getting a bit more power out of my civic and wodered what people have done and what they recomend. Ive seen a couple of videos of turbo'd d14s which is kinda cool but unsure on the reliablity? i have a d14 in the car atm but want to go with something thats a bit different, but im open to all suggestions thanks
  9. Yes I kid you not, I've been off the radar for a while but I'm back to introduce to you my new weekend toy, Steve! A few quick details/spec for you: 1999 123k miles (added a few miles already though!) RB25DET - Standard (Supposed to be 280bhp) Fresh import, landed in the UK December 2016 Turbo back 3" Fujitsubo exhaust HKS dumpvalve Blitz turbo timer Rays alloys Tape deck! I can't believe how comfortable the car is and I think it's pretty quiet while you're inside too! Love how it sounds too! I'm just glad
  10. Well my aerodeck will be back on the road next month and I cant stop looking into boosting it. so I'm getting to grips with everything I'm going to need for the build. This is what I've got up to now. Any advice on how to do this and on parts will be greatly appreciated b18c4 turbo build parts list racetech turbo kit: Reconditioned Twin Scroll TD05 Turbocharger Race-Tech SS Equal Length Manifold Race-Tech SS 2.5" Downpipe Race-Tech SS Braided Oil & Water Lines Race-Tech Alloy Intercooler w/Pipework & Joiners OEM MLS Gaskets (Manifold>Tu
  11. Introducing our new family daily. Volvo V50 SE 2.0 Td Toys... Cruise Control, ECC (Electronic Climate Control) with AQS (Air Quality System) and Pollen Filter, 17in Zaurak Alloy Wheels (Silver Bright) - 205/50 R17 W Tyres with Locking Wheel Nuts, Anti-Theft Alarm and Level Sensor, Front and Rear Auto Open/Close Power Windows, IDIS (Intelligent Driver Information System) with Information Centre, Performance Sound Audio System - Radio/CD and Aux Input for MP3 Player, Rain Sensor - Automatic Windscreen Wiper Activation, Seats Electric (Memory Driver), Tinted Windows,
  12. Another Shell, Another Engine, Another Turbo, Another Build... The latest incarnation:
  13. Hi everyone i was wondering what is a good turbo or turbo kit to use engine wise id be looking at either the 2.0 out of the gen 1 cr-v or a b16 or 18. Bit of a odd one i know lol cheers ben
  14. well I'm building again but a little different this time my 8 year old son wants to build a car with me so got a hold of a ratty old coupe it's a mess and needs totally redone lol I'll get some pics for your amusement . I've never done a d series before I'm thinking of turbo so advice on which way to go would be appreciated guys .
  15. iv copied all this of newbie page so sorry for it being a repeat basically. but saves typing lol..... Hi I'm Jack. Just got my 1st Honda the other day. my boss was selling for £500 but given it me for £250. It's only a replacement runaround for my current car that's no mot at the min as I've got loads of work to do to it. Anyways as for the civic I may be tempted to keep as its been really well looked after. Interior looks new and not a scratch on the body work (although the colour is a horrid blue/green 2tone). It's a 1999 1.4 16v SE MB2. no rust anywhere and nice clean chassis underneat
  16. Selling my Civic for spares or repairs Buy everything for £100 pounds (Starts but does not run - transmission) Got loads more pics. Loads to say feel free to ask me any question Location: Chiswick, West London. Can post but prefer pick up. 07429 253288 = Whatsapp or Text Mr_a@live.co.uk
  17. Selling black leather car covers, all parts, front 2 seats and back! for more pics and questions 07429 253288 condition = good location west London. Can post too. I have other parts too. I am breaking my car
  18. Breaking for spairs and repairs. Location West London Can post for fee Many many pics, and questions are welcome Contact Ashif. Text or whatsapp 07429 253288 or email me. Mr_A@live.co.uk
  19. Hello all, I’m new to the forum so will give you a little back ground about me, Spent years playing around with various cars, bikes quads etc and never really had anything very fast. In the summer we went for a rolling road day at a tuners in Leicester and got talking with the owner and he convinced me to build a civic turbo. So when I left there I spent weeks and weeks searching the internet for information on Honda’s, let me tell you if you’re not used to Honda’s its very confusing with all these Ek, Eg, Ej, Mb, Ma, etc etc I then came across a lovely clean Mb6 Aerodeck 1.8 Vti and tho
  20. Here’s my new daily Fabia VRS, bought it totally standard apart from stage 1 remap to 180bhp. Surprisingly great on fuel, I only put tenner a week and manage 120 miles before reserve light comes on but still have another 60 miles left. It has covered 142k and still on original turbo which is running sweet as nut. Although I’m more of a Jap person but I do rate these little cars. Some pictures. Hoping to make it like this.
  21. So over the past few weeks I've been planning, buying parts and building a K24 / K20A2 Hybrid block. The plan was to swap it in a few months time when I moved to my new deployment and didn't need to use the car for regular motorway miles so could have it off the road for a few weeks. I started buying parts a few months back; ARP bolts and studs, OEM gasket (5 layer), Hasport EG/DC2 Mounts, Hybrid racing shifter, mount and cables, Insane 1000hp rated shafts, KTuned water pump, thermo and pulley kit, a K24 Accord TypeS 6 speed (came with K24), Had planned to start building the block in the near
  22. As title states, I'm considering coming back to an MB, but only for an MB6, preferably already modified and lowish miles. 57 Plate Honda Civic FK3 2.2 ES 130k FSH Remapped to 195bhp 300ft/lbs Yellow Fog-light protectors Skunk2 knob (same colour as car) Panoramic roof Bluetooth connectivity to stereo Any questions, just ask.
  23. right then guys think its about time to start a new project. work officially commences on sunday. going to warm up my swappin the rear suspension,hubs, brakes etc over. got a coupla bits arrive today.. so here the first pics, since i know a thread is useless with no pics right!..
  24. Here it is, i woke up last sunday still hanging from the night out to discover this beaut come on ebay and and spared no time going to see it monday morning! I only had about 35mins to see the car and get a test drive as the jimny buyers were collecting in the morning as well! Loved it from the get go and sent a deposit to him when i got back to seal the deal been gagging all week to get it and ending up getting a 3.5 hour train to get it, and to my huge delight he picked me up in his newly bought 650hp! R35 gtr and that went OMG! fast holy moly that was epic speed like he did 150 in what see
  25. Looking at turbo kit someone's selling, I would need to get bigger injectors fuel pump and mapped, if it was to be ran on standard injectors could it blow engine?
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