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Found 23 results

  1. So life after civic.. Ive got myself a Toyota Crown Athlete V. Ive fancied one for a long time now. General consensus from my friends and family is that its an ugly barge, however i absolutely love it. Each to there own i guess. It pretty tidy for 22. Under 40k miles on the clock. It has a 1jz gte turbo lump which pushes it along really nicely tbh with plenty of room for more power later if wanted. Came on stock wheels which really made it look old. So first things first. Some work sporbo wheels on there looking nice lowered on BC coilovers. Few small maintenance items ordered. And some little cosmetic bits from a breaker too.
  2. Well, after introducing the MB3, now time for the fun car. On december 2019 I was looking for some spare parts for a friend and saw this car adverted, really cheap (Arround 1/3 of the normal price in my country). I called the owner and after an hour explaining me a lot of details, I called a friend, we made 500 Km, and bought it in the same day. It was the 2nd owner, car was bought new by a friend of this and gifted to him because it was going to be scraped. The second owner used the car 3-4 years to drive to his orchard (he made less than 1500 Km in this time, but changed timing belt, water pump...). He told me car had only one issue, the auto trans when you flat the accelerator, revs really high. I was expecting an normal auto and find out it was a CVT and he didnt knew how this work. 10 minutes after buying the car, I washed it (it was scary how dirty was), made the first pic and drive it back home with no issues. The car was really dirty. This guy was a huge smoker and never emptied the ashtray. He also allowed his dog sleep inside and had a lot of mud due to all the trips to the orchard. Also, the trunk was like a swiming pool. I spent a week to dry, clean up and remove the cigarrette smell. Here are some pics of how I spent my christmas holiday (apart from cleaning, I tinted the floor mat and reupholstered the roof). The first mods were a genuine EK9 rear lip, first molding front lip and DC2 rear seats. Next was a brake upgrade to 282mm disks and DC2 calipers. At the same time, I modified the headlights: I found a guy selling a seeker V2, Tein coilovers and DC2 recaros and the same week I bought in UK the wheels I wanted and were imposible to find in Spain: And a friend gifted me a good looking steering wheel: We got confinated for 2 months home in my country, so I made some upgrades. First one was rear brake conversion, from drums to 260mm using MB fastback arms with EP2 calipers.
  3. This is my project car. My weekend car. My money pit and my track weapon. And it's awful, and beautiful, and I love it. Current mods: Suspension: Driftworks HSD Coilovers OZ F1 wheels 7J Nankang NS-2R 205/50/r15 EBC slotted brake discs (255/251) EBC Greenstuff Pads Chassis and Seat experience TR Lane Rollbar Takata 3" 4-point Harnasses with buckle LTEC FIA bucket seats (Cobra Monaco rebranded) Trunk popper wire Momo corse secondhand steering wheel Aliexpress Short Shifter NRG Short hub NRG Quick release Delrin Door bushings IL Motorsport Cupholder Center Console Driveline 1.8 Torsen diff 3.9 Engine Japspeed Alu Rad Skidnation Coolant reroute Suzuki Cappuccino bottle Silicone Hoses Ebay Turbo Kraken Manifold and Downpipe Stainless hoses for turbo cooling and oil feeds Epman Freddy BOV Ebay Intercooler Ebay Intercooler piping NGK BKR7E plugs Electronics Flip-up android radio Pioneer Speakers Pioneer underseat sub (behind seat) Innovate MTX-L Plus Wideband Innovate MTX-D Water Temp Gauge Innovate MTX-D Boost Gauge Central locking with remote MX5-tech Headlight controller LED Headlights ExtraEFI MS2 standalone ECU no-name serial port hub to USB Mods lined up for installation (Need Time and motivation): Skidnation Chassis Rails Ultra Racing Frog arms MAC Electronic boost control EPMAN FPR Oil Catch Can(s) IL Motorsport Sport Engine Mounts Toyota COPs Photo history (summarized) It all started as a stock MX-5 in a new and mostly empty garage. First mod, Coils. Quite a drop. Polished the car proper. Next up, wheels. Got these cheap cause they were bent (apperently). Got them straightened out recently, but got some different ones in the meantime. Those are migrating to a civic. Love this Rollbar time? Rollbar time! Makes it practical AF. That's a Server Rack. Add Seats, add bracing (rarely have this on, as I'm working on it too much). Also, those fresh new wheels I told you about. Happy LED Lights! Fixed the seat mounts. Highly recommend it. Skidnation mounts dó have slots, all the others don't. As you can see, it's 2mm off center. Sticker mods. Dropped and swapped the diff for a discounted Fuji unit. Big mistake. Get the torsen. Save up for it. 100% recommend this subwoofer placement. Depending on your passengers, get a second one. The rumblies are amazing. And invisible. Car broke down. Hat to take the valve cover off. Painted it. NOW WE'RE TALKING And then it was like this for a while. Most of 2019 really.When doing a turbo, order éverything before you break up the car. Do a mockup outside the car. PLEASE. I had to wait for fittings 2 weeks every time I discovered missing one. Ordered éverything double, so the next turbo build in the club would be way more managable. And it was. Kinda like this Making boost These are too big. They don't fit. I had to trim the rings so they could slot into each other. Feelsbadman. But then it all comes together. With a coolant reroute added in for good measure. Oh f**k yes. Oh f**k no. Coolant hose popped. Learned a LOT about stainless fittings. Towing your MX-5 Project with your Prelude Daily. This happened more than I'd like to admit. Love that Honda's butt tho. Fixed it. Boosted and zoomed at 0,5 bar for a while. Little bro's 1998 in the background. s**t. The fuji turned to crisps. Torsen Time! Bought one with a broken holder. Swapped my fuji out of mine, and this one in. Oh, so the brakes áren't supposed to make that kind of a racket all of the time? New calipers all around, new (cheap) pads in the rear. Are we leaking oil yet? We're leaking oil. (Current problem, hope it's not the pump/pan. Did the front main, but not the cam seals.) Wheels are straight now, with fresh rubber And welcome to today. Sneak peek of the daily deck.
  4. I would like your wisdom, *Thought I'd put this here rather than in SOS, as this is more like a discussion and sharing of experiences* So for context, got my MB2 1.4 around this time last year and straight away I was thinking about modding, but I decided to have patience and restricted myself and kept it all stock excluding the steering wheel and seats. It's been a trooper of a car, but now this is where the fun begins. Originally I wanted to do a K swap but then I matured and realised I was in over my head, so now the plan is to source a D16Y8 SOHC VTEC, and swap that in, then turbo it. I currently have a D14A8 SOHC non-VTEC. So I just want to get input of the good people who know a lot more than me: - I'm assuming since I'm swapping in another SOHC D series engine, it should be pretty straight forward, however I still have questions such as what other components can I keep and what else I would need to replace (such as the ECU). - If anyone is adept with turbo-ing d series I would love to know what kits are good (I know ebay ones have gotten better but you can tell me if any are worth it), or if you put together your own kit then what the shopping list was. Also I would more than welcome suggestions of trusted professionals who can help without ripping me off (I am based in Chatham, Kent) - And if you have a d series turbo build I would love to hear about the power gains, reliability and cost (time and money). D16Y8 is approx 125hp, and with a turbo I would aim to get this to 210 - 230hp, please let me know if this is reasonable or crazy and what would be more realistic to expect from a daily driver turbo build. I'm also aware that (when turbo-ing) that I would need to upgrade the intake and exhaust too and would welcome recommendations. And if you want more topics to dive into, I would appreciate suggestions of good upgrades to my brakes for the power I want to make, and let me know if I would only need to upgrade components such as the pads or if it would be necessary to upgrade the whole thing. Overall I just want to find the most cost effecitve way to make my car more fun and also reliable, can't wait to hear your guys' experiences You are all much appreciated.
  5. Thought I'd start this seeing as I've started doing a couple of bits to the dad wagon. so far I've put some eibach springs on, fn2 wheels with 15mm spacers upfront to clear the brakes and 20mm on the back. spacers aren't needed on the rear but I felt like it needed them as the wheel looked a little lost. I've changed the tyre size from the standard fn2 size of 225 40 to 225 45 but to help fill the arch and keep it comfy. Its been remapped and I've put the bonnet deflector on.
  6. Here's my 1988 Super 5 GT TURBO. Mk 2 Pearl white, with Mitsubishi TD04L turbo and carburettor Group A. Such a funny car
  7. This is the car that replaced my 6g accord after i sold it because the gearbox decided it wanted out, so I decided not to bother to spend anymore money fixing it up as it was needing something replacing every week! I didn't like the car that much to keep on fixing it. So this EK saloon I have now is so much better and is worth me spending some cash on it as I love the thing! Not many of these around! I also have plans to turbo it, there's alot more parts available for this than my old accord. And it also seems a bit quicker even though it's a 1.5! Got a lot planned this civic
  8. Hi everyone Ive been looking into getting a bit more power out of my civic and wodered what people have done and what they recomend. Ive seen a couple of videos of turbo'd d14s which is kinda cool but unsure on the reliablity? i have a d14 in the car atm but want to go with something thats a bit different, but im open to all suggestions thanks
  9. Yes I kid you not, I've been off the radar for a while but I'm back to introduce to you my new weekend toy, Steve! A few quick details/spec for you: 1999 123k miles (added a few miles already though!) RB25DET - Standard (Supposed to be 280bhp) Fresh import, landed in the UK December 2016 Turbo back 3" Fujitsubo exhaust HKS dumpvalve Blitz turbo timer Rays alloys Tape deck! I can't believe how comfortable the car is and I think it's pretty quiet while you're inside too! Love how it sounds too! I'm just glad it's not the everyday car because it gulps VPower for s**ts and giggles!
  10. Well my aerodeck will be back on the road next month and I cant stop looking into boosting it. so I'm getting to grips with everything I'm going to need for the build. This is what I've got up to now. Any advice on how to do this and on parts will be greatly appreciated b18c4 turbo build parts list racetech turbo kit: Reconditioned Twin Scroll TD05 Turbocharger Race-Tech SS Equal Length Manifold Race-Tech SS 2.5" Downpipe Race-Tech SS Braided Oil & Water Lines Race-Tech Alloy Intercooler w/Pipework & Joiners OEM MLS Gaskets (Manifold>Turbo & Turbo>Downpipe) All Fitting Hardware fueling: Grams 550cc injetors WALBRO 255 FUEL PUMP ecu: socketed p28 other parts: induction/air-filter skunk2 pro series intake manifold cheers Dan
  11. Another Shell, Another Engine, Another Turbo, Another Build... The latest incarnation:
  12. Hi everyone i was wondering what is a good turbo or turbo kit to use engine wise id be looking at either the 2.0 out of the gen 1 cr-v or a b16 or 18. Bit of a odd one i know lol cheers ben
  13. well I'm building again but a little different this time my 8 year old son wants to build a car with me so got a hold of a ratty old coupe it's a mess and needs totally redone lol I'll get some pics for your amusement . I've never done a d series before I'm thinking of turbo so advice on which way to go would be appreciated guys .
  14. iv copied all this of newbie page so sorry for it being a repeat basically. but saves typing lol..... Hi I'm Jack. Just got my 1st Honda the other day. my boss was selling for £500 but given it me for £250. It's only a replacement runaround for my current car that's no mot at the min as I've got loads of work to do to it. Anyways as for the civic I may be tempted to keep as its been really well looked after. Interior looks new and not a scratch on the body work (although the colour is a horrid blue/green 2tone). It's a 1999 1.4 16v SE MB2. no rust anywhere and nice clean chassis underneath. its overall condition though is what's has given it potential for me to keep and i have a few ideas. Plans for it are: Respray (which i can do at work). spray the headlight internal casing black along with the chrome grill surround. mesh the grill and bumper. Alloys. Exhaust. Induction. Lowered. Spray wood trims on dash to probably black. window tints and probably tint rear lights. Tidy engine bay up. not that its manky, just put a few fancy bits in there. So I need some help off you guys. Looking for stuff on the above list if anyone has out let me know. also i know these are body shared with rover, so can someone enlighten me what parts of my honda i would have to order rover bits for e.g lowering springs, exhaust, induction, spoilers, bumpers etc. mates have told me not to bother doing anything to it and just save until i can afford a car i really want. but due to this civic being in such condition and being ideal for my lil family of 2 kids i want to plan on keeping it for a long time. i know It's not the best looking of car's but plans will make it look half decent anyways lol. The engine has no signs of oil leaks ever and it's done 130k but loads and loads of service history. cam belt was done last year but there is a constant squeak upon start up coming from the cambelt area. so either the cambelt needs tightening or the tensioner is on way out or even water pump perhaps?????? Nippy engine too for a 1.4 and I love the noise of Honda engines. oh a couple of pics i think my original car thats just ran out of mot but needs work doing before i put it in for test. saxo 1.6 vtr and my new car. the civic 1.4 16v se. the only pic iv got of it other than the one of both together. will have to give her a wash and get more shots of it both on the drive, saxo has no wing as im respraying it. oh heres a pic for you of how my saxo started to how it is now, all done on a low budget and everything done by me. so with the things i did plus all the problems along the way (being off the road last year for 3 months due to failing mot and me having an operation on my shoulder, hg going in the 1.4 so full engine conversion to the vtr engine, replaced gearbox and clutch several times due to a bad mount, replaced bearings, driveshaft, hubs, drums, pads,shoes, full engine and interior loom, failing emissions on mot so had plugs,exhaust,fuel filter, the list goes on). to say iv only had it just over a year and i was out of work at the time i didnt do to bad with it if i do say so myself....... as you can see the previous owner was a bit of a chav lol so thats probs why iv had nothing but trouble with it lol so since last week when i got the car so far its had new alloys £50, wasnt keen on the wheels themselves but on the car i think they look pretty good. thinking about spraying them black so they look a bit smaller, then dropping the car should make them look better. Managed to win a new induction kit last-night for £2.20 +£8pp. The type with the chrome tube that goes right across and down in the arch lining with a blue cone and blue silicone breather hose. God I'm good at bargains for this car lol. induction kit should arrive tomorrow so i will fit that at work if it does come thats all so far, again apologise for copying from my newbie post but saves trouble starting up again
  15. Hello all, I’m new to the forum so will give you a little back ground about me, Spent years playing around with various cars, bikes quads etc and never really had anything very fast. In the summer we went for a rolling road day at a tuners in Leicester and got talking with the owner and he convinced me to build a civic turbo. So when I left there I spent weeks and weeks searching the internet for information on Honda’s, let me tell you if you’re not used to Honda’s its very confusing with all these Ek, Eg, Ej, Mb, Ma, etc etc I then came across a lovely clean Mb6 Aerodeck 1.8 Vti and thought would make a great sleeper, as well as coming with Lsd, 1.8 Dohc as standard. Got the car for just over £1300 with full extensive service history so I was quite pleased in the end. I then took the car to the tuners for a rolling road for a health check and power run, It made 163 Bhp which is not bad considering its only lost 7 hp in 15 years, ( and has a slight exhaust blow ) Once confirmed that car was ok to start building i began to write a list of parts needed, based on what i got told i needed and normal replacement parts such as cambelt kit etc. That list over the last 6 weeks has just got longer and longer. I planned on getting it to 300 bhp, and then wanted to make sure the engine was strong enough to be used on a daily basis and now we are looking at making it a 500bhp car. Thanks for looking more pictures to follow
  16. Here’s my new daily Fabia VRS, bought it totally standard apart from stage 1 remap to 180bhp. Surprisingly great on fuel, I only put tenner a week and manage 120 miles before reserve light comes on but still have another 60 miles left. It has covered 142k and still on original turbo which is running sweet as nut. Although I’m more of a Jap person but I do rate these little cars. Some pictures. Hoping to make it like this.
  17. So over the past few weeks I've been planning, buying parts and building a K24 / K20A2 Hybrid block. The plan was to swap it in a few months time when I moved to my new deployment and didn't need to use the car for regular motorway miles so could have it off the road for a few weeks. I started buying parts a few months back; ARP bolts and studs, OEM gasket (5 layer), Hasport EG/DC2 Mounts, Hybrid racing shifter, mount and cables, Insane 1000hp rated shafts, KTuned water pump, thermo and pulley kit, a K24 Accord TypeS 6 speed (came with K24), Had planned to start building the block in the near future with cams, valvestrain kit, rywire harness and bottom end stuff too but then Life got in the way. Friday night we found out we're having a baby, so on Saturday I made a gutwrenching decision that as we'll be needing more space than we had planned initially that the engine was not a massive priority and £4-5k worth parts could probably go a long way towards a few things. I stuck an advert up on one of the plethora of honda pages on FB and within minutes had people prodding and poking and trying to vulture parts out of the job lot until a guy less than 15miles away piped up that he'd collect in 2 hours.. I sat there waiting, a gangly 6ft something asian chap pulled up and emerged from a black EG Coupe on Rota grids turned up.. we had a quick chat showed him all the stuff, We loaded the stuff into the (already slammed) EG boot and stood talking on the driveway and came to the point of turbos after he saw the 6266 turbo lying on the workbench. A few minutes of jabbering went by and we got to the point of a D16 turbo build popped up, I explained I had owned an EK coupe with D16z6 turbo in the past and he showed me a tonne of pictures, videos and posts on a (hidden) Facebook group of guys who meet up on every second Wednesday at a garage on an industrial estate to have a natter, help each other out and just meet mates. Something that reminded me of being back at uni where our group of mates did the very same. Which is one reason I've been building a web-project which will be revealed later on.... We got talking and I pretty much started planning another D16 turbo build right then and there. Nothing crazy just a 1.6 non-vtec turbo running about 0.75bar with a few essentials; ACL Bearings, ARP Rods, OE Gaskets, Supertech valve kit and bisimoto cam.. maybe Eagle rods and vitara pistons while I'm there too.. 450cc DSM injectors, SARD FPR, AEM rail, ramhorn equal length manifold and a T3 Turbo. Aimed at around 250hp on a budget... My brain is screaming do it and the money is burning a hole.. Help!
  18. right then guys think its about time to start a new project. work officially commences on sunday. going to warm up my swappin the rear suspension,hubs, brakes etc over. got a coupla bits arrive today.. so here the first pics, since i know a thread is useless with no pics right!..
  19. Here it is, i woke up last sunday still hanging from the night out to discover this beaut come on ebay and and spared no time going to see it monday morning! I only had about 35mins to see the car and get a test drive as the jimny buyers were collecting in the morning as well! Loved it from the get go and sent a deposit to him when i got back to seal the deal been gagging all week to get it and ending up getting a 3.5 hour train to get it, and to my huge delight he picked me up in his newly bought 650hp! R35 gtr and that went OMG! fast holy moly that was epic speed like he did 150 in what seemed like 1/4" of a mile!! lol! Imported 4 years ago, already modded was converted to mph and then went to Garage D to get a R33 manual coonversion done, 175k mix of miles & kmh?? I have to ring the importer to find out, Brembo R33 drilled brakes all round, 3" turbo back exhaust, big ally rad, hks intercooler, cant find the BOV, turbo & boost controller(sel A is 0.9psi & sel B is 1.3psi). Tein coilovers with damper control unit, skyline type wheels? Rear camera with screen display, also has sat nav, bluetooth, tv, card reader but the cd slot wont expect a cd! Defi guages with a control unit ? Gearbox & diff have shock proof oil in them so bit stiff when cold, momo steering wheel, duel sunroofs, dog guard(very please with this feature!). Oh with the 4wd fuse out dyno print out of 393bhp & 418bls of torque! He had 740 injectors fitted and remapped by pro tune who said it pulls like a train one of the best setups with a map hes seen! Always gd lol Plans: - bit of saving for a full respray next year - change the wheels - get a exhaust tip insert to try make a bit quieter - ordered new grill mesh - clean the engine bay - think a strong battery - get wind deflectors - a few bits What you guys rekon, she a keeper ??
  20. Looking at turbo kit someone's selling, I would need to get bigger injectors fuel pump and mapped, if it was to be ran on standard injectors could it blow engine?
  21. Bought my self a aerodeck just basically to be different there's none really here in Ireland As far as I'm aware there's only like 4 in ireland and I've the only factory mc2 pirates black the others a all 1.6 (open to correction) It was a 99 mc2 B18c4 turbo pirates black I got it 3 weeks ago and I love it best honda I ever bought At the minute it's been completely stripped back And plan is to k20 turbo it Flush engine bay with full wire tuck Dc5 dash conversion Ordered custom set wheels from extreme offset in England 9j on the rear 8j on the front with some stretch Over fenders Underseal her Do something with the interior Some camber and coils And go from there see what happens ha Aiming for about 600 brake
  22. Are they really bad lol what if you buy kit but get different turbo? I could get someone to fit kit for me just don't like the idea of paying around 3k for race-tech turbo conversion
  23. Hi guys, how are you doing? I have an issue with my car: its a '97 MB3 with a full d16y8 swap and greddy turbo. I have it tuned (badly) with hondata s300v2 . I was learning and practicing with the ecu before going to a dyno/tune shop and I discovered that I can get the base timing I want. Ive tried to set the base timing with the hondata feature, either 12 (supposed Y8 BTDC) or 16, but Im always far from it even rotating the distributor to both sides. BTW, The cam belt is properly installed, there is no theeth off or such things. I have the distributor rewired, but I dont remember if the guys who do the swap used the Y8 or the Z8 distributor. ¿Wich one should I been using? ¿are they compatibles? Thanks in advance!!! oh! this is my car: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.309988735795654.1073741830.306427939485067&type=3
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