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  1. Rissy

    Front Passenger Door "Clicking" Noise

    Right, so i was looking at this issue again over the past few days. I tried two things, which i've touched on in th video linked below. Neither were successful. The video below explains my third attempt thing to pay attention to. My first test drive since putting the door back together was this morning on the way to work. The result of the video solution is that the noise has been improved upon, but still exists. I *think* i've got the right thing to keep giving attention now. I think i'll wad some electrical tap around some of the metal parts to hold them still even more, and hope that fully fixes the noise. Until then, here's something else to enjoy. I talk in this one! LOL! https://youtu.be/eBawKbvtYcE
  2. Rissy

    Front Passenger Door "Clicking" Noise

    Thanks for that. I'll take a look at my soonest opportunity. I may not have been rigorous enough at investigating - probably due to the extremely sticky glue stuff which holds the splash membrane in place behind the door card. That stuff is horrible! I'll just have to bite the bullet and rip away more of it and take a proper look at the window channel runner assembly inside. I'll let you know how i get on.
  3. Rissy

    Front Passenger Door "Clicking" Noise

    As was stated in the video description, i can practically stop this clicking noise by pulling on the inner handle on the door as i drive, or by rolling the window down by 1cm or so. As you've suggested, this *could* be a window channel noise, but i find it odd that i can stop the noise by also pulling on the inner door handle!? I've literally had the door in bits and have looked over everything inside the door and everything seems tight. The window channel itself doesn't have any means of being tightened up that i can find? the fact that i can silence the noise by doing one of these two things satisfies me that the noise cannot be coming from anywhere else but inside the door. Any other ideas?
  4. Rissy

    Front Passenger Door "Clicking" Noise

    Here we go. Here's a video of the noise. It's not the tray under the seat either. Read the description on the video for more information. https://youtu.be/xrniF-_LTLU
  5. Rissy

    Front Passenger Door "Clicking" Noise

    Hi there, and thanks for the feedback. The noise is definitely not the seatbelt buckle knocking on the column or anything else (Although this is an interesting consideration). Also, i DO have the under-seat tray on the passenger side. I'll try taking that out from under the seat on my way home tonight to check and make sure it's not that, but i suspect it isn't. The noise i'm suffering is a random clicking noise, which sounds like a loose fixture of some sort, and *seems* to be emanating from the door hinge sort of area of the front passenger side door. If i can, i may take a video of it, and let you hear it for yourselves. It's REALLY annoying!
  6. I have a bizarre clicking noise coming from what i think i hear, is roughly around the front edge of the front passenger door on my car. It's a hard noise to describe, but it's random, but continual while the car is moving, especially under acceleration and braking, or bumps in the road. It's almost like a joint has come loose or something. I've pulled the door apart and assessed everything, and chekced everything is tight. If it's not coming from the door, then i can only consider it might be coming from behind the front wing. Has anyone else ever had this, and been able to source it at all? Is there a known something which occurs with time with these cars which might cause what i'm experiencing?
  7. Rissy

    Radio roof antenna Height/Angle adjustment

    Reversing out of the garage and the antenna repeatedly catching on the door above. (almost snapped the antenna off, on more than one occasion)
  8. Rissy

    Radio roof antenna Height/Angle adjustment

    Thanks! I'll give it a spray with some PENETRATING oil, and give it a bit of a working over then. See if that releases it.
  9. I've owned my Civic for 13yrs now. I still remember back in the early days, I messed with the radio antenna, pulling it up to a higher angle than it originally was. In doing so, it "clicked" and has remained at this increased angle ever since (meaning it's sticking up higher into the air). I've tried quite a few times to get it to "unclick" so that I can lean it back down closer to the sunroof, but i've never had much luck with this. There *seems* to be some sort of latch or catch or something within the body of the antenna holder on the roof of the car, but I can't for the life of me figure out if, or how, it works to be able to unlatch the antenna so that I can lower it again. Anyone have any advice? 1999 MB6 VTi
  10. Rissy

    Electric Sunroof Glass

    Thanks for everyone's input. I've found a replacement sunroof now. I'm hoping i should have it in my hand tomorrow evening and be in a position to fit it on Saturday. I'm looking forward to getting the car back on the road again. If anything goes awry with this deal however, then i'll be back on here seeking again! lol!
  11. Rissy

    Electric Sunroof Glass

    I reported the incident to the police. They said this is becoming more of an issue. They've had several reports of such things happening, but mostly around Junction 3, not Junction 2. (This is severely worrying! The imbiciles must be getting this "good idea" from somewhere!?) The police said there's nothing they can do. The flyovers are not monitored by CCTV or anything else. All they can do is record each incident to build up a pattern of events. I think these flyovers should be caged, to stop people being able to do this. It might cost the government (us!) money, but it's either that or someone is going to pay with their life! Its terrifying. It's not like you can stop. You're travelling at speed, so everything happens so fast! If their judgement and aim is good, it's near enough unavoidable! Be careful out there, society is becoming worse!
  12. Rissy

    Electric Sunroof Glass

    I was driving along the M6 on Friday night (Oct 27th 2017). At junction 2, someone threw something at me from an overpass as I drove under (at speed!). The object hit my sunroof and shattered it into a million pieces. I'm now in search of a replacement glass for it. Can anyone help me? I'd prefer to refit a Honda one instead of a Rover/MG one if possible. I'm not going through insurance, as they'll just write off the car!