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  1. Rissy

    Front brake caliper carriers

    So you used to work at Lotus in Hethel (would make sense with your given location i guess). We took took the D's to lotus in 2015. I got to drive Lex around their text track etc. It was great fun.
  2. Rissy

    Front brake caliper carriers

    Ah yes, i think that would have been either the Wooler Hodec cast off's or the Lotus cast off's. I think the latter. I'm sure it was just the body tubs of what were known as the "green cars" from memory. Those were cars which had been born and used purely for testing and prototyping purposes. Seems like a running trend for the DeLorean history, things being thrown back to nature; as the stainless body panel dies used during manufacture are sitting at the bottom of the Irish sea after being used as fishing net weights. Criminal! Here's one of the green "mule" cars from google pictures: https://goo.gl/images/C3dfHe
  3. Rissy

    Interior bulbs

    I noticed the other day that half my A/C panel illumination isn't working. Can someone tell me how on earth you're supposed to get behind there to replace bulbs?
  4. Rissy

    Front brake caliper carriers

    It's a shame, because although i love all three of my cars, and the fact that the Civic is actually the rarest of the three beasties, I can see the Civic going if it comes to being impossible to support and maintain it without parts. As i say, without parts, and having to rely on old-skool engineering and machine shops instead, for the fabrication and refurbishment of parts, this is getting firmly into the project specialist areas of classic car ownership, and without the inherent value or associated respect from wider audiences, our cars will be put under the same column as the Talbot Solara's of the world, and only a true devotee will prosper in keeping them running, but with big costs attached. I see that there are more of my car SORN'd than on the road these days. It would be interesting to know the condition of these SORn'd vehicles, as keeping them under lock and key and away from the public eye, even in mint condition, is not promoting the marque well for 3rd party manufacturers to take an interest in making parts for them. If there's no customers, then there's no market, and no market means no profit to be had. If any of these cars makes it out into the daylight again, mint or not, they are just delaying the inevitable situation those of us who use our cars regularly, are finding themselves in NOW. I'm sorry to admit it, as much as the old girl is a firm part of my existence, if it came down to choosing which to let go of first, the M3 and the D' would remain with me. Neither of those are rotting away already and they're both far better supported for replacement parts. Sad, i know. As a custodian for the MB6 VTi brand, and a long term owner of the marque, it makes me sad to think that one day, she'll have to be let go of due to nobody really caring. Anyway, until that day, i'll do my best and continue on as I've been doing for as long as I can hold out.
  5. Rissy

    Front brake caliper carriers

    ...or in my case, have both
  6. Rissy

    Front brake caliper carriers

    I'd like to but i don't know what your sister site is? I have three future classics (arguably), the third being an E46 M3 Individual.
  7. Rissy

    Front brake caliper carriers

    "DeLorean", yes. I've had it for sometime. Much like you have a name for your Civic, my D's name is "LEX". I don't have a name for my Civic (Or my BMW for that matter either). Here's a couple of pictures of the D' and the Civic together back in 2009. I've no updated pictures of the two together since these were taken in Edinburgh. Both cars have been moved down to Rugby since.
  8. Rissy

    Front brake caliper carriers

    I'm not using silicone spray, but rather medical grade thick gluppy silicone grease. Silicone grease is in fact what's advised to use when you're replacing the carriers etc if you read the workshop manual. I did used to use copper grease, before i got my hands on the workshop manual, but it's definitely not as good, and i think it helps perish the little rubber concertinas which attach to the carrier and the pins to seal the grease in and the outside world, out. I've often wondered what's with this MC2 v's MB6 thing? Were the European models called MC2 and the UK model, MB6? I've only ever referred to mine as an MB6, but i have appreciated in the past that some parts are listed as being compatible with MC2/MB6.
  9. Rissy

    Front brake caliper carriers

    I don't think the slider pins are a problem (yet). You can find THEM all over the bay of e. The carriers are the problem for me i think, because the slider recesses within mine are all ruined from rust. Every time i have them in bits, those holes are worse than last time. I've had to use so much silicone grease inside them to keep the pins movable! Hand brake cables, yes, but tbf, i've never changed mine. My originals have lasted all these years. But that's not really the point, is it. Quite frankly it's ridiculous that Honda don't support for simple expected wear and tear items. Important items like brakes and components! There used to be a rule, a legal rule that said car manufacturers had to be able to support vehicles up to the age of 25yrs. What happened to that rule!? Has it been thrown out!? I have a 1981 DeLorean, and it's ridiculous that parts for it are more easily got than those for a Honda Civic. Although to be fair again, at least in the case of the VTi, there are less of them in existence than DeLorean's, but still. I take it none of the Rover/MG brake components (carrier etc) fit our MB6's? I've bought a few things from Rimmer Bros over the years for my Civic where i can see they've used the same parts, but brakes is a bit more of an unknown. It's not so easy to make out if any are the same or not. I really dread the thought of having to go to meticulous detail to fix simple stuff on my Civic, like having to consider going to an engineering shop and asking "can you sleeve this", or "can you reproduce this?", because that's project car territory, and i already have the D' for that sort of hobby. My Civic has ALWAYS been an every day car for me, and it makes me sad that one day, sooner than probably later by the sounds of it, the car will have to be put down because of some simple unattainable part and the lack of dedication or time required to get around that. It's really sad, and worrying tbh. I love my Civic, and i want to see her go on.
  10. Rissy

    Front Passenger Door "Clicking" Noise

    I have to say i'm not so bothered by the prices (values) of our cars. I've never been in a position where i've thought about selling up, or trading in. What i AM worried about, is the seeming lack of support for them from all fronts, including Honda themselves!
  11. Our cars are getitng older now. In fact, although they should be supporting them until 25yrs of age, even Honda seem to be running out of basic parts even. As an example, front brake components. Calipers, carriers etc. My front brakes have had some TLC over the past few years to keep them legal for MOT, but every time i dismantle them, i realise what an awful state they're in, with all the rust etc. I have taken a very relaxed look around on the net from time to time to try and see if I could source new ones (carriers especially) and it shocks me to find that this is impossible it seems. REALLY!!!??? Is this REALLY the case!?
  12. Rissy

    Front Passenger Door "Clicking" Noise

    This is certainly true. I know my civic like the back of my hand. I've done so much to it over the years, including 5yrs ago i stripped down and rebuilt the gearbox after replacing a couple of bearings inside. I love/hate the car these days. love it because it's just been with me forever, but hate it because it's getting old and starting to show its age, and starting to give me more jip as a result (latest clicking noise as an example) and i feel betrayed a little after all the hard work, dedication and effort i've put in to keep the old girl going. She's never wanted for anything in 14.5yrs! Such great cars these, they really are. Reliable, comfortable, pretty easy to work on, easily modifiable (if you're into that sort of thing). I don't think they have been given the recognition they deserve, and with dwindling numbers these days, mostly i'd say due to cannibalism for their engines, i feel somewhat obligated/privileged to be a continuing custodian of one. One of these days, they will be a rare sight at any car show for sure.
  13. Rissy

    Front Passenger Door "Clicking" Noise

    Thanks for that. I'm under the car fairly regularly, and can be sure that the chassis is fine. This noise is definitely coming from the door. Rolling down the window by a smidge, stops the clicking, so it has to be something to do with the window runner mechanism. I've pretty much exhausted looking at everything around it now.
  14. Rissy

    Front Passenger Door "Clicking" Noise

    Unfortunately not the stay. I think i've angered whatever it is that's doing it, because its now even worse than ever. I'm now suspecting its the runner mechanism where there must be some sort of rollers or something which run along the horizontal bar for winding the window up and down. But as said before, to get into all that properly means de-gooing the entire door for proper access. A horrible job by anyone's standards. I just hadn't followed up because i've been up to my eyes with other car problems with my other cars, and i wasn't sure anyone was still following or not. I am indeed Scottish. From Edinburgh, like yourself. I moved to Rugby in 2004 for work purposes and been based here ever since. My Civic used to live in Edinburgh too, and she does make it up every so often, but not as much since she's becoming an old girl now, and more demanding for attention, so although i'm sure I could make the long journey in her ok, i don't like to push her too much. 14+ yrs i've owned this car for now. Still all stock and original. 127,000 miles on the clock and counting. I'm sure if it wasn't for me, she would have been scrapped a long time ago! Anyway, when i get around to it, i'll get into that runner and report back. Watch this space.