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  1. just taken my trans off as i’m replacing the clutch and flywheel on my mb2, anyone got any ideas on the torque specs for the flywheel and pressure plate bolts? or where i could find them? thanks in advance
  2. This is my bapmobile, 5 door 1.4s fastback. Neat little drive for what it is. I used to drive a 2004 Honda Accord before I moved here from the USA She came with a set of steel 185 14 inch wheels, but I found a set of 16" MG alloys that fit, so I she drives on a set of Toyo TR1s at 205/50/R16 I just replaced the clutch slave cylinder, and a few months ago I bypassed a section of the PAS line returning to the reservoir that had started leaking. Rimmerbros didn't have a replacement part so I ran a reinforced rubber hose back through to the reservoir. I'm currently in the process of installing a hardrace front uprated bushing suspension kit, and a couple pieces for the rear suspension as well. -Front- *Lower control arms + compliance bushing and ARB links *Upper control arms *Hardrace upper and lower ball joints *New front shocks *New hub and bearings *New drifeshafts *Brake caliper slide pin kit *New brake discs and pads -Rear- *Polyurethane bushing Lower control arms *Hardrace adjustable toe and camber links *I do have shocks for the rear but I haven't swapped over the coil yet I might invest in a new trailing arm bushing as well, as it's clearly an important piece of the rear geometry. Let me know what you think! I'll have to get some updated pictures once she is back on the ground
  3. Hello all Haven’t been part of a forum for a very long time, but thought there might be some helpful bits I’ll find whilst doing work on the car and need to find on here too. Last car s**t the bed on me and I needed something reliable and somewhat cheap to drive, plus it had to be something I’d enjoy driving and owning, all on a not very large budget. Searched eBay and auto trader for anything Honda and looked at a few different chassis until I came across the mb2. There were a few around but all more money and worse condition than I would have liked, or literally the other side of the country and I didn’t have time to drive that far to get them. Settled on a blue 1.4s mb2 that was around the Leeds area so not too far from me, garage guy wanted a grand, decent condition, few decent scratches too, 56000 miles and no history. Perfect for me. Went to go see it on the night time as only time I could go due to work, car was filthy, oily handprints all over it and didn’t start because of a flat battery. Not a promising start. Test drive was a bit lacklustre, was used to driving a mk1 Octavia vrs so it was a super slouch in comparison, true grandad mobile but instantly I wanted it. Pointed out a few bits on return and said “800 good for you?” He said yes. Few days later I looked in the boot and found they’d left an Autotel code reader/multimeter that’s about £150ish, didn’t know if they’d left it in there so I could clear the eml light on the dash that appeared on the way home but that’s what I stuck with Didn’t take any photos of it before the AliExpress parcels started coming in so I think these are the earliest After it’s first proper clean and wax, paint is in lovely condition, pretty sure it’s a dead man’s car, garaged and lightly used. Alloys are wrecked though, heavy corrosion and really badly brush painted where they’ve flaked. I do quite like them though so I plan to refurb them and paint them myself when I get a bit of time, tyres on the fronts aren’t too bad, rears are ancient. Obligatory Mugen pedals and spoon shift knob, mats are from an ep I had made years ago Whale p***s was free from a friend and HKS filter was from Ali, along with the Mugen socks, Password washers, Mugen rad cap and oil cap, and the oil catch can too. Bit of an awkward fitment for the catch can but it’s tidy and it works.
  4. Yeah, the paint is a bit ... eh. Better than rust though, amirite?
  5. This appeared on ebay recently. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/394417810525 It has a W prefix plate, but according to the MOT check site was registered 26th January 2001. The listing doesn't mention it being a personal plate. As far as I can tell, it should be on an X prefix plate if it was first registered on that date. https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk/results?registration=w215xae
  6. Hi guys and gals I'm Joe and I am the proud owner of a 1995 Civic Ma8. I have been on the forum a few times looking for guidance to keep my old girl going well so thought I should get involved and introduce myself. I got my Civic from my friends Grandfather, who had kept the miles down low and the maintenance upto date. I've owned her for 3 years now, and she's my daily so her mileage is now sitting at a eye watering height of 66k lol. I really enjoy owning her but I do struggle to find the right parts when trying to source replacement bits!!! Online auto-factors "reg checks" are bloody useless, and the fleshy things behind the counters are not much better!! Although I'm convinced they made the early MA'S out of the 'left over parts' shelves in the Honda factories!!! I never know if I should be looking at bits listed for MB's or EJ's Anyhow I hope to learn more soon. Look forward to sharing more in the future. :D
  7. Was reading my Classic Car Weekly and one of the readers had put their car forward for the "value my car" section where they get an idea what their car is worth according to the experts. There was a 98 Rover sterling with around 60K on the clock and most of its history. They recon the value is around 3.5 to 4K and advised to get an agreed value policy on it. Same year (almost) as DD and know quite a few of our Civic M's are either 1999 or older so got me wondering if anyone here has ventured into the agreed value route yet with their Civic. I'm thinking of asking them for a value on DD just out of curiosity, as know the tossers at WeBuyAnyCar dot con (where most insurance companies base their values on now) value her at around £250! Which would maybe buy the alloys and bugger all else! Just with them getting pretty rare now, thinking surely the values (that they are actually worth) have gone up now? Don't want to get caught out if the worst happens so deffo thinking about the agreed value policy. Anyone got one on theirs and if so what value did you get agreed?
  8. Hi. I need to replace the suspension of my MB2. I'm thinking of putting KONI Sport from an EK, because there's no KONI for MBs anymore, and I want something a little sportier for him. Do you know if it will work well on the MB chassis? I don't want to put coilovers, because in portugal it's illegal and my MB2 is my daily car.
  9. As title, what's the best Ecu for a standard b18c4 with full stainless exhaust system
  10. Hello there, just picked up an mb2 last week! I currently own an fn2 type r but needed something a little more sensible for family outings. I've fell in love with how the old girl looks and although a few things need doing (body wise) everything is great! I'm hoping to throw on the vti kit at some point! I've attached an image of how she looks right now, previous owner added a few personal choices to the car. Currently I have the original tape player installed but I'd much rather use a cd player, does anyone know what type I would need? how difficult is removing the tape player and installing a cd player on the mb? I'm used to driving much younger cars so I don't want to mess anything up in the mb! Knowing the vti and civic sport models are so much more desirable, how does the mb2 stand? just a base spec civic of the era or anything special about the mb2? I really have no idea on this generation civic lol thank you for reading, look forward to meeting fellow mb folk!
  11. Hey guys. I have a quick question I hope you can help me with. Do any of you know if the reverse light is placed opposite in RHD vs LHD on an Mb?
  12. I tried to change the original PCV valve with a new aftermarket one (cheap). It was hard to remove the old one and it cracked in two pieces. I got it all out eventually while very frustrating. Putting the new one was surprisingly hard too. I did attach it to the hose surprisingly easily but it was hard to press the new valve back into the hole. There's no space so hard to apply any strengh. I'm not sure if it's all the way down. It looks pretty good but i think it could be a little off. The aftermarket valves rubber part was a bit longer than in the old OEM one. Maybe that makes it hard too. Anyway tried to start the car after all the work and i think the idling is a bit off. It could be running lean or rich if i installed it wrong... There is some smell and exhaust gas smells a bit rich too although i always had trouble with emissions/car running too rich. Also the car is using oil so that's also the reason for trying to change pcv valve. I haven't test driven yet but i'm afraid i could've made things worse. Might have to take the car to a car mechanic. Tried to save some money by doing it myself because the valve is in a bad spot in these engines as you may know. Is it harmful to the engine if i installed it badly? Is running rich or lean harmful to engine? When i pressed the gas pedal at idle it didnt sound healthy/strong. Choking sounds and hesitating sound but the pedal feel was normal. Should i try to drive the car or let someone take a look?
  13. I've noticed at night time some of my switches don't light up does anyone know what type of twist fit bulbs i need to find/order to replace them?? ones i know are out are clock, mirror adj, headlight adj
  14. Hello everyone, I see this pic today on FB and I'm crazy looking for this white rear lights, any know where I can find? Or maybe is a diy mod?
  15. What is the your favourite mod that you've done to your Civic? Lets see your mods, post a photo of the mod too!
  16. Hi all, I have a 5dr 98 Civic MB2. I was planning to do some mods but I couldn’t find any clear side repeater/indicator lenses for it for sale. Any ideas please? thanks
  17. Well here it is installed in a car, bits and bobs still to do to finish off but its in and functional Big thanks to dave for his work and letting me finish off the project
  18. Hi ladies and gentlemen, I’m new to the forum. However I’ve owned a Honda since the day I passed my test, albeit a daily or a track car. I recently purchased an mb6 from a lady from the village I grew up in. The main reason for the post is to see if anyone knows how many white mb6’s were sold/are still about. Everyone I’ve spoken to has said they’ve never seen one in white
  19. Heres my daily, Bought last year as a stop gap for £500.00 ending up keeping it, She is a d16 and is now on a wooping 62k, Was standard when I bought it, and never saw polish or wax from the old guy who had her 17 odd years So far, Ive lowered her on coilovers, Tinted the front light yellow with film, tinted the rear lights with tail light tint spray, fitted a red rear honda badge and de badged the rear rear kode tow hook, kode bonnet rasiers on the front, OMP steering wheel, rear VIP curtains, Junction produce neck pillows, stick bombed the glove box, Cherry bomb back box fitted by custom chrome, led number plate light bulbs, sonic gear gatior and dildo ger knob, wind delfecters, purple sudade a pilars and arm rest lid, 2 jbl gt4 subs powered off a phoenix gold amp, fusion 6x9, Super mario parcel shelf Got mgzs mirrors to fit soon as well
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