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  1. Hunting for the jackpot 2 times a week with a friend of mine
  2. The only problem is: real car enthusiasts can't leave the car stock for a long period of time My modding-wish list has grown very quick: Some nice 18 or 19" wheels D2 Racing Air suspension Spoon Sports front bumper Spoon Sports shift knob Window tint Next question: how to win in the lottery...???
  3. Thx Simon...!!! The xcarlink multimedia video interface sounds good to me. Adding video + rear view camera input to the nav-screen...!!!
  4. Thx...i think it's a mix of blue, purple and black...depending on light and the angle you look at the car. Thx...the shooting was done with my old Sony F-828.
  5. Thx...the color is Indigo blue pearl. It's not in perfect condition, a polishing job should bring up the full potential of the color. And yes, my wife is very happy with the car...!!!
  6. Ok...new thread...new pics...!!! http://civic5.com/forum/index.php/topic/8925-k7000s-new-daily-honda-accord-22i-ctdi-executive/
  7. Here we are...my new daily driver: Honda Accord 2.2i-CTDi Executive 2004 model Because of some major problems with my MB9 i had to buy a new car for everyday driving. I have a lot of mileage during one year, so i wanted to get a diesel. I have the car now since last tuesday...it's really comfortable and the Executive Edition is packed with some nice gimmicks. Mods on my wish list so far: 18 or 19" wheels plus lowering the car to the ground. Here are my favorite pics of the first shooting - pure original look...no mods...that's how i bought it:
  8. Have the car now since tuesday...it's really comfortable and the Executive Edition is packed with some nice gimmicks. Love the premium sound system and the electric rear trunk. Always good for some surprised faces at the supermarket...!!!
  9. Hey Craig, the deck is sold but i still have the nice MiM 7x15 wheels, that i wanted to polish. Could not send you a private message (box full...???).
  10. Yes...it's a shame about the deck...!!! But i need a daily driver without tons of problems to fix. If i could afford 2 cars i would have kept the deck as my project car...but since i know myself better, it will not last long until i start buying new parts for my daily. 18 or 19" wheels plus lowereing the car to the ground is already on my wish list Looks very good imo:
  11. That's life...all future plans for the Aerodeck gone. But the Accord is a nice alternative even though it's not the oldschool look that i prefer. Middle of next week...then i will take some more pictures. But the car is 100% stock...no upgrade parts.
  12. Yes, i will start a project thread...but my wife wanted to hear a big promise after buying the Accord: No tuning parts until the end of this year Thx...after the first test drive i felt in love with it...it's a really nice car...!!!
  13. Ok...my MB9 slomo project is over. Murphy had too much fun with new incidents over an over again...i could not finish one major problem before the next problem appeared...!!! Just before my vacation my windscreen was damaged...a huge crack from the bottom to the middle on the passenger side...!!! That's basicly too much money, that i would have to put into the car this year to keep it. So there was only one reasonable decision: getting another car I have a lot of mileage during one year, so i wanted to get a diesel for daily driving plus i was looking again for a station wagon. This is it: 2004 Honda Accord CN2 2.2 i-CDTI with very nice equipment on board Only plans for now: KW v1 inox coilovers and some nice 18 or 19" wheels
  14. What a difference compared to the stock suspension...!!! The chassis looks so much better lowered to the ground.
  15. Yes...the polished lips work great with the inner gold color...!!! If you are not only looking for a MC2 it should be possible to find one in a good condition i think. You can choose a model with less power and do an engine swap sooner or later...that's what i'm planing to do. Mhhhhhhhhh...hmmmmmmmm...i'm every day like: ohhhhh i would like to go lower to get some extra sexiness, but then again i'm like: ok it's my daily driver and it should be functional...!!! A little bit lower with some camber still would be nice.
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