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  1. easily done on a d-series, will make it a chunk cheaper
  2. hp goal, for what use? fast road/track/drag/daily driver psi is pretty irrelivant, depends on size of turbo. https://honda-tech.com/forums/forced-induction-16/ I started out as a cheap boost build. Many have said it, honda + boost is not cheap. base parts my cost clutch - 350 new turbo - 300 second hand manifold - 150 new cast hondata - 500 new wideband + oil pressure/temp - 220 new ic/piping - 100 new exhaust - 350 new + cheap wastegate - 50 lines water and oil - 50 injectors - 100 second hand Then brakes, tyres, tuning loads of little bits, servicing.
  3. its been an expensive day,,, getting ready for JAE, lots of servicing and tidying to do May have just spent £799 on meisters also...
  4. Another Shell, Another Engine, Another Turbo, Another Build... The latest incarnation:
  5. b16/ b18 best bet, the b20 has the thinnest sleeves, depends what you want it for, hondatech is a great site for learning about boost and honda, tones of info there. turbo, t3 frame as our engines like to breath, i'm using garret 3071r., minimal lag and no creep, 330hp at10psi
  6. yeh all the kit fits s**t luck, glad you're getting it sorted, think you should join the boosted deck club.....
  7. if its aftermarket, honda bond if its OEM, oil. i only say this aftermarket can have greater tolerences in quality and depending on the brand
  8. 3gdean


    what turbo/power, will also need breather setup/modification
  9. that pin is a pain in the arse!! i just un do it at the shifter side, 12mm nut and bolt, still have the linkage attached but not that awkward unless you plan on moving the box miles away from the car.
  10. got to specialist, unsure whether you can get repair patches? will propbably need abit of the innner and sill welding too.
  11. easy (if you've done any gearbox before) having a couple of jack makes life easier than struggling with one.
  12. Will be going Nurburgring in July so after lots of reading i've decided to go for prelude (bb1) brembo blanks with Carbone Lorraine pads. The prelude discs need 1mm spacer from the hub/ easier to take 1mm off the caliper/bracket. Will let you all know how this works out. £66 for the discs £126 for the pads, so pretty much the same as ds2500 which I wasn't amazed with.
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