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  1. Apexy55

    MB9 rear disc opinion

    Hey everyone, before I ask for your opinion I simply ask not to judge on the problem leading to it, thank you. So I own an MB9 and was looking around for nice rear discs since I have upgraded my front ones to brembo max with a dot 5.1 oil. Since I was needing brake pads too I had a look at ebc for the parts. After a few chats with some mates (one being a parts dealer and being sure it was 239mm rear size and no measurements done) we decided that the size was 239mm on the back and ordered Ultimax rear disc with green stuff pads for front and rear. 2 weeks later here I am with tiny pads for the rear and 35mm of disc contact for the pads on the rear which I thought was strange since the oem ones got something like 45mm. I have had a chat with ebc technician over thr phone and he sweared the mb9 comes from factory with the 260mm and the pads being the same size as the vti. So now my question.. Since I am from Portugal and they were ordered from UK, should I keep and install them or go through the trouble of replacing them for the 260mm ones? Is the stopping power that different? Thank you
  2. Apexy55


    Hey there. I got Koni Sport on my MB9 with Mad Sportive lowering springs and noticed that the rear left side was sitting higher about 10mm at full soft setting. I put the back shocks at full stiffness to check for anything different and the same side dropped all the way down (no space between tire and wheel arch), so i sent the rear shocks to the local koni garage. Just waiting for a response from them.. Now the deck has front koni and 1/2 turn stiff with the back on stock shocks and mad sportive springs. The ride itself is wonderful, not bouncy and the steering response is fantastic. I do recommend you get yours serviced. BTW gonna try out the Nankang NS-2R 195-50 R15 very soon, i'll leave some feedback sometime soon.
  3. Apexy55

    D16z6 exhaust mani

    Hey everyone. Finally moved on from The little ma8.. couldn't resist and got myself a mb9 in mint condition, roughly 130k miles from 99, I will be posting pics in the project threads. I'll explain in more detail once I write up the project topic so I'm going straight to the question. I will be looking for a d16z6 exhaust manifold and thinking of getting the mc2/mb6 exhaust system but the backbox. Will the cat off the mc2 be a perfect fit to the downpipe from the z6 mani? Open to more suggestions! Thanks Filipe