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  1. koni

    Hey there. I got Koni Sport on my MB9 with Mad Sportive lowering springs and noticed that the rear left side was sitting higher about 10mm at full soft setting. I put the back shocks at full stiffness to check for anything different and the same side dropped all the way down (no space between tire and wheel arch), so i sent the rear shocks to the local koni garage. Just waiting for a response from them.. Now the deck has front koni and 1/2 turn stiff with the back on stock shocks and mad sportive springs. The ride itself is wonderful, not bouncy and the steering response is fantastic. I do recommend you get yours serviced. BTW gonna try out the Nankang NS-2R 195-50 R15 very soon, i'll leave some feedback sometime soon.
  2. D16z6 exhaust mani

    Hey everyone. Finally moved on from The little ma8.. couldn't resist and got myself a mb9 in mint condition, roughly 130k miles from 99, I will be posting pics in the project threads. I'll explain in more detail once I write up the project topic so I'm going straight to the question. I will be looking for a d16z6 exhaust manifold and thinking of getting the mc2/mb6 exhaust system but the backbox. Will the cat off the mc2 be a perfect fit to the downpipe from the z6 mani? Open to more suggestions! Thanks Filipe