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  1. Jamalam724

    Josh Smith's MB6 Fast Road Build

    someone say 17s
  2. Jamalam724

    Jamalams Ipad build

    So she is - Fitted! As you can see, this is why i want a new case for the front, something with a bit better quality. You can also see my glove box build. needs a few more bulbs etc but you get the idea. ( thread to follow when complete ) I'll try and get a picture at night when the footwells are glowing etc aswell...
  3. Jamalam724

    Jamalams Ipad build

    Yeah iPad will be powered and re moveable etc.... It's the bigger ipad!
  4. Jamalam724

    Jamalams Ipad build

    Hi all, thought id post a thread on the journey i had, whilst making my Ipad unit. so first things first i had to get the centre console out, this was fairly easy and straight forward. a few screws here and there. I then chopped away abit of the face of the console so the ipad case would sit nicely. Here below is my first case i used. A 'test run' .... so my next step was to move the heat controls down about 3 inches, it wasn't until i unscrewed them i realised 2 of them worked on a ' bike cable ' this was my first hurdle... extending the cable. So First i un done the both of them and re fed them through different gaps in the dash to give myself enough to be able to move the unit down. the next step was cutting a slight gap in the dash so it would sit straight. I then cut down both sides of the control unit, as you can see here :- as you can see both sides were trimmed to fit. Leaving me with this... A few days later it come across me that i could fit the cd player somewhere else and still have access to the radio etc. so my next hurdle was to trace the wires and bring them to the bottom of the dash, i installed the cd player as shown... So... the cd player still works, i have stacks of music on my ipad... using the 'hidden' aux lead which ive tucked behind the dash... i can simply select aux on the cd player and away i go... I will get some in car pics when i have better light... and the inside has had a good clean I will be looking out for a better case to cover the front of my ipad. something a little more robust ( hard plastic ) I didnt like the carbon wrap one bit. so done away with that.... any ideas where i can get a hard plastic case that covers the front light my does? Any questions.... fire away
  5. Finally got to see this in the flesh yesterday. Low is an understatement... mines low and it made mine look like a monster truck... I'm sure matt or myself will have a few pics up of them together soon.
  6. Jamalam724

    Coilovers - knocking

    Yeah, gunna have to deal with it until i get abit more light in the evenings. from memory, when i fitted them about 6 months ago ( new ) there was no knocking... so as they've settled in and got abit softer the car has dropped a good 10mm so might be a simple fix by raising the car slightly again... will let everyone know as soon as a solve the problem for future reference
  7. Ok stupid question... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honda-Civic-1-4-Hatch-95-01-Sportex-Exhaust-Race-Tube-/291325086373?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item43d4540aa5 This says its for the hatch 3 door... i cant seem to find anything for an mb2... are the centre pipes the same length and shape etc... looking to buy a straight through exhaust
  8. Jamalam724

    Coilovers - knocking

    Brand new all round, its the front drivers side that its coming from? Going to un bolt the coilover and tak eit out, look for any damamge all around, if its metal on metal chances are it will leave a mark.. Hope to get this solved, its irratating as f**k
  9. Jamalam724

    Coilovers - knocking

    Hi guys replaced the anti roll bar drop links today, and im still getting the same knocking noise? metal on metal... when i go over a small hole or bump so when the shock is enlarging in size? If that makes sence? sounds like its mainly drivers size? should i take the coilover out and put it back in? no seated right?
  10. Jamalam724

    Removal of the centre console surround

    Sounds fun! ill give it ago when i get a bit of spare time and its not dark!
  11. Hi guys.... Before i go hacking it apart.... Where are the screws that hold the centre console ( Plastic around the cd player/ heater dials ) etc etc Thanks
  12. Jamalam724

    show cage?

    So... Never really seen one in an MB? Anyone done it or something similar? Id love one but dont fancy spending a fortune. Whats peoples thoughts?
  13. Jamalam724

    Coilovers - knocking

    http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=330874602635 This what I'm looking for?
  14. Jamalam724

    Coilovers - knocking

    Great thanks for the fast replies. It's the drivers front. Feels like it's roghtby my feet. I'll get it on a ramp and check