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  1. I think the water pump died, causing it to boil all its coolant and cause catastrophic head gasket failure. Could've caught it if I could work out why my dash isn't working, but alas, that gremlin is still a mystery, so I might be swapping a complete engine bay loom.
  2. Afraid not, too busy enjoying the experience to even think about filming anything. Hopefully get some later in the year when I go back. On another note, its broken again, hopefully picking a donor car up this week
  3. Definitely worth it @Krzys, I'm going over again at some point this year. @dmrichards car was great. Definitely needs a rear anti-roll bar though Go hard, Nurburgring was my first ever track experience, 9:52 on a damp track with two yellow flags was my best time.
  4. @Dave absolutely brilliant. Ferry from Dover to Dunkirk, then through France, Belgium, Holland and Germany down to the 'ring. Car performed well considering the punishment it took whilst over there, but I'm definitely picking up the pieces from it now with various niggles appearing
  5. Slightly overdue an update. Replaced front discs and pads, went for DS2500 pads and MTEC discs. Meister R's sneaking in the background too Then she went to the ring. My first ever experience round a track. Small Honda meet down the New Forest, was good to see such a variety Matt
  6. By my standards, not very low at all (check my thread for my MB2). I think a combination of crap coilovers and a bad bit of luck did it, mixed in with naughty speeds.
  7. The floor. Was going for a spirited drive, went a bit quick through a small dip and the gearbox smashed the floor under full suspension compression.
  8. Well, this was the damage done But she's back on the road now, with some new shoes Next up, replacing the ProSport Coilovers with a set of Meister R's
  9. Eventually, yes. And the fact that how low it is has caused me to destroy the gearbox case already Oops
  10. Cheers, not going too low, want to be able to use the power. Will probably end up being stripped out with just a couple of bucket seats.
  11. I just cant stay away from Honda M's it seems, after 8 months or so of driving boring diesels since putting the G99P MB2 into storage, I seem to have acquired an MC2. Couldnt really say no for £600 with a few mods already. Just need a quieter exhaust so its legal for track days Matt
  12. So, where do I sign up to MB Civics anonymous? I've bought another Matt
  13. Yeh thats when Ricky had it. And yeh, known Dunlop from RC cars, now he makes my silly exhausts! MB2 currently looking like this. Wheels soon and bonnet raisers being removed, plus another silly exhaust! Matt
  14. Little update: MB6 had a few issues related to oil starvation Sold MB6, bought a VW Golf Cabby Golf broke. Realised I didnt really like it Bought my old G99P MB2 back Would put some pictures up, but this new forum is confusing and they're not working Matt
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