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  1. Dodgy foglight plug, can I bypass it?

    I tried to solder in the proper/more permanent connector that I bought but that has got to be one of the world's most awkward places to work in! So I gave up and resorted to using the connector I posted a photo of in my first post, fog light works absolutely fine now. I'll soon find out how long it lasts!
  2. Dodgy foglight plug, can I bypass it?

    Yeah I realised that would be the wrong type of connector after I posted it, that just happened to be the first thing I found at home that I might be able to use! I ordered a waterproof connector today anyway
  3. Dodgy foglight plug, can I bypass it?

    That's the answer I was hoping for! I'll give it a go at the weekend, cheers
  4. Whilst having a little pre-MOT check over (3 years ago) I noticed one of the front foglights wasn't working so I changed the bulb assuming it was a blown bulb. That didn't fix it, then while fiddling around and poking it and swearing lots I wiggled the connector plug and the bulb lit up - culprit found! If you squeezed the two plugs together it worked, as soon as you let go it stopped. Two cable ties around the plugs solved the problem and it worked fine for another 3 years...... Until now. I've tried putting new cable ties on (cable ties usually fix any problem!) and it still won't work, but if you squeeze the plugs together by hand then the bulb lights up again. Obviously it needs to work for the MOT next month, so is that sort of plug by-passable? Can I just cut out the plug and use a connector like the one in the second picture I've attached?
  5. Clutch? Gearbox? Lots of money?

    £360 later..... IT'S FIXED!! Then drove it straight back to my usual garage and booked it in for an upper suspension arm and lower ball joint in a couple of days time, nice cheap week for me haha! Oh, and my insurance is up for renewal at the end of the month too...
  6. Clutch? Gearbox? Lots of money?

    I'm hoping I have the same luck then! The last 18 months seems to have been never ending expensive repairs so if a new clutch doesn't sort it then there'll most likely be yet another MB6 being broken or being sold very cheap
  7. Clutch? Gearbox? Lots of money?

    That's interesting, did the new clutch sort your problem?
  8. Clutch? Gearbox? Lots of money?

    It's booked in for Monday so I'll update then with either a sad face or a smile. Cheers, fingers crossed!
  9. Clutch? Gearbox? Lots of money?

    That's what I was thinking, had a clutch go on my old car with those symptoms. Just seems a bit strange that it's been low and heavy for 80,000 miles of my/my dads ownership, and I've spoken to the guy at Honda that we bought it off who was the first owner and he said it was always low and heavy when he had it too. Hopefully it is just the clutch though, spent far too much on repairs in the last year!
  10. Hi guys, over the last week or so my gearbox/clutch has started to feel a bit odd... When stationary with the engine off it goes into each gear fine with or without using the clutch. When stationary with the engine running it goes into each gear fine using the clutch 99% of the time. When driving at any speed it sometimes struggles to change up or down a gear, it feels like you have to force it in and sometimes you even get a nice crunch! But sometimes you can't even get it to crunch into gear, it just feels solid.. I've been and spoken to the mechanic I usually use and he thinks the clutch and all synchromesh rings need replacing/gearbox rebuild and it'll easily be well over £1000 (oh the joys!). I've also spoken to two Vauxhall master tech's that I know and they both think it's just the clutch because it's VERY unlikely that all the synchromesh rings would go at the same time? I know MB6's have a bit of a reputation for the sychnromesh going on the lower gears which can cause a similar problem, but mine does it on every gear so that makes me think it's not the synchromesh? The clutch is heavy and the biting point is really low but it's been like that for the last 80,000 miles (it's been bled numerous times and it's made no difference at all), it doesn't slip at all and pulls like a train in every gear. The car's done just shy of 152,000 miles, and it's still on the original clutch so it wouldn't surprise me if it is just the clutch that needs replacing, but before I go and throw even more ££££ at the car/mechanic, has anybody got any ideas? Cheers!
  11. Headliner sagging abit before it gets worse.

    The headlining started sagging really badly in my MB6, along with the cloth on both of the front door cards. My quick fix was to get the staple gun out! Obviously it doesn't look amazing but it's not that noticeable to be honest, and how often does anybody look closely at the headlining above the back seats anyway? So if it's just a daily and you're not that bothered about it looking 100% amazing and don't want to take the whole lot off then a few sneaky staples will do the job.
  12. MB6 speaker sizes?

    @jdmsaq so not the 4" like everybody says they are haha! Think I've got some 5.25" kicking around somewhere so I'll stick those in this weekend. Is there a certain type of Astra adaptor I need or are they all the same?
  13. MB6 speaker sizes?

    You probably know what I'm on about already but this is my problem http://flic.kr/p/pnjr97 Everywhere I've looked says the standards are 4" but clearly not! Think I'll have to make an adapter at work.. Unless they're not actually 4" speakers?
  14. MB6 speaker sizes?

    I know there's already a million and one threads on here and on other forums about speaker sizes, but here's another for you.. From what I've read everywhere, the MB6 standard fronts are 6" and the rears are 4"? So how come the 4" speakers I've got are too small and don't fit the mounting holes? Do I need some sort of adapter? Cheers! 😤