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    Driving/constantly repairing a nighthawk black Civic MB6 that's got a Tegiwa decat, AEM induction kit, some horrendously bright reversing bulbs, and a whole list of possible future modifications...

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  1. Knobbly tyres?! They’ll weigh too much!! Only been out for one ride but so far so good, hoping to rack up some miles over the winter.
  2. I’m liking all these new bikes being posted! I’ve been a bit quiet on here recently but another toy has joined the fleet for me as well.. After about 10 years of saying I’d never get a road bike
  3. Few miles then! The best blue and the red are both great fun, every time I do them I find a new line through a section which is more fun than the last! Yeah the black run doesn't have a great reputation, I've never bothered doing it. There's some much better downhill trails about a mile away if you ever fancy trying them!
  4. Haha you're not the first person to say that! Only it'd be a brand new one if I was a sales rep though Thought so! Did you do all the XC trails while you were there?
  5. 56 miles?! I'm happy when I do 20! Ventured down to Haldon Forest last week for the first time in a few years to do the XC loops, highly recommend it to anybody that's in the south west! I seem to remember somebody on here saying they'd been a little while ago too. And this is the MB6 replacement!
  6. I'm sad to say I left the MB6 club this week and got myself a new toy.... but I still have my bikes, so am I allowed to stay? That Segment is lovely, colour combo works well!
  7. Went out for a ride on Friday evening, missed a turning by accident (daydreaming ) and my planned 12 mile ride ended up turning into a 20 mile adventure!
  8. Not quite 134 miles this week for me either! Did 7 miles on Saturday with my girlfriend and then went out for another 13 by myself today. I may live down in the middle of the Devon countryside but I'm in a rubbish area for riding, the nearest trail centre is an hours drive away and there's no forests local to me that are big enough to have any good XC loops, so I'm basically just riding on the road between villages and doing a lap of any forest fireroads that I find on my route. Not the most exciting but at least I'm on the bike. Loving the new bike so far though, rides like a dream!
  9. There is a lot of lingo to learn ! A dropper post is a seatpost that can be raised or lowered either by a button on the handlebars or a lever under the saddle (like mine's got), so you don't have to keep getting off the bike to raise or lower the saddle. And a hardtail is a bike that has front suspension and a rigid rear, hence the name - hard tail. Front and rear suspension = full suspension, only front suspension = hardtail, no suspension = rigid.
  10. Got it for a good price considering the parts on it so I'm happy! Shimano Zee cranks, shifter and mech, SLX brakes, brand new Hope chainring, Easton carbon bars, KS dropper post, and Revelations soaking up the bumps. I put the SDG saddle and Saint pedals on, and a set of Renthal grips. It's the first dropper post I've ever ridden/used and I'd definitely recommend one, makes life so much easier! That Pace is lovely, I do like a bright orange bike haha!
  11. Got myself a new toy! Been doing lots of road riding/light XC recently on my Reign which it definitely isn't built for , so I treated myself to this!
  12. I tried to solder in the proper/more permanent connector that I bought but that has got to be one of the world's most awkward places to work in! So I gave up and resorted to using the connector I posted a photo of in my first post, fog light works absolutely fine now. I'll soon find out how long it lasts!
  13. Yeah I realised that would be the wrong type of connector after I posted it, that just happened to be the first thing I found at home that I might be able to use! I ordered a waterproof connector today anyway
  14. That's the answer I was hoping for! I'll give it a go at the weekend, cheers
  15. The only cycling related present I got was some new Troy Lee riding gloves from the Mrs! Went out downhilling with with a mate on Christmas Eve which was my first time downhilling in about 2 years. Got absolutely plastered in mud, hit some big jumps, and it's given me the bug again! Other than that the only riding I've been doing since my last post is riding on the roads - which is a bit of a slog on a bike with 160mm of suspension and 2.4" knobbly tyres!
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