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  1. the stalks are the same didn't change that just the AirBag Slip Ring / Squib honda mg my honda steering wheel badly worn and i had a spare mg and i saw a few people was asking about it so fort might as well give it a go. it slightly smaller feel nice to drive with and it soon have a red and carbon honda badge
  2. when getting the steering wheel grab the airbag/horn ring with all wires and the 4 screws for ring pink wire and white wire are not needed. green wire is horn . red/yellow wire and red wire are for airbag before staring disconnect battery t30 star key to take airbag off unplug airbag and horn and earth wire make shore steering wheel straight 19 mm socket to undo center nut and take column cover off 3 philips screws then there 3 philp screws holding on airbag/horn ring on honda horn wire is red join to mg green wire airbag honda yellow wire to mg red wire and honda green wire to mg red/yellow wire do not solder with airbag plugged in as the heat can set it off put mg airbag ring on column screw 4 philips in. plug wire in. put column cover back on. put steering wheel on. plug airbag and horn in all in and working and srs airbag light is off but dont no if it will work in a crash and i'm not gonna crash it to test that part this is a guide so you will bee doing this at your own risk
  3. the mg had better looking and a fresh new look dash so i swapped that as well
  4. as you can see i had loads of fun snap 3 bolt but got all i need so all good got shocker and all arms and rear antiroll bar gonna clean it all up and poly bush it at some point
  5. fix driveshaft as well got new one from r and j for £25 done 2000 mile on it still going strong and got mg hairpin alloy on with 195 50 16 tyre on this weekend im picking up a mg zs 1.6 striping all suspension part off it il try get some good pic
  6. work i done on the first week of owning car new front caliper and painted fixing door lock put my rover 400 alloy on look better that the 13" still wheels painted grill black
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