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  1. Brake discs

    Best thing to do on a budget is to get MGZS discs and calipers as they are 4x100.
  2. COTM - September 2017 - Dawn's Deck wins!

    Excllent, I'll take gonnorea .
  3. COTM - September 2017 - Dawn's Deck wins!

    I chose the winner (again)
  4. New member

    All doors! Hi!
  5. 175k miles, what induction kit and spark plugs?

    Denso iridium spark plugs! And a Integra type R air box
  6. I'am new

    Welcome to the Matrix Marnix.
  7. COTM - September 2017 - Dawn's Deck wins!

    Davedawns Aerodeck! https://civic5.com/forum/topic/53-dawns-civic-aerodeck-updated-28513/
  8. MZ ZR sideskirts

    Also= Honda Domini, Honda Civic M series, Rover 400, MGZS.
  9. Seat belt buckles wanted

    Best bet would be a local scrappy. All M series ones are definitely the same.
  10. Honda civic MB3 proud owner

  11. Very Clean MB6 wanted. Midlands.

    I'm always having the main course!
  12. MZ ZR sideskirts

    ZR - Completely designed from the ground up by Austin Rover. ZS- a Honda with Austin Rover dress up kit and engine.
  13. Turbo help

    Why? Why would you want only 180bhp! You might as well get a b18 deck and do a few mods!