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  1. Radio roof antenna Height/Angle adjustment

    It's like the wife, the more you show it to her the less erect it'll become!
  2. Radio roof antenna Height/Angle adjustment

    Multi story car park with a cealing?
  3. This is true. But on this occasion... Or is that a bluff?
  4. Electric Sunroof Glass

    Oh my! I suspect your best bet would be a breakers or scrap yard! @10000rpm maybe able to help!
  5. Coilovers

    Hopefully you mean can you fit them one at a time until they are all done before driving! Yes, yes you can!
  6. Issue uploading pics

    I found that photos taken with an app would do that, so if you snapped it using messenger or WhatsApp it wouldn't upload!
  7. Brake discs

    Best thing to do on a budget is to get MGZS discs and calipers as they are 4x100.
  8. COTM - September 2017 - Dawn's Deck wins!

    Excllent, I'll take gonnorea .
  9. COTM - September 2017 - Dawn's Deck wins!

    I chose the winner (again)