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  1. ...however im no expert and i dont know if an mb6 system would fit an mb3. but im sure one of these guys on here will know
  2. if you just want a decent cat back system toyosports do a fairly good one for an mb6 that fits really well and its cheaper than having one made up... also it was cheaper to buy it from them off ebay than going to their website directly for sum reason
  3. yea she was clean tbh if i came across another in the future i would be tempted- they are great little cars and really fun to mod... plus im just a sucker for anything with a b series lump!
  4. Trix

    sun roof!

    Thanks mate- yea theres always next year... and other meets too! my mb6 is staying local so you will prob see us both about at some point
  5. It is with great regret that I am posting to inform you all I have now sold my mb6 to a friend- I know he will take good care of her and even though I will still see her most days I am sad to see her go. However it has helped me free up some cash so I can pay my painter for work i have had done to my teg recently and I will dig out some old pics and try to put a build thread together for future reading. ..so i say this reluctantly but i now hand her over to you buddy - @kerslake1
  6. Trix

    sun roof!

    just sold my mb to my friend but iv gota dc2 which im driving now- check my build thread for pics of both u going japfest on sat mate??
  7. Trix

    sun roof!

    p.s im actually living in Barnstaple too so will be keeping an eye out for ya mb!
  8. Trix

    sun roof!

    No worries glad you got it sorted buddy
  9. Trix

    sun roof!

    This happened to mine-turned out to be small bits of broken plastic in the runners
  10. my vote went to mae-civic - top pic and love those rims
  11. Thanks tbh had not even thought to colour code the front H but thats a really nice idea.. think il keep the recess colour coded though coz i always love mods that are subtle and go unnoticed by the untrained eye
  12. what are the chances of a silver mb winning cotm two months in a row? surely that would be like winning the lottery twice right?? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-humber-32149418
  13. Thanks bud tbh i had some paint left over from when i did the skirts an had a spare set of fog covers so thought id just give it a go- its on standard shocks with apex springs
  14. Havent posted in a while so thought id stick a few picks up
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