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  1. Hi bud there's only 3 for the mount and there all the same size :/
  2. I went to fit my subframe (back) mount today but the front bolt on the mount ant long enough, it isn't long enough to go through the mount and in to the subframe, has any one else had this problem and if so did you just get a longer bolt?? Thanks
  3. Has anyone ever bought a synchro kits before if so where from? I'm trying to find reasonable price synchros :/ as I am about to also get started on full engine rebuild
  4. Ideal, will do bud, cheers for the reply
  5. I'm looking to uprate my mounts while iv got the engine out just wounding are the eg/dc2 kits the right ones to go for are cars?
  6. Rookie88

    HELP! Lol

    I got a 4-1 toyosports and it all bolted up but the back box sat in behind the bumper, so I bought a adjustable decat so I could get the exhaust tip to sit out level with the splitter.
  7. Does anyone else run a toyosports 60mm cat back if yes what mani and cat/decat are you using???? thanks
  8. Rookie88

    HELP! Lol

    Iv just gone to fit a toyosports 60mm cat back but it's coming up to short wher it meets the cat I had a powerflow made up jobbie on it since iv owned the car! So what I'm asking are there diffrent length after market manifolds? As iv got a toyosports 4,2,1 on atm but underneath it is very close to the left hand side of the sump if your looking at it towards the front of the car, also there's a bracket that's been bent out of the way so I'm 99% sure it's not for my b18c4
  9. Yeh they do but according to the add it's been removed already
  10. Lol, iv been doing some reading about them n i haven't come across anything bad atm people in amarican forums speak good of them, I'm tempted as I really want to keep the iab's really n if I go the route of p28/30 I guess il lose them? Eventually I want to get the car mapped to my set up so I know I'll have to change ecu at some point
  11. Yeh I thought that, my mates got a p72 I was going to buy off him but I would still have to bridge vtec and have the knock sensor sorted when I get it socketed so I thought this sounds ideal as that's all been done apparently, winfab is an amarican company n was wondering if any one has ever heard of them as I haven't
  12. Has anyone bought one of these already done n set up for are cars? Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/391454331485 Or opinions please
  13. Cheers Chandler a pair are deffinetly the next thing on the list
  14. Thanks Tom I'll get hold of another set of rails, I don't want to chop mine about as i would keep vti seats in the garage incase I ever want to swap back lol.
  15. Rookie88

    Dc2 Recaro's

    Hi I'm looking at getting a pair of dc2 recaros in the near future and was just wounding if anybody knew what would be the best way to fit them into my mb6, would it be moddifie the dc2 railes to fit mb chassis or moddifie a pair of mb railes on to the dc2 recaros? Any help would be appreciated.
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