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  1. As titled Mud flaps £40 posted (uk) And tray £15 posted (uk)
  2. Mb front grill

    All sorted now thanks bud
  3. Mb front grill

    After a standard front grill, tia
  4. Toyosports system

    Does anyone else run a toyosports 60mm cat back if yes what mani and cat/decat are you using???? thanks
  5. Powerflow twin exit

    Just seeing if there's any intrest in my mani back exhaust system, resonated de cat and centre section with box n back boxs, it's not to loud but sounds mental in tec i have the paper work when it was purchased at £500 if I can sell this then I'll have money for the system I want lol not 100% sure of worth! Sensible others welcome. NOW SOLD!
  6. Mb6 headlight washer metal clip :/

    Thanks mate, as always the bit I need is unavailable lol I'll have to have alook for a pair
  7. Mb6 headlight washer metal clip :/

    As above abit of a odd want lol but iv got the washer but some kid in the body shop forgot to put it back and now there's nothing holding it in!
  8. Coilovers

    Want some coilovers or may be 180 suspension depends what's about tbh befor I buy new, tia
  9. P72 straight plug n play!?

    Yeh they do but according to the add it's been removed already
  10. P72 straight plug n play!?

    Lol, iv been doing some reading about them n i haven't come across anything bad atm people in amarican forums speak good of them, I'm tempted as I really want to keep the iab's really n if I go the route of p28/30 I guess il lose them? Eventually I want to get the car mapped to my set up so I know I'll have to change ecu at some point
  11. P72 straight plug n play!?

    Yeh I thought that, my mates got a p72 I was going to buy off him but I would still have to bridge vtec and have the knock sensor sorted when I get it socketed so I thought this sounds ideal as that's all been done apparently, winfab is an amarican company n was wondering if any one has ever heard of them as I haven't
  12. P72 straight plug n play!?

    Has anyone bought one of these already done n set up for are cars? Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/391454331485 Or opinions please
  13. Dc2 Recaro's

    Cheers Chandler a pair are deffinetly the next thing on the list
  14. Dc2 Recaro's

    Thanks Tom I'll get hold of another set of rails, I don't want to chop mine about as i would keep vti seats in the garage incase I ever want to swap back lol.