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    Propper car enthusiast that actually loves an respects people's car even if it's not a personal choice of mine , everybody loves there car for a reason or another , it's all about the story 


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    Newton abbot, devon

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  1. IMAG0138.jpg

    Thanks mate I try my best , don't take long to either get dusty. Dirty or covered in tar so have to spend alot of time keeping it white
  2. IMAG0138.jpg

    Polished up using Simmons diamond wax after a tcut and polish , no clay bar used
  3. IMAG0137.jpg

    Polished with Simmons diamond wax , cheap but effective (no clay bar used )
  4. IMAG0122_1.jpg

    All polished up
  5. IMAG0138.jpg

  6. IMAG0137.jpg

  7. IMAG0122_1.jpg

  8. IMAG0223.jpg

    Thanks guys much appreciated , yeah I love my deck
  9. IMAG0187.jpg

    Will eventually be getting the vtis lip kit an rear spoiler too , wasn't this white once I got her just over year ago , used over a litre of industrial tar an glue remover then machine polished the whole car with G3
  10. IMAG0224.jpg

    Thanks buddy. I love it , they come off last owner with these wheels wasn't too keen on them but once I cleaned them up I much prefered them to the standard fat fives
  11. IMAG0224.jpg

  12. IMAG0223.jpg

  13. IMAG0221.jpg

  14. IMAG0220.jpg

  15. IMAG0187.jpg