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    Propper car enthusiast that actually loves an respects people's car even if it's not a personal choice of mine , everybody loves there car for a reason or another , it's all about the story 


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  1. I know mate Same here, gutted to get rid but can't afford 220 miles a full tank anymore, I'm using a tank a week just for work, getting a more pocket friendly car, otherwise I would be fixing an keeping it going. Been by far the best solid an most reliable car I've had
  2. And pics of the damaged door, I have a silver second hand one in much better nick but hadn't been prepped or anything, any more pics or info please don't hesitate to ask
  3. This one didn't even get an advisory, this is the drive side sill
  4. These two pics are the offenders causing a fail, they both from passenger side sill underneath
  5. Yeah that's cool mate thank you, I'll put pics up now
  6. Hi all, devastated tbh, my deck just failed its mot on both upper ball joints, back box leak, an excessive corrosion to front ns sill area (shouldn't have failed in my opinion it's surface rust nothing more) Also advisorys on both lower front ball joints too. I'm now not in a position right now financially to sort this as I fancy a change of car soon so I don't feel its worth it throwing that kind of money at it. It's just ticked over 140 K an the engine still pulls sweet in vtec an iab crossover. It does not burn any oil at all, as its always warmed up an cooled down properly, never ever booted cold. It looses slight oil due to cam cover gasket an sump gasket needing replacement. The vtec solenoid gasket is fresh. It could do with a new clutch master cylinder, but the clutch itself was replaced 3 months ago. It also has a big dent in the passenger door because somebody hit it while parked an drove off. I have a silver door that needs a slight bend sorting out, needs spraying white but then it's good to swap over. I now feel I have no choice but to sell her to somebody that either will see her back to glory, or make use of the amazing b18c4 engine. I've owned since Jan 2015 from 101k to the 140 it's on now. What would people value this at nowadays as I know aerodeck values have increased Thanks again people
  7. So things went from abit crap to having no drive at all as my right driveshaft snapped the other night. Ordered another one, just need to know is it much of a pain to get done on these cars due to it being lsd? Possibly gonna attempt it myself
  8. Hi all again. Been told I need few things for mot as my deck been neglected recently. I've got most of it, track rod ends, lower ball joints, but I've also been told my upper ball joints need doing but can't find any anywhere, being single wishbone do these even have upper ball joints? Don't have my trusty Haynes manual to hand so I'm not sure Thanks in advanced
  9. @dave79 thanks buddy will keep that in mind an have a look once I've done ball joints too
  10. @noodels they're okay I've seen alot worse, they're in tact an @UnicyclingTom I have been thinking lsd. It's abit funny sometimes accelerating out of a corner. But I have a damaged drive shaft oil seal cause of a recent clutch change, could this affect it?
  11. Tyre fitter said they're was no movement or play in anything so tracking was fine, that's why he can't understand the gliding over, but will get stuff replaced an get the rear alignment checked too
  12. Not all around, the front match an so do the rear but fronts are different to the back but very similar An that's next on the list
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