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    Propper car enthusiast that actually loves an respects people's car even if it's not a personal choice of mine , everybody loves there car for a reason or another , it's all about the story 


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  1. Mc2 right side driveshaft snapped!!

    So things went from abit crap to having no drive at all as my right driveshaft snapped the other night. Ordered another one, just need to know is it much of a pain to get done on these cars due to it being lsd? Possibly gonna attempt it myself
  2. Ball joints and bushes

    Hi all again. Been told I need few things for mot as my deck been neglected recently. I've got most of it, track rod ends, lower ball joints, but I've also been told my upper ball joints need doing but can't find any anywhere, being single wishbone do these even have upper ball joints? Don't have my trusty Haynes manual to hand so I'm not sure Thanks in advanced
  3. Aerodeck mc2 vti drifting in Lane!

    @dave79 thanks buddy will keep that in mind an have a look once I've done ball joints too
  4. Aerodeck mc2 vti drifting in Lane!

    I've got a Haynes manual
  5. Aerodeck mc2 vti drifting in Lane!

    @dr_broon I'll try that thank you!
  6. Aerodeck mc2 vti drifting in Lane!

    @noodels they're okay I've seen alot worse, they're in tact an @UnicyclingTom I have been thinking lsd. It's abit funny sometimes accelerating out of a corner. But I have a damaged drive shaft oil seal cause of a recent clutch change, could this affect it?
  7. Aerodeck mc2 vti drifting in Lane!

    Tyre fitter said they're was no movement or play in anything so tracking was fine, that's why he can't understand the gliding over, but will get stuff replaced an get the rear alignment checked too
  8. Aerodeck mc2 vti drifting in Lane!

    Not all around, the front match an so do the rear but fronts are different to the back but very similar An that's next on the list
  9. Aerodeck mc2 vti drifting in Lane!

    Hi all, again I'm normally good at problem solving on cars as qualified mechanic myself. My aerodeck has been neglected for a while as had career change an it's took me while to get onto better money so has a few issues I'm slowly sorting I had two new front tyres an tracking done. Now when cruising sort of 50mph upwards in 5th gear on the dually. If I slowly press the throttle, but making sure the steering is straight, the car effectively crabs over to the right of the lane, not I'm a dangerous snatchy way, but a smooth but definatele glide straight over, an when I let off the throttle it them returns to the left of the lane. The cars issues which could be related are as follows Both track rod ends worn but not split, I have 1 lower ball joint worn but not split Both upper ball joints need replacing And I have a split drive shaft oil seal due to recent clutch change. My front pads are pretty much finished, have ordered more but they may be shifting. Could any of those issues be causing the car to drift/glide like 4 or 5 foot to the right an left when the steering is dead straight? Scratching my head
  10. B18C4 VTEC failre?

    If the oil an gaskets are good the next I'd take the solenoid off, clean it up an use a battery to see how and if the solenoid is working properly. At the same time I'd also take the cam cover off an inspect the lobes for any crap getting in the way. I know that they won't like going into vtec if you haven't nicely warmed the car up if that's your problem mate
  11. Abs light on but cant pull codes no power to blue lead

    Is it an old data link or an obd2? When I brought my mc2 the abs didn't work, mine has a data link connecter, I found a 0bd2 conversion lead on the net an got it plugged in at local garage. Had 1 dead sensor on front and intermittent on the rear. When I got second hand ones an replaced it was still no good, so I got the car in the air again an head a wire brush on the abs ring on the shaft to clean it up, then took the car for a spin an locked the breaks, the abs then started working

    Cheers guys much appreciated, an It doesn't seem to be much different which ever way I turn, but seems a bit worse when the car is cold which also makes me think it's more mechanical.

    Hi all. My aerodeck is making an odd humming/groaning noise when turning and moving with anymore then about 1/3 of the steering lock only. Its almost like a power steering noise, but when not in gear, or coasting, or even going lock to lock on the spot there isn't a sound You can almost feel it in your hands an feet, an only happens when moving even slowly around Estate sort of corners I've checked my ball joints, they ain't amazing but I've seen worse, Gearbox oil was done last year Recently had a new clutch Track rod ends are fine I'm either swung between the ball joints an track rod ends letting the wheel camber when turning too much causing pressure on the shafts, box an diff Or that it could be box related I have a great understanding of these cars an engines but I can't get my head around this, please help Many thanks
  14. IMAG0138.jpg

    Thanks mate I try my best , don't take long to either get dusty. Dirty or covered in tar so have to spend alot of time keeping it white
  15. IMAG0138.jpg

    Polished up using Simmons diamond wax after a tcut and polish , no clay bar used