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  1. COTM - September 2017 - Dawn's Deck wins!

    I think this should be in
  2. MZ ZR sideskirts

    I know the mg zs skirts fit but I'm not sure about those. think they might be to short?
  3. updated suspension bushes

    anyone with info regarding changing the bushes to uprated ones?
  4. updated suspension bushes

    think it's m8. I've just been on the phone to honda and they've got them and should have them in tomrrow. now I need to strip it down and tidy it up. looking forward to seeing what difference it makes. what drop links did you end up using?
  5. updated suspension bushes

    I've had a quick look on the forum and can't find the answer. I've kept all the suspension parts from the silver deck I broke so i could change the bushes then swap them over to mine. my question is what bushes do i need and what would you recommend? I've been looking at the energy suspension complete bush kit for the dc2 but I've also seen hardrace bushes. one more question I've got my mgzs 180 rear anti roll bar but I need the bolts that go into the chassis I've got loads of bolts knocking about but none fit. does anyone know the size I need? Dan
  6. COTM - August 2017 - dogg1210 is the winner!

    ah okay fair enough. I'm still kinda new to the forum so forgive me
  7. Vti-s lip kit

    I've got a kit for sale and I'm in Manchester. will send you a message.
  8. COTM - July 2017 - dmrichards is the winner!

    I'll take that! I've always been on forums with pretty much all the cars I've owned over the years. They use to hammered with people showing there projects off ect.. it's a shame forums aren't as busy as they use to be.
  9. COTM - July 2017 - dmrichards is the winner!

    can I vote for my own or is that not allowed? lol
  10. Two front wings for MB6 VTI wanted in Silver

    I've got most of these I'm breaking a silver vti aerodeck
  11. COTM - July 2017 - dmrichards is the winner!

    I was waiting for this thread to start so I could put mine up for it but you beat me to it! haha. thanks for putting it up much appreciated
  12. B18 engine problem

    could be a misfire? check the plugs, leads and cap and go from there
  13. aftermarket central locking Mb6

    do you have a link to the alarm you've used on your car?