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  1. dmrichards

    image hosting

    Can't say I've ever noticed that till now. haha, I'll give it a try but I have a feeling the file sizes may be to big for it
  2. dmrichards

    image hosting

    I forgot about image shack but thats a subscription also. I've just looked at photobucket again and you can post 250images for free so I'll see how I go with that for now
  3. dmrichards

    image hosting

    What is everyone using to hose there images? I use to use Photobucket but I don't fancy paying for the privilege, I've also used tinypic but thats no longer going. I've got 2 more honda's I want to share on here
  4. dmrichards

    Front end rattle

    dust/much guards behind the disks? Mine we're knackered so I removed them. may be worth a check
  5. dmrichards

    B18c4 and s9b box

    that's my thinking too. Might just have to sit on it. you never know when it might come in handy.
  6. dmrichards

    B18c4 and s9b box

    I've got a b18c4 tall engine and a s9b box sat around doing nothing. I was planning on keeping it to build but I cant see that ever happening. Engine smoked a little and used abit of oil the gearbox had a wine. Any ideas on what this would be worth?
  7. dmrichards

    does anybody know this car

    did you end up having it because I'm sure it sold not long after
  8. dmrichards

    Vti-s Turbo project

    its a little bit of everything, its nice to see some variety http://www.retroridesweekender.com/
  9. dmrichards

    Vti-s Turbo project

    I'd consider myself a driveway tinkerer I think you're a couple of levels above that. Keep us posted and I'll bring my deck. I want to go retro rides again that was a great show.
  10. dmrichards

    Vti-s Turbo project

    yeah I've just been looking through your build. makes me want to drive mine and make some changes! are you at any shows this year, would love to see this in person and pick your brains
  11. dmrichards

    Vti-s Turbo project

    I really like that, looks super smart! any chance of making one up for me? I will pay of course. Also, how have you ran the boost hoses like that? Did you cut the front up to tuck them in?
  12. dmrichards

    Few bits needed what you guys got?..

    I'm not sure if I've still got it. next time I'm up at the unit I'll have a look and get some photos for you pal
  13. dmrichards

    Few bits needed what you guys got?..

    are you after a oem steering wheel? I might have my old oem one knocking about
  14. if you're not in a rush hold out for more, you should be able to get £800 for that easy if not a grand!
  15. Shame it's getting broken for bits!