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  1. looking good! I'm tempted to take the car on a track day only because I've never done one and wouldn't fancy my first seeing in the deck once it's boosted
  2. Mark's MC2 - Frey

    looks abit more than a minor bump! hope you get it back to good shape soon
  3. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Work of art this thing
  4. Dan's Blue Vti Aerodeck

    Been having trouble up loading pictures but I've managed to sort something out for now. Here's a few more images of the cam cover and I've had another delivery of parts: stage 4 clutch arp flywheel bolts s2000 clutch master clutch slave cylinder input shaft bearing baffle for the sump aem wideband engine mount inserts I may of missed some bits off that. I'm holding to start getting mine stripped down towards the end of the month. Took my spare gearbox to HondaHQ to have the input shaft bearing fitted. The box was checked over and was mint inside. I'm going to paint it whilst it's out, won't be a mint job but it'll look a little bit nicer atleast.
  5. Deck boot handle

    lucky I kept the boot from that silver deck. message me an offer for it pal
  6. Dan's Blue Vti Aerodeck

    should hopefully get the cover back tomorrow or Wednesday so I'll get some more photos. I'm tempted to get another done and put it on the wall
  7. Dan's Blue Vti Aerodeck

    Things are starting to happen now. just ordered the last of the parts I need. So all going well things will start happening by the end of May. Just had my cam cover refurbed by spooner. looks amazing, but I'll have to clean and paint the engine and box now before and after
  8. Aerodeck vti breaking

    shells now gone, still got the 4x114.3 hubs, 282mm brakes, 1" master cylinder and a few other little bits
  9. Aerodeck vti breaking

    I do pal but it'd end up getting damaged posting it so I won't do it. Isn't worth the hassle sorry pal.
  10. White aerodeck mc2 1.8 vti mot failure value

    if you was closer I'd be tempted to have this! but even without an mot it's worth 750 atleast. the the engine packages go for that. I just hope someone buys it and sorts it out and keeps it on the road!
  11. mb9 aerodeck not so 1980 look

    saw these on Facebook pal? they look really good together
  12. 12V fuse on a 7.5V slot & Clock bulb

    I never even checked what the led bulb was in mine. just chucked one in I had spare and it's been sweet for months now. still didn't make much difference lighting the car up inside though
  13. Innocent civic

    when I saw this the other day I thought the same thing, poor civic! hope the f**kers get hit by a bus!
  14. Aerodeck vti breaking

    headlights in the silver deck are knackered pal. and I want to keep a good set as spares just in case. I might have another spare set somewhere though. are you going mimms?
  15. I use to have a mishimoto rad on my old civic. great quality if I ever need a new rad I'd get one from them. Any plans on a new inlet manifold, they make a good difference on those engines.