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  1. Heavy shifter in reverse. B18 Deck

    it might not but that's where is start pal. fingers crossed for you
  2. Heavy shifter in reverse. B18 Deck

    might be worth dropping the gearbox oil and putting some fresh in if that wasn't done when the clutch was done, and id still bleed the pedal because it's so easy and you only need some brake fluid. mines a little hard to get the gears but I've put a short shifter and polly bushed the linkage. I did find when i did the first time I couldn't get any gears because I'd over tightened the bolts on the linkage
  3. Is this repairable? If so, what on earth do I do?

    should get that sorted for 2_300 if you're paying someone. maybe more depends on what kinda job/finish you want. if you like the car and plan on keeping it then do it. what's the other side like?
  4. Heavy shifter in reverse. B18 Deck

    clutch could be on it's way out. if be tempted to bleed the pedal and see if that improves anything. how does the clutch pedal/bite feel?
  5. Aerodeck vti breaking

    keeping them pal. but I do have another b series turbo manifold. message me if you're intrested pal
  6. Aerodeck vti breaking

    I've got pictures of parts if people want them. I've also got a set of mgzs shocks with nearly new tein lowering springs
  7. sounds good! should get alot more people up for forum meets and or shows throughout the year!
  8. Aerodeck vti breaking

    it does but all the fabric has come away from them
  9. Aerodeck vti breaking

    starting to strip the silver aerodeck full vti-s kit front and rear splitters have been cut/trimmed. mister r coilovers less than 6 months old and they come with c spanners braided brake hoses tow bar v6 mg zs rear anti roll bar 4x100 big brake upgrade leather interior buddy club wheels 4x100 - 16x7 for anything else/ more info message me
  10. Dan's Blue Vti Aerodeck

    the passenger side engine mount was cracked and I decided to boot it and it completely died could of been worse because I wasn't actually going that fast and it only killed a drive shaft. it was just round the corner from the unit too! haha just my luck
  11. Dan's Blue Vti Aerodeck

    I may of got alittle carried away with my credit card the other night bought 68mm throttle body, ultra intake manifold, radiator hoses and some 750cc injectors oh and I managed to break the silver deck moving it
  12. MB6 Rear wheel bearing

    ring tegiwa or h-tune? they'll sort you out. you'll probably end up paying abit more though.
  13. Dan's Blue Vti Aerodeck

    Manchester pal, Will send you a pm.
  14. Dan's Blue Vti Aerodeck

    got myself a unit Now it's a case of getting everything moved to that and getting to work! can't wait to get things moving. the silver deck will be getting broken for parts so if you need anything message me. vti-s kit, tow bar, buddy club wheels 4x100 16", leather seats ...
  15. My first car

    looks like good base to start with and it's one of the best colours IMO