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  1. b18c4 turbo build

    cheers Dave I'll have a look at this thread later on. I'm not to sure about the racetech stuff now because of a few things I've heard about quality. so I'm thinking about souring the parts all seperatly and going from there.
  2. How to remove exterior door handles

    I've never removed them but I doubt it can be done with out removing the door cards. it's be worth removing the door card and having a look. be worth greasing the window runners too
  3. Car of the month January 2018

    I'll put DeLaSoul's deck forward for car of the month. I came across his build not long ago and the amount of work and attention to detail is amazing. Cant wait to see it finished and out on the road!
  4. b18c4 turbo build

    Well my aerodeck will be back on the road next month and I cant stop looking into boosting it. so I'm getting to grips with everything I'm going to need for the build. This is what I've got up to now. Any advice on how to do this and on parts will be greatly appreciated b18c4 turbo build parts list racetech turbo kit: Reconditioned Twin Scroll TD05 Turbocharger Race-Tech SS Equal Length Manifold Race-Tech SS 2.5" Downpipe Race-Tech SS Braided Oil & Water Lines Race-Tech Alloy Intercooler w/Pipework & Joiners OEM MLS Gaskets (Manifold>Turbo & Turbo>Downpipe) All Fitting Hardware fueling: Grams 550cc injetors WALBRO 255 FUEL PUMP ecu: socketed p28 other parts: induction/air-filter skunk2 pro series intake manifold cheers Dan
  5. Matt has another M

    I'd love to do the same with my deck! how was it on the track? think I'd have to try some local tracks before going to the nurburgring though
  6. Gav's vtis deck

    yeah think I know the place, the guys into his rx-7's? sounds good pal
  7. Gav's vtis deck

    we'll have to meet up and go for a drive once I've got my deck back on the road pal. I'm going to be getting a 2.5" system for mine. where did you get yours done?
  8. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    top job! I started this on my rear caliper but soon f**ked it up. this would of really helped at the time!
  9. Dan's Blue Vti Aerodeck

    only just noticed this! haha think I was talking about the vrs. but the sun has kinda worn off now. but it be staying because it's alot better on fuel and better to use as a daily. but the civic will be getting insured too because I miss driving it!! I've been toying with the idea of turboing it but I really can't afford to do that. so I've decided to do some other mods in the form of intake, exhaust and a remap. I'm not planning on getting rid of the car so it could get boosted in the future who knows.
  10. havnt been on here for a while! my poor aerodeck is truly getting neglected at the minute! she'll be back on the road in the new year. can I also change my photo please to this one..
  11. Dan's Blue Vti Aerodeck

    insured the bed today and I don't wanna stop driving it it's rapid! it's got to have been remapped. but the civic isn't going anywhere would love to turbo it.
  12. Honda. Definitely has found the ugly stick.

    I love it I've not seen the type r in the flesh yet though. seen loads of normal models and they good! starting to get aload of fk2's in work now and I love them but id rather have the newer one