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  1. dmrichards

    Power gains, forced induction and engine swaps

    I'm in the process of boosting my vti aerodeck. boosted Honda's are reliable providing you do it right and keep the boost low.
  2. dmrichards

    Dan's Blue Vti Aerodeck

    Well I'm hoping to get the welding done in the first week of August with the help of my mate. fingers crossed we can get it done in a day or two! I've decided to get a s300 ecu so I've ordered a MAC boost solenoid ready for that along with some uprated engine mounts. I've started to clean up the tank before that goes back on. Its only the welding holding things up really. once that's the rest can be put back together.
  3. dmrichards

    D15z turbo overheating after long drive

    mishimoto are really good had one on my old civic, they come with a life time warranty too
  4. dmrichards

    Happy birthday Civic5

    happy birthday to Civic5, here's to many more years!
  5. dmrichards

    D15z turbo overheating after long drive

    yeah it will help for sure. I've got a thick aluminium one for mine. Flush the coolant and get some good anti freeze in and you should be good. Double check your fan is working too and it may be worth getting a slimline fan for the new rad?
  6. dmrichards

    Civic d series turbo engine misfire

    it would have needed a fair amount of water to pass through. remove the filter clean and dry it then I'd be removing the spark plugs and checking the leads.. then go from there
  7. dmrichards

    Dan's Blue Vti Aerodeck

    here's what state it's in at the minute, its really killed the motivation I had but I won't be beaten!
  8. dmrichards

    Dan's Blue Vti Aerodeck

    yeah I had found them, I've messaged to see if they have any for the aerodeck but I've not heard back. I might end up ordering these. but the sills will have to be made, fun and games!
  9. dmrichards

    Dan's Blue Vti Aerodeck

    bad news! whilst cleaning up the back end ive found some holes! does anyone know where I can get some repair panels?
  10. dmrichards

    New my mb6 vti

    looks nice pal, that colour really polishes up well
  11. dmrichards

    B18C4 running rich

    it could be the coolant temp sensor, might be worth putting a fresh one in. Can't you slide the mot guy a few quid for a pass?
  12. dmrichards

    B18C4 obd conversion harness for P28 ecu?

    I was under the impression the p28 is plug and play, no need for a conversion harness. the last mc2 I broke had a chipped p30 ecu and that didn't have a conversion harness
  13. dmrichards

    Wanted MB6 VTI or VTI-S

    Chris from Hondanutz will be putting his up for sale next week I think. If you search hondanutz on Facebook you'll find him
  14. dmrichards

    Dan's Blue Vti Aerodeck

    started tidying up a few rust scabs, I'm not looking forward to what I'll find at the back of the car, it's looking pretty scabby! fingers crossed it's solid. once it's all cleaned back and treated it'll be undersealed. Also test fitted the intercooler
  15. dmrichards

    Honda Maz's Pirates Black VTI Aerodeck

    No I ment just break the glass as it is then blond the replacement in