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  1. The last sunday of the month at tegiwa in stoke on trent. If you have issues again check that clamp. Wish I'd of checked it sooner
  2. well the aerobus is back on the road, I was surprised that it still had some valid mot left 'nov 2020' i think I've finially sorted the issue with my external waste gate, that it kept coming loose on the vband and it would rattle and REALLY annoy me. I tried new clamps but they was slightly too wide then I noticed on the old clamp the pins on the hinge was rotten, swapped them out for some new ones and so far so good. I also pulled out my big brakes to get painted, standard seats are back in but I've got some accord type r seats that I'd like to put in. finally I now need to fix my washer jets as they don't seem to be working. I'll be going to the end of month tegiwa meet if anyone on here is going? not sure if it'll be in the civic or accord though
  3. cheers, it feels loads better for them but eventually i'd like to get some coilovers for it . Yeah still on the original shocks, once they die I'll look into coilovers I wouldnt chuck this about like I would the aerodeck, its a big heavy car and you can feel it. i tried dervtech first but they wasn't able to do it, something to do with the software they use. so I ended up going to durham remaps, they had done one of these accords before so I knew they'd be able to do it.
  4. yeah they'll be sent back this week. I've ended up getting some eibach spacers just because I trust the name. so fingers crossed they'll be okay. Not all of the accords do have that break set up. I believe all the estates do and some of the saloons. It may just been anything with the 2.4 petrol and 2.2 diesel engine. But those disks are 305mm on the rear of the accord. Bigger than the uprated fronts on my aerodeck!
  5. I did get some spacers from tegiwa just for the front to start with but they sh*t themselves. As I was tightening them up I heard a pop. So after removing the wheel and checking the spacer you could see one of the studs was sticking out further than the others. It wont allow me to up load the other photos. Even though the file size on my phone says it's less than 4mb! Look at the rust on that! And it was new from them, only ordered it a week or two ago.
  6. This weekend I've change the oil and filter along with the fuel filter. Also changed the rear disks, pads and sliders. The accord has a inboard handbrake. I've checked, cleaned and adjusted that. I'm glad I didn't buy new parts for it as the rear shoes had plenty of meat on the. The rear disks were shot. The photo doesnt really do it justice. The fronts have abit of a lip. So I'll end up doing those at somepoint along with the sliders. May even paint them who knows..
  7. Thought I'd start this seeing as I've started doing a couple of bits to the dad wagon. so far I've put some eibach springs on, fn2 wheels with 15mm spacers upfront to clear the brakes and 20mm on the back. spacers aren't needed on the rear but I felt like it needed them as the wheel looked a little lost. I've changed the tyre size from the standard fn2 size of 225 40 to 225 45 but to help fill the arch and keep it comfy. Its been remapped and I've put the bonnet deflector on.
  8. I believe the colour was a option, I need to give it a could clean and polish and it should come up good. Looks really smart when it's clean and the sun's on it
  9. So it does indeed. Why have I never used this before! Well here's the new daily. Hopefully this one will stay. And much as I love changing cars its crippling me! It's a 2.2 I-dtec accord type s on eibach springs and soon to he wheel fn2 wheels. I just tested fit them before and they catch bad on the front calipers so I've ordered some spacers for the front and may even get some for the rear also. I did try upload a photo of the prelude project I've bought but the file size is too big!
  10. beautiful deck, make me want to swap all my bits over on to a clean vti-s deck!
  11. nice, if i get any wheels powder coated for this accord that will be the kinda colour I'll be going for
  12. Can't say I've ever noticed that till now. haha, I'll give it a try but I have a feeling the file sizes may be to big for it
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