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  1. dmrichards

    B18C4 injector

    Have you tried swapping the injector over from a cylinder with good compression just to confirm? Worth checking maybe. I've still got my old injectors if you want spares to try
  2. dmrichards

    FOR SALE Honda Civic 1.8 vti MB6 1999

    Any pictures of the second car included?
  3. dmrichards

    Dan's Blue Vti Aerodeck

    Well the insurance ran out at the start of the month so I sorned the car and started to do abit of a wire tuck. I've nearly finished now. Just hope everything works as it did beforehand! How it's currently looking..
  4. dmrichards

    Vtis project

    I do like those earths I've just redone mine, all black and as hidden as I could
  5. dmrichards

    FOR SALE Honda Civic 1.8 vti MB6 1999

    I'm assuming the car is free.. so I'll take it!
  6. dmrichards

    Vtis project

    Good work man looking forward to seeing it complete
  7. dmrichards

    B18C4 injector

    I might have a spare set knocking about. I'll check next time I'm at my dad's pal
  8. dmrichards

    Dan's Blue Vti Aerodeck

    Might have to challenge you in a good few years haha. Are you at any shows this year be nice to see it in the flesh.
  9. dmrichards

    Dan's Blue Vti Aerodeck

    I've done a widemouth bumper and re located the plate. I think it looks great. Makes the front end look meaner I think But more of a close up
  10. dmrichards

    Dan's Blue Vti Aerodeck

    It was really worth the wait! Puts such smile on my face. Still lots to do but the majority is
  11. dmrichards

    Dan's Blue Vti Aerodeck

    Cheers pal. Yours is too man. Is it the same one I saw for sale on Facebook not that long ago?
  12. Shame it's not an aerodeck I'd like to see what it's like underneath thought. Could still be bad, all depends where it's been stored all it's life
  13. dmrichards

    Mk4 golf engine swap question if I may??

    I would of thought it'd be a straight swap as you'd still be using all your old ecu key ect.. just make sure the engine codes match up and you should be fine
  14. dmrichards

    Dan's Blue Vti Aerodeck

    A few long over due photos.