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  1. valsam

    Help with door card upholstery please!

    One more thing! How do I remove the front door lower pocket's?
  2. valsam

    Help with door card upholstery please!

    Thank's again ickis86 ! I don't want to get into the procedure shown in the video so I will just go with the pulling and tearing and hope all goes well! (Did you disassemble the bottom part of the door card or did you do the pulling and tearing procedure with it on?) The glue removing is what troubles me because I had a hard time removing some glue from the headlining and almost ruined it! When the headliner sagged I went out and bought a spray adhesive(stupid didn't notice that it was medium strength but I don't think that the strong one would do any better!) and I sprayed it and just stuck the fabric back on but on the first worm day the headlining sagged again even worse this time so I took it completely out of the car and this time I tried to do it the right way but the damage that I had done with the spray adhesive was almost irreversible because it had mixed with the foam (brown like dust) from the old upholstery and the hole thing was like mass of goo! I tried everything to remove the adhesive goo(alcohol,acetone,paint thinner,gasoline)and the only thing that worked was removing it with a lot of thumb work(still have sore thumb and almost no fingerprint left!) ,had to staple half the headlining because it had swollen(from all the chemicals I tred) and separated in three layers! So I would like to avoid getting into any similar situations with the door card adhesive.
  3. valsam

    Help with door card upholstery please!

    Thank you very much ickis86 ,that really looks good! The plastic looks like it is made from the same material as the rest of the door, is it? Did you spray paint it after you tore off the upholstery ? How do I tare my upholstery without leaving any material on the cards?(and what did you use to remove the old glue,alcohol,detergent,.....?) I read somewhere in this forum that someone was going to use a heat gun to melt the plastic clips on the inside of the door card put there from factory then reheat when putting it back together, so is this how I have to do it toI remone all the old upholstery? How did you do it? Do I have to take the door cards off the doors or can it be done with the cards still on the doors just with tearing and pulling?
  4. Hello everyone I just got a hold of a mb1 a couple of months ago from a friend(he was planning taking it to the scrap yard) who had it sitting outside for the last 6 years! 6 years ago my friend decided to fix the car for his wife so he changed the engine(he blew the D16Y2 that was originally installed in the car) and put a D16b2(he found one with 45.000 km) ,he also did some bodywork and left it outside to rot because his wife found it outdated and she hated the color also(red)! The 6 years out in all kind of wheather got to the car pretty hard so I had to fix allot of things(almost the hole exhaust system,electrical wires,shatterd front windscreen and back windscreen rubber,clearcoat pealing in various areas ,rusty arches,all black exterior had gone gray,yellow headlights ,brake pump, sagging headlining, rotten disc brakes and stuck calipers and many many more little things) I put in a lot of work the couple of months (with a fairly little amount of cash and a lot of hard work)and still have a lot more to do to the car but I think the civic is starting to look at least decent for it's age ! So after I finished the exterior a couple of weeks ago it was time for the interior! The inerior has a lot to be done such as fixing the driver seat cause it has a rocking chair effect ,and I also don't like the grey marble trims on the dash and am thinking about vinyl wraping them ! I started with the interior with gluing the flimsy steering wheel and I stitched a leather cover to it, I fixed the headlining last week (still got to do the sunroof section cause it has brown stains on it and I have tried cleaning it with almost everything and still does not clean,so i don't know what to do with it,can it be spray painted grey,what spray could do for this job?))thank's to the guide in this forum and both jobs came out looking damn good! So the next thing I want to do ASAP is change the door card upholstery , but I can't find a guide or something that would help me ,is there such a thing anywhere( a guide with some pictures if possible)? I find he door card upholstery just horrible ,I cant stand it no more ,I find it almost disgusting, its this pink zebra kind patern and colour and it is on the seats also (for the seats for the time I will go for black seat covers ), whoever gets in the car makes fun of the seats and the door card upholstery! Somewhere in this forum I read that someone just riped of the upholstery and spay painted the door cards,are there any pictures of this anywhere? If this is possible than it sounds like a pretty good idea to me ,but I don't know what is the door card material made of ,is it plastic ,does it have a smooth surface and can it be spray painted easily ,can anyone help please? Thank's in advance!!!!!