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Found 59 results

  1. kalvtec

    Drivers seat rocking issue

    I had a search to no avail. Anyone know or is there a how to fix the rocking effect on drivers seat? I took off the plastic panel on the seat belt lock side but couldnt make anything of it....it really is an annoying issue.. Any help appreciated
  2. shaun

    mg zs steering wheel

    when getting the steering wheel grab the airbag/horn ring with all wires and the 4 screws for ring pink wire and white wire are not needed. green wire is horn . red/yellow wire and red wire are for airbag before staring disconnect battery t30 star key to take airbag off unplug airbag and horn and earth wire make shore steering wheel straight 19 mm socket to undo center nut and take column cover off 3 philips screws then there 3 philp screws holding on airbag/horn ring on honda horn wire is red join to mg green wire airbag honda yellow wire to mg red wire and honda green wire to mg red/yellow wire do not solder with airbag plugged in as the heat can set it off put mg airbag ring on column screw 4 philips in. plug wire in. put column cover back on. put steering wheel on. plug airbag and horn in all in and working and srs airbag light is off but dont no if it will work in a crash and i'm not gonna crash it to test that part this is a guide so you will bee doing this at your own risk
  3. Got myself a mb4 as a parts car so I have spare body panels for my track project. Also have plans for the d16 to go in a logo. I have no need for the interior and it is in good condition so though I'd try and get some of my money back. It has the black leathers and black fabric door cards. Passenger seats are like brand new, only drivers bolster has slight wear but with a bit of leather dye will look much better. Door cards are great too, no fabric peeling away and not stained. Boot lining and carpets are all good. Perfect parcel shelf with unbroken straps. Basically all the interior of this car is very good and I don't need any of it. Only thing that is rubbish is head lining as the fabric has separated in the usual places. Looking for about £180 ono for leather seats and door cards together. But am willing to sell bits individualy. Just make me an offer on the bits you need. Pic were taken day after I got the car so it's a bit dirty. Parts people want will be removed and cleaned before you come. I can also fit parts if you want. Based in Cromer, Norfolk. Ideally collection as they are large items.
  4. Vtisgilman

    Mb civic canards

    Got a set of home made canards that I'm probably not going to put back on my civic as iv removed all my aero so was wondering if anyone wants to buy them. There made of 3mm tough aluminum and powdercoat in gloss black. Iv fitted a set of the £80 tegiwa ones to a mates car and we both agreed that mine were better, bigger and nicer fit. (I made these specifically to fit my vtis) Based on that I'll ask for £40 but am open to offers. I'll put in some new stainless bolts to fit then with aswell. Postage will be about £6. Or am near Cromer, Norfolk if you want to come round.
  5. Helloo New to this,But I had this issue with all my MBs,The arabian tent ,Ive used glue before ,but now Im just close to giving up,Any Ideas .Maybe Rip off and staple some leather fabric or limo lights those little leds all over could look cool?
  6. 10000rpm

    MB6/MC2 leather interior

    Item : Full set of front and rear leather seats and 4 x doorcards to suit. Condition :8 shows signs of use but no damage. Fitment: Honda Civic aerodeck MC2/MB6 Price :£100 collected
  7. Vtisgilman

    Roll Cage

    Can anyone recommend somewhere to have a roll Cage installed. I know a few people on here building track cars have had cages installed so where did you get it done and how much did it cost? I want it to be MSA and FIA approved so it can be used for racing. I have contacted Safety Devices for a quote and their FIA approved cage is coming in at 3k for supply and fitting which seems a bit steep to me. Any advice on places and how much it cost them would be much appreciated, especially from anyone in the motorsport community.
  8. androot

    MC2 Door panel

    Need a drivers door panel in blue (stripey square grit)
  9. Blackwolf

    Drivers side window mech

    Hi everyone the drivers from window mech doesn't work on my car as it is broken. Would a window mech ok of ek etc fit and work or not? also if anyone has a window mech that I could buy that would much appreciated. Thanks
  10. VTIDanny


    hello guys as in the titke im after some vtis mats and a gearknob, if you have any please inbox me! cheers
  11. mark.b

    Interior handles

    Any one selling both front interior door release handles for 2000 mb6
  12. Steviemb6

    New my mb6 vti

    Hi new to the forum, picked up this mb6 totally standard apart from coilover a month ago and since then I've added an omp wheel and quick release, new carpets, added an aem induction kit, aluminium rad and red coolant hoses, decat, custom spark plug cover,bonnet raisers and few wee tidy up bits, I've owned a few hondas before this, had am ej6 civic coupe with a b18c4 conversion and also owned an accord type r, but its quite a clean mb6 so don't want to do to much to it or anything done it can be put back, but interested in probably one of the most asked questions of making the custom projector headlights? And looking a nice set of alloys, recommendations? Thanks
  13. Antal

    Door panel removal MB3

    I removed the window handle and door handle. Also unscrewed the handgrip. Is it necesarry to remove the speaker cover? And how?
  14. Anyone know if the retractable parcel shelf from a deck fits in a 5 door MB?
  15. 10000rpm

    Centre armrest with cup holders

    Item : leather centre armrest wit Have MGzs cup holders. Complete Condition :8 shows signs of use but no damage. Fitment: Honda Civic aerodeck MC2/MB6 Price :£50
  16. Item : MB6/MC2 VTiS speedometer. Custom red and orange back lighting and carbon face, mileage on 116k Condition :Very good Fitment: Honda Civic aerodeck MC2/MB6 Price :£50
  17. Hello everyone I just got a hold of a mb1 a couple of months ago from a friend(he was planning taking it to the scrap yard) who had it sitting outside for the last 6 years! 6 years ago my friend decided to fix the car for his wife so he changed the engine(he blew the D16Y2 that was originally installed in the car) and put a D16b2(he found one with 45.000 km) ,he also did some bodywork and left it outside to rot because his wife found it outdated and she hated the color also(red)! The 6 years out in all kind of wheather got to the car pretty hard so I had to fix allot of things(almost the hole exhaust system,electrical wires,shatterd front windscreen and back windscreen rubber,clearcoat pealing in various areas ,rusty arches,all black exterior had gone gray,yellow headlights ,brake pump, sagging headlining, rotten disc brakes and stuck calipers and many many more little things) I put in a lot of work the couple of months (with a fairly little amount of cash and a lot of hard work)and still have a lot more to do to the car but I think the civic is starting to look at least decent for it's age ! So after I finished the exterior a couple of weeks ago it was time for the interior! The inerior has a lot to be done such as fixing the driver seat cause it has a rocking chair effect ,and I also don't like the grey marble trims on the dash and am thinking about vinyl wraping them ! I started with the interior with gluing the flimsy steering wheel and I stitched a leather cover to it, I fixed the headlining last week (still got to do the sunroof section cause it has brown stains on it and I have tried cleaning it with almost everything and still does not clean,so i don't know what to do with it,can it be spray painted grey,what spray could do for this job?))thank's to the guide in this forum and both jobs came out looking damn good! So the next thing I want to do ASAP is change the door card upholstery , but I can't find a guide or something that would help me ,is there such a thing anywhere( a guide with some pictures if possible)? I find he door card upholstery just horrible ,I cant stand it no more ,I find it almost disgusting, its this pink zebra kind patern and colour and it is on the seats also (for the seats for the time I will go for black seat covers ), whoever gets in the car makes fun of the seats and the door card upholstery! Somewhere in this forum I read that someone just riped of the upholstery and spay painted the door cards,are there any pictures of this anywhere? If this is possible than it sounds like a pretty good idea to me ,but I don't know what is the door card material made of ,is it plastic ,does it have a smooth surface and can it be spray painted easily ,can anyone help please? Thank's in advance!!!!!
  18. m0l0t0v

    Dome/interior light not working

    So my interior light stopped working quite awhile back. I've checked the fuse. Changed it with a spare anyways but still no. It randomly stopped working one day. I've seen things mention about it being because of a new headunit but it happened while I still had the old headunit. Bulbs are also fine. Rear boot works fine from memory. Everything else works fine. What could it be?
  19. Boosted

    Here is a funny story

    I've been trying to get the two screws at the top of the ashtray mount for months now, I'd turn the screwdriver left (righty tighty lefty loosy) and it would just jump out of the screw.. Today I was ranting about it to my girlfriend and she tells me: "have you tried turning it right?" I look at her like "wut?" I mean righty tighty lefty loosy right? Well not today. I tried turning the screws right and it worked.. it bloody WORKED! I've been trying to undo those screws, stripping them out for months. when all I had to do was turn the screwdriver right.. I'm not even mad..
  20. feck_on_a_stick

    VTI-S Gear Knob

    I'd sold my VTI-S a while back with the metal gear knob, which left me with this one. Some marks as can be seen in the photos. I've tried to get shots at every angle. I'm afraid I cannot find a similar one for sale anywhere for a price reference; I've searched this site and Googled for eBay/Gumtree. I can guess posting this without a price is probably going to be frowned upon so if this is removed I really totally understand however, if any of you nice folks want to PM me with any advice on pricing I'd be very happy to update this post, or start a new one. Thanks
  21. Hey I'm not too bright when it comes to electrics so excuse my ignorance. I bought an LED interior light, but dumb me bought a 12v light instead of a 7.5v and naturally, the 7.5v fuse didn't like that very much and blew, so I'm thinking, would there be a problem if I replaced the 7.5v fuse with a 12v? Also, the clock bulb went out, I've tried reaching it through the stereo slot but my hands are too big, is there any other way to get to it that doesn't involve taking apart the center console? Thanks
  22. Hiya team, I've just inherited a lovely little MA9 1.5 here, and it still has the original speakers and pioneer head unit in it. Other half is keen on good tunes, and so I thought I had better do some upgrading. Looking around on various topics I see that Astra H type adaptor rings can be used to adapt the OEM 6in speakers to take some 6.5 ones. 2 questions: 1) Are these the adapters in question: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vauxhall-Astra-H-Corsa-D-Speaker-Adaptor-Rings-Front-Doors-6-5-165mm-SAK-1400-/370910867648 2) Has any body seen a how to guide to do this? Looking at the pictures of them I would imagine you'd need to flip them over to accommodate the large speaker facing into the cabin? All help much appreciated, Magnus
  23. Falix

    MB6 Seat Rails WANTED

    I'm after either: a stock set of seat rails driver & passenger for an MB chassis Civic, to fit a 2000 VTI or The Recaro MB seat rails for bucket seats. I know they are hard to get old of. If you are sat on a pair, let me know, cash waiting. 0787 2921 830
  24. mr shifter

    full leather seats wanted

    Hi, has anyone got a good full set of leather seats for sale ? thanks people.
  25. Blackwolf

    Roll cage

    HI guys Ive herd a few people on here have got cages made for their cars and wondered where about they got them from or made and how much did they cost and if anyone has any pictures? Thanks Ben